Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Slang Explained: Dictionary of Night City Street Talk

Cyberpunk 2077 streetslang

So you found yourself in Night City, eh choomba? You better understand streetslang then, or else some gonk might zero you in no time. Read on to know some of the important slang on the streets of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077.

Slang Explained: Dictionary of Night City Street Talk


Cyberpunk 2077 Streetslang

In 2077, the language of Night City has become a mishmash of terms from technology, street gangs, and even cultures.

In the game, our protagonist V, as well as other characters use these words to express themselves. So for you to not get lost in translation, it's best to brush up on your streetslang, choom.

Dictionary of Night City Street Talk

Streetslang Meaning
Borg A person who has undergone a full-body cyborg conversion, like Adam Smasher.
Braindance A Braindance or 'BD', is someone's memories all edited and arranged for your viewing pleasure. Usually, it's used to watch porn.
Chippin' in This is used as a way to describe a person's first purchase and use of cyberware.
A term used to call one of your friends, like Jackie Welles.
Chrome Another word for 'cyberware', or cybernetic augments. These are devices that are installed into your body to enhance your abilities like sight, hacking, and strength.
Corpo Someone who works for one of the many corporations that run the world.
Deckhead A netrunner (see below). The term comes from the cyberdecks these people usually have installed in their heads.
Delta To leave, especially if a mission is finished or the operation has gone wrong.
Doll A kind of joytoy that turns off their consciousness to fulfill whatever their clients desire.
Eddie Eurodollars, or EDs. The main currency used in Night CIty.
Edgerunner Someone who lives on the edge of society. This is another term for cyberpunk, a person who has not only used cyberware but is in opposition to authority and corporations. Usually, they find work outside the letter of the law.
Fixer The individuals who come up with jobs for Edgerunners, acting as middlemen between them and clients. Their clients usually range from lowly gangbangers to corpos who don't want to get their own hands dirty in a particular job.
Flatline To kill, or to die.
Ganic Organic. Used to describe body parts untouched by cyberware, like Doc Viktor's hands.
Gonk A derogatory term for 'idiot'. Sometimes used affectionately between lovers or close friends.
Joytoy A sex worker.
Netrunner A person who engages in netrunning, or the act of interfacing with the net to hack into an enemy's programs and controls.
Nomad People who live outside the cities and roam the wastelands of the former United States.
Nova Something cool.
Preem Just like Nova, is used to denote something cool.
Ripperdoc A surgeon who specializes in implanting cyberware. May or may not be an actual licensed physician.
Rockerboy Musicians or performers that use their art to make political or social statements.
Samurai A corporate mercenary.
Screamsheet A newspaper.
Scroller Someone who records Braindances, like Evelyn Parker during her time up in Konpeki Plaza. The raw footage is then edited by braindance editors like Judy Alvarez
Solo Hired hitmen, bodyguards, and mercs.
Virtus Virtual reality experiences. Braindances.
Zero To kill.

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