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Cyberpunk 2077 - Best Mantis Blades Build Guide

This is a guide to the best Mantis Blades Build in Cyberpunk 2077 for Patch 1.6. Read our guide for details about the build, what attributes to level up, which perks to choose, and what weapons and cyberwares to use.

Build Overview

Mantis Blades Build
Main Attributes Reflexes
Main Perk Trees Blades
Cold Blood
Main Weapons / Arm Cyberware Mantis Blades
Malorian Arms 3516
Operating System Zetatech Berserk MK.5

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
• Takes down enemies fast
• Cool leap and kill animation that instantly dismembers an enemy
• Unkillable with the Heal-on-Kill and Berserk Cyberware
• Uses more stamina than a standard Katana build
• Less damage than Monowires
• Can be overshadowed by a good Katana build

Mantis Blades Best Attributes

Attribute Progession

Focus on upgrading Reflexes Attribute first. This will grant you access to the best perks for the Mantis Blades in the Blades perk tree.

Put points into the Body Attribute tree. Not only will this increase your melee damage, but this will also give you the option to equip the Zetatech Berserk MK.5, which is essential for this build.

The Cool Attribute is the next attribute you should put points to. The Cold Blood perk, which increases your movement speed per stack, will have you zooming to the next enemy after decapitating the first!

Build Attributes
Lv. Body Reflex Tech Int Cool
1 6 7 3 3 3
10 8 13 3 3 4
50 20 20 8 3 20

Mantis Blades Build Best Perks

Blades (Reflexes)

Perk Effect at Lv. 1
Dragon Strike IconDragon Strike Increases Crit Damage with Blades by 40%.
+1% per Perk level.
Sting Like a Bee IconSting Like a Bee Increases attack speed with Blades by 10%.
Roaring Waters IconRoaring Waters Strong Attacks with Blades deal 10% more damage.
Crimson Dance IconCrimson Dance Combos with Blades have a 15% chance to apply Bleeding.
Slow and Steady IconSlow and Steady Moving while wielding a Blade increases Armor by 15%
Flight of the Sparrow IconFlight of the Sparrow Reduces the Stamina cost of all attack with Blades by 30%
Stuck Pig IconStuck Pig Increases Bleeding duration by 3 sec.
Blessed Blade IconBlessed Blade Increases Crit Chance with Blades by 10%.
Judge, Jury and Executioner IconJudge, Jury and Executioner Increases damage with Blades by 50% against enemies with max Health.
Fiery Blast IconFiery Blast Increases damage with Blades by 1% for every 1% of Health the enemy is missing.
Crimson Tide IconCrimson Tide Bleeding applied with Blades can stack 3 times.
Deathbolt IconDeathbolt While wielding a Blade, defeating an enemy restores 20% Health and increases movement speed by 30% for 5 sec.

All the perks inside this tree benefits the Mantis Blades directly. Here, we focus on as much damage and attack speed as possible to slash our way through enemies!

Deathbolt and Slow and Steady will also make sure you are tanky enough to power through mobs.

Athletics (Body)

Perk Effect at Lv. 1
Steel And Chrome IconSteel And Chrome Increases melee damage by 10%.

Steel And Chrome is the most essential perk you can get in this tree. However, depending on your playstyle, you can put in more comfortable perks like Regeneration and Marathoner.

However, do not spend too much on this tree! Only put in what you think is necessary for your playstyle.

Cold Blood (Cool)

Perk Effect at Lv. 1
Merciless IconMerciless While Cold Blood is active, increases Crit Chance by 5% and Crit Damage by 25%.
+1% Crit Chance and +3% Crit Damage per Perk level.
Cold Blood IconCold Blood After defeating an enemy, gain Cold Blood for 7 sec. and increase movement speed by 2%. Stacks up to 1 time. The duration of each additional stack is 1 sec. shorter.
Blood Brawl IconBlood Brawl While Cold Blood is active, increases damage with melee weapons by 5%.
Easy Out IconEasy Out While Cold Blood is active, increases ranged weapon damage by 10% to enemies within an area of 5 m.
Frozen Precision IconFrozen Precision Increases headshot damage by 5% per stack of Cold Blood.
Coolagulant IconCoolagulant Stacks of Cold Blood are removed one by one, not all at once.
Predator IconPredator Increases attack speed by 10% per stack of Cold Blood.
Critical Condition IconCritical Condition Increases duration of Cold Blood by 25%
Coldest Blood IconColdest Blood Increases max stack amount for Cold Blood by 1.

The main benefit of having Cold Blood in this build is the increased movement speed you get per stack. Having this will have you bouncing from one enemy to the next as fast as possible.

Mantis Blades Build Best Weapons

Malorian Arms 3516

Malorian Arms 3516 size:75x75Malorian Arms 3516
Effect None

As your back-up, equip the Malorian Arms 3516. This is for enemies way out of your range and hard to get to on your speed, alone. However, use this revolver sparingly!

How to Get the Malorian Arms 3516

Mantis Blades Build Best Cyberware

Operating System

Cyberware Effect (Legendary/Iconic)
Cyberpunk 2077 - Zetatech Berserk MK.5Zetatech Berserk MK.5 When active, It reduces weapon recoil by 20%, increases melee damage by 20%, and increases Armor and Resistances by 10%. Duration: 30 sec. Cooldown: 30 sec.・
While Berserk is active, jumping from a high height initiates a Superhero Landing, causing you to fall at high speed and land with enough force to create a shockwave that damages nearby enemies.
・Defeating enemies restores 5% max Health when Berserk is active.

The added 20% melee damage from activating Berserk will let you dish out high damage to enemies! Don't even worry about your health; partnered with the Heal-on-Kill cyberware, your character will become a force to reckon with!

Arms Cyberware

Cyberware Effect (Legendary)
Cyberpunk 2077 - Mantis BladesMantis Blades Mantis Blades allow you to slice and dice your enemies with swift, deadly slashes. They also unlock the ability to leap towards a target and deal massive damge. To do so, hold and release R2. Three mod slot (edge, battery, universal).

In order to use this build, you will need the Mantis Blades cyberware which adds a fourth weapon to your regular arsenal. If needed, you can modify its damage type in order to increase it viability in battle.

Other Cyberware


Cyberware Effect (Legendary)
Cyberpunk 2077 - Heal-on-KillHeal-on-Kill Instantly restores 10% Health after defeating an enemy.

This is cyberware makes you more on the defensive side and is perfect to be paired with Pain Editor to make you tankier.

Circulatory System Cyberware

Cyberware Effect (Legendary)
Cyberpunk 2077 - Second HeartSecond Heart Instantly restores 100% of max Health when your Health falls to 0. Cooldown 2 min.
Cyberpunk 2077 - BiomonitorBiomonitor Instantly restores 100% Health when Health drops to 15%. Cooldown 120 sec.
Cyberpunk 2077 - BioconductorBioconductor Reduces all cyberware cooldowns by 30%.

Going head-on with mobs of enemies will let you take damage that you might not expect. The Second Heart and Biomonitor Cyberwares ensures your survivability to keep mowing down enemies!

The Bioconductor Cyberware reduces your Berserk cooldown. This means you can activate Berserk more than once in a single fight!

Pain Editor

Cyberware Effect (Legendary)
Cyberpunk 2077 - Pain EditorPain Editor Reduces all incoming damage by 10%.

Partnered with Heal-on-Kill, you have a very resilient character that can dish out damage.


Cyberware Effect (Legendary)
Cyberpunk 2077 - MicrorotorsMicrorotors Increases attack speed by 25%.

This cyberware is excellent in making your attacks faster, making Blades even deadlier.

Dense Marrow (Optional)

Cyberware Effect (Rare)
Cyberpunk 2077 - Dense MarrowDense Marrow Increases Stamina cost of melee attacks by 10%, but increases base damage of melee weapons by 15%.

This cyberware increases your melee damage. However, keep in mind the increase in Stamina cost.

How to Use the Mantis Blades Build

Activate Berserk to Be Unkillable

Cyberpunk 2077 Mantis Blades Build 01.png

Start fights by activating your Berserk. Get to enemies and spam your blades; with the added attack speed from perks, you can wipe out an entire mob in seconds!

For far away enemies, hold down and release your attack button or key to leap at them. You get to dismember them in style!

Mantis Blades Build Variations

High Damage Mantis Blades

This build will focus on the use of the Mantis Blade cyberware. This takes advantage of its high damage and with the additional perks, it will boost your damage dealing capabilities even more.

Recommended Build
Weapon Type Mantis Blades
Equipment Reboot Optics, Cripple Movement, Weapon Glitch, Blades - Physical Damage
Additional Perks Cold Blood, Predator
Build Attributes
Lv. Body Reflex Tech Intel Cool
1 3 6 6 5 3
10 5 8 6 7 5
50 16 20 18 8 7

Adaptive Mantis Blades

This takes advantage of Mantis Blades' interchangeable damage type as well as the ability to quickly add status effects. Change equipment as needed in order to maximize this build.

Recommended Build
Weapon Type Mantis Blades
Equipment Reboot Optics, Cripple Movement, Weapon Glitch, Blades - Physical Damage, Blade - Thermal Damage, Blade - Chemical Damage, Blade - Electrical Damage
Additional Perks Cold Blood, Predator
Build Attributes
Lv. Body Reflex Tech Intel Cool
1 3 6 6 5 3
10 5 8 6 7 5
50 16 20 18 8 7

Optional Perks

Depending on the damage type modifier you use, you may add the following perks:

Mod Optional Perk
Blades - Physical Damage Crimson Tide, Stuck Pig
These make the Bleeding status more potent and allows you to damage them further.
Blades - Thermal Damage Burn Baby Burn
Increasing the duration of Burn will allow you to stay away while your Stamina is recovering.
Blades - Chemical Damage Hasten The Inevitable, Neurotoxin
These two perks allow you to damage Poisoned enemies more.
Blades - Electrical Damage Bladerunner
This takes advantage of Electrical damage being effective against drones and robots, making your damage against them higher.

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