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This is a guide in the Nomad Lifepath (Class) in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Here you can learn the Nomad backstory, its strengths and weaknesses, starting mission, and whether you should choose it.

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Nomad Lifepath Nomad Starting Mission

Nomad Lifepath Basic Information

Nomad Backstory

Nomad Lifepath Top.png

In the Nomad Lifepath, your character grew up in a Nomad tribe in the wilderness of the Badlands. Due to the harsh conditions living out in the Badlands, the Nomad tribes value bonds stronger than blood to work together and survive. Even with your familial bonds, you left your tribe and headed to Night City.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Nomad Strengths and Weaknesses.png

As the Nomad is someone from the Badlands, they will have the knowledge of the world outside of Night City. But this also means knowledge of Night City is going to be limited. And when it comes to relationships, being an outsider you will no or few connections right away and will have difficulty having people trust you as an outsider. On the flip side, this means you won't have enemies either.

Nomad Lifepath Story Effects

Nomad Starting Mission

Nomad First Mission.png

The Nomad starts in the Badlands, heading to the outskirts of Night City to meet up with Jackie Welles. Once together, you and your new partner head inside Night City to smuggle a package and complete a job. It was supposed to be an easy job, but nothing is that easy in Night City.

Nomad Starting Mission

Nomad Lifepath Choices

Nomad choices.png

With not much information on the story at the moment, we can speculate that the Nomad will have choices based on him being an outsider to Night City. You will need to decide who your friends are and maybe even find a new family in Night City.

Should You Choose the Nomad Lifepath?

Best Choice for First-Time Players

Should you Choose Nomad.png

We recommend this Lifepath for those playing Cyberpunk 2077 for the first time. The Nomad will be starting as an outsider to Night City, without any roots in the city, your character will be experiencing things for the first time, just like you will be. This will give you a clean slate perfect for your first experience of Night City.

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