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Bounty Hunting | How to Get the Biggest Bounties

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This is a guide about Bounty Hunting in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn more about bounty rewards, where to find bounties, as well as how to get the biggest bounties in the game.

Bounty Hunting Overview

Bounty Hunting is a side activity in the game where you take out targets with bounties on their heads. It's one of the easiest side jobs that you can do if you want to rake in some extra Eddies and EXP.

How to Go Bounty Hunting

Scan People to Check For Bounties

After The Ripperdoc quest, you will be able to use your scanner to look for people with bounties. If you managed to find a wanted target, the scanner will display details about their bounty including their reward and threat level.

Eliminate Target to Receive Bounty Reward

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You have to kill the target in order to claim your bounty reward. Incapacitating them without killing them will not reward you with Eddies. With that said, always prepare for a fight when hunting one.

Where to Find Bounties

Back Alleys and Streets

Cyberpunk 2077 - Back Alley

People with bounties are usually gang members. They are commonly found in back alleys of crowded districts or in the streets of Night City's quieter areas.

Driving Around Night City

You can randomly encounter crimes in progress while driving around Night City. Once you are near one, a light blue star icon will appear on your minimap. These events are similar with Assaults in Progress, except there are no key items to loot.

NCPD Scanner Hustles

Cyberpunk 2077 - Organized Crimes

One of the quickest ways to look for bounties is to take on NCPD Scanner Hustles. You can find these types of jobs on the map and are relatively easy to complete.

NCPD Scanner Hustles

Gun For Hire Gigs

Cyberpunk 2077 - Gun for Hire Gigs

Some Gun for Hire gigs involve taking out criminals with bounties. This will yield you more rewards as the targets are usually high-profile criminals. Some examples of Gun for Hire gigs with bounties are Monster Hunt, Eye for an Eye, and The Union Strikes Back.

List of Gigs

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