List of Clothing and Armor | Cyberpunk 2077

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This is a list of Clothing and Armor in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Learn what clothing are found in the game, what stats affect Clothing, and what types of Clothing appear.

Types of Clothing and Armor

Divided into 4 Categories

There are 4 types of Clothing you can equip onto your character, Head, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Special. Besides Special, each category splits into 2 slots, allowing more options for clothing customizability.

Clothing Slot No. of Slots
Head 2 (Head, Face)
Upper Body 2 (Outer Torso, Inner Torso)
Lower Body 2 (Legs, Feet)
Special *1

*Special clothing cannot be worn together with other clothing.

Clothing Rarity

Clothing is divided into different rarity based on its quality. Clothing of higher rarity has a higher maximum number of Mod Slots

Clothing Rarities
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary

Clothing can also have an Iconic Rating separate from its Rarity. Iconic Clothing has the associated benefit of providing the Crafting Specs for the tier above free of charge, allowing players to make multiple and stronger versions of the same Clothing.

Clothing and Armor Stats

Higher Armor Stat Reduces Damage

As the saying goes, "Clothes make the man." And in Cyberpunk 2077, clothes also protect the man. The Armor Stat associated with each Clothing item is your primary defense against the varied incoming damage you will be facing in the game.

Stats are Randomized

The Armor stat associated with each Armor is based on the following two factors.

  1. The Body Part the Clothing is associated with
  2. A hidden Level variable associated with the Clothing (creates randomization and level scaling)

As your player level increases, you can expect to find Clothing with a better hidden Level, meaning that the stats of the Clothing you find will scale naturally with your character. Players can also use Crafting, which can produce Clothing of a higher level depending on the player's Crafting Skill Progression.

There are no stats inherent to each Clothing item; rather, the stats are based strictly on the above factors, and after that, your choice of clothing is down to your style preferences. Clothing stats are also not affected by the Rarity, as this only affects the Mod Slot count.

Clothing Stat Variance

The following table is an estimated range of base Armor for each Clothing type. Please note that these values can be affected by other factors like player stats, Mods, etc.

Body Part Armor
Head 5~60
Upper Body 13~200
Lower Body 7~100

Clothing and Armor Mods

Mods are attachable modifiers to your clothing. Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG first and will allow you to customize not only your looks but also your stats.

List of Clothing Mods

Mod Slot Variance

The maximum number of Mod Slots available on a piece of Clothing is determined by its Rarity. Note that Clothing may have a lower number of Mod Slots than the amount listed here, or rarely, a higher number of Mod Slots.

Rarity Max Mod Slots
Common 0
Uncommon 0
Rare 1
Epic 2
Legendary 3

List of Clothing and Armor

Head Clothing

Head Clothing (Slot)

6th Street Side Cap6th Street Side Cap Aramid Kuro Kabuto with Hardened Carbon-Fiber ExteriorAramid Kuro Kabuto with Hardened Carbon-Fiber Exterior Arasaka Cap with CameraArasaka Cap with Camera
Arasaka Engineer Hardhat With HeadsetArasaka Engineer Hardhat With Headset Arasaka Kabuto With Composite PlatingArasaka Kabuto With Composite Plating Aztec Winter BeanieAztec Winter Beanie
Blooming Amber BandanaBlooming Amber Bandana Boss Mafioso Trilby with Armored LiningBoss Mafioso Trilby with Armored Lining Carbon-Fiber Arasaka Side CapCarbon-Fiber Arasaka Side Cap
Carbon-Fiber Conical HatCarbon-Fiber Conical Hat Chengse Ultralight Carbon Fiber HelmetChengse Ultralight Carbon Fiber Helmet Classic Hardened-Leather Flat CapClassic Hardened-Leather Flat Cap
Classic Side Cap with Strengthened PolyamideClassic Side Cap with Strengthened Polyamide Classic Trilby with Composite BandClassic Trilby with Composite Band Colorado Beetle Aramid-Reinforced HelmetColorado Beetle Aramid-Reinforced Helmet
Composite Military BandanaComposite Military Bandana Cotton Motorcycle Cap with Protective InsetCotton Motorcycle Cap with Protective Inset Cowboy Hat with Hardened-Leather BandCowboy Hat with Hardened-Leather Band
Cushioned Techie Baseball CapCushioned Techie Baseball Cap Daemon Hunter Tactical BandanaDaemon Hunter Tactical Bandana Darra Polytechnic CapDarra Polytechnic Cap
Darra Polytechnic Tactical BalaclavaDarra Polytechnic Tactical Balaclava Double-Shelled AT-AK Modular HelmetDouble-Shelled AT-AK Modular Helmet Duolayer Floral KeffiyehDuolayer Floral Keffiyeh
Duolayer Military Cap with GaugeDuolayer Military Cap with Gauge Durable Felt-Blend TrilbyDurable Felt-Blend Trilby Durable Lime Speed Modular HelmetDurable Lime Speed Modular Helmet
Enhanced Cebra Excentrica Carbon-Reinfoced TrilbyEnhanced Cebra Excentrica Carbon-Reinfoced Trilby Flat Cap with Reinforced SeamsFlat Cap with Reinforced Seams Graffiti Thermoset Synweave KeffiyehGraffiti Thermoset Synweave Keffiyeh
Gray Area Anti-Tear HijabGray Area Anti-Tear Hijab Illegally Modded Hat with GaugeIllegally Modded Hat with Gauge Insulated Cap with Protective GogglesInsulated Cap with Protective Goggles
Laminated Nomad Hat with GaugeLaminated Nomad Hat with Gauge Laminated Security Hard Hat with HeadsetLaminated Security Hard Hat with Headset Light Keffiyeh with Microplate MeshLight Keffiyeh with Microplate Mesh
Light Techno Polymer HelmetLight Techno Polymer Helmet Limited-Edition Daemon Hunter CapLimited-Edition Daemon Hunter Cap Maelstrom Side CapMaelstrom Side Cap
Magenta Spark Reinforced Silkweave BandanaMagenta Spark Reinforced Silkweave Bandana Makeshift Rabenda Banana BandanaMakeshift Rabenda Banana Bandana Media Baseball Cap with Reactive LayerMedia Baseball Cap with Reactive Layer
Militech Tactical HelmetMilitech Tactical Helmet Mirame Reinforced-Composite Cowboy HatMirame Reinforced-Composite Cowboy Hat Modified Snake-Skin Cowboy HatModified Snake-Skin Cowboy Hat
Mox BeanieMox Beanie OfficerOfficer's Side Cap with Reinforced Plastic Old Motorcycle CapOld Motorcycle Cap
Ordinary Tactical Balaclava with Reactive LayeringOrdinary Tactical Balaclava with Reactive Layering Plastic Zunari Kabuto with Absorbent LiningPlastic Zunari Kabuto with Absorbent Lining Police Helmet with Anti-Shrapnel VisorPolice Helmet with Anti-Shrapnel Visor
Polyamide-Reinforced Conical HatPolyamide-Reinforced Conical Hat Reinforced Baseball CapReinforced Baseball Cap Reinforced Cyan Cowboy HatReinforced Cyan Cowboy Hat
Rusty Assault HelmetRusty Assault Helmet Rusty Security HardhatRusty Security Hardhat Sandy Boa Shock-Absorbent HeadbandSandy Boa Shock-Absorbent Headband
Simple Bandana Headband with Enhanced DurabilitySimple Bandana Headband with Enhanced Durability Smiley Hard Pilot CapSmiley Hard Pilot Cap Solid Straw-Woven TrilbySolid Straw-Woven Trilby
Speed Addict Helmet with Anti-Impact TechSpeed Addict Helmet with Anti-Impact Tech Steel Microplated KabutoSteel Microplated Kabuto Strong Canine Power Synthetic BandanaStrong Canine Power Synthetic Bandana
Sturdi-Boost Cowboy HatSturdi-Boost Cowboy Hat Sturdy Conical HatSturdy Conical Hat Stylish Leather Flat Cap with Light Armor LayerStylish Leather Flat Cap with Light Armor Layer
Trilby with Canvass LiningTrilby with Canvass Lining Tyger Claw KabutoTyger Claw Kabuto Upgraded Farmer Hat with GaugeUpgraded Farmer Hat with Gauge
VeteranVeteran's Helmet Worn Brimmed Hat with GaugeWorn Brimmed Hat with Gauge Worn Graffiti HelmetWorn Graffiti Helmet
Currently UnavailableWorn Samurai Cap

Face Clothing

2X Electronic Rocker Goggles2X Electronic Rocker Goggles Akai Oni Titanium Boostknit MenpoAkai Oni Titanium Boostknit Menpo Antisurge ICE-Protected Netrunner InfovisorAntisurge ICE-Protected Netrunner Infovisor
Arasaka Tactical TechgogsArasaka Tactical Techgogs Arctic Breath Hybrid-Polymer Tactical MaskArctic Breath Hybrid-Polymer Tactical Mask Armored Media Ocuset with CameraArmored Media Ocuset with Camera
Blouie Blue Aramid-Coated InfovisorBlouie Blue Aramid-Coated Infovisor Boostknit-Polymer Military TechgogsBoostknit-Polymer Military Techgogs Carbon Gas Mask with FilterCarbon Gas Mask with Filter
Classic Armor-Coated AviatorsClassic Armor-Coated Aviators Composite OcusetComposite Ocuset Darker Speed Square GlassesDarker Speed Square Glasses
Durable Zebra Sport Glasses with UV FilterDurable Zebra Sport Glasses with UV Filter Ergonomic Safety 3201 Military ShadesErgonomic Safety 3201 Military Shades Gold Punk Aviators with Coated GlassGold Punk Aviators with Coated Glass
Graffiti Glasses with Coated GlassGraffiti Glasses with Coated Glass Hardened Plastic GogglesHardened Plastic Goggles Holo-Tinted Badge GogglesHolo-Tinted Badge Goggles
Illegally Modified Military InfovisorIllegally Modified Military Infovisor Impact-Resistant Tactical GlassesImpact-Resistant Tactical Glasses Jigoku no Oni Reinforced-Composite MenpōJigoku no Oni Reinforced-Composite Menpō
JohnnyJohnny's Aviators Kang Tao Manganese Combat OcusetKang Tao Manganese Combat Ocuset Kogane no Yume Titanium BD WreathKogane no Yume Titanium BD Wreath
Laminated ICE-Protected Techie OcusetLaminated ICE-Protected Techie Ocuset Lightweight Tungsten-Steel BD WreathLightweight Tungsten-Steel BD Wreath Makeshift Maelstrom Gas MaskMakeshift Maelstrom Gas Mask
Makeshift Punk GogglesMakeshift Punk Goggles Manganese-Laminate Nomad Gas MaskManganese-Laminate Nomad Gas Mask Menpō with Durable LiningMenpō with Durable Lining
Menpō with Protective PaddingMenpō with Protective Padding Menpō with Reactive LayerMenpō with Reactive Layer Military Glasses with Splash GuardMilitary Glasses with Splash Guard
NCPD Titanium ICE-Protected OcusetNCPD Titanium ICE-Protected Ocuset Old Plastic Gas MaskOld Plastic Gas Mask Polycarbonate Opti-Enhanced Fixer GlassesPolycarbonate Opti-Enhanced Fixer Glasses
Polycarbonate Sport SunglassesPolycarbonate Sport Sunglasses Protective Gilt-Polymer Biker GogglesProtective Gilt-Polymer Biker Goggles Red Electro-Integrated Biker ShoesRed Electro-Integrated Biker Shoes
Reinforced-Plastic Biker TechgogsReinforced-Plastic Biker Techgogs Scratch-Resistant Polarized Rocker AviatorsScratch-Resistant Polarized Rocker Aviators Shiroi Tora Photoelectric Sport GlassesShiroi Tora Photoelectric Sport Glasses
Silver Polymer-Hybrid Military AviatorsSilver Polymer-Hybrid Military Aviators Stylish Polarized AviatorsStylish Polarized Aviators Stylish Turquoise Sport GlassesStylish Turquoise Sport Glasses
Sun Spark Thermoset Chemglass InfovisorSun Spark Thermoset Chemglass Infovisor Sweet Dreams Armored-Laminate BD WreathSweet Dreams Armored-Laminate BD Wreath Synleather Plastic GogglesSynleather Plastic Goggles
Tactical Hybrid-Glass Corporate GlassesTactical Hybrid-Glass Corporate Glasses Taped Square GlassesTaped Square Glasses Technopolymer Lab InfovisorTechnopolymer Lab Infovisor
Titanium Solo Techgogs with Tactical SoftwareTitanium Solo Techgogs with Tactical Software Titanium-Reinforced Gas MaskTitanium-Reinforced Gas Mask Trendy Red Vision Laminated-Glass InfovisorTrendy Red Vision Laminated-Glass Infovisor
Trilayer Steel OcusetTrilayer Steel Ocuset Weathered MenpoWeathered Menpo Currently UnavailableYamori Tungsten-Steel Biker Techgogs

Upper Body Clothing

Outer Torso Clothing (Jackets)

5HI3LD Superb Combatweave Aramid Breastplate5HI3LD Superb Combatweave Aramid Breastplate 6th Street Makeshift Ballistic Vest6th Street Makeshift Ballistic Vest 6th Street Shoulder Straps6th Street Shoulder Straps
6th Street Tactical Harness6th Street Tactical Harness 6th Street Ultralight Windbreaker6th Street Ultralight Windbreaker Alba Estiva Crop SweaterAlba Estiva Crop Sweater
Aldecaldos Rally Bolero JacketAldecaldos Rally Bolero Jacket Amber-04 Titanium-Plated Ballistic VestAmber-04 Titanium-Plated Ballistic Vest Animals Heavy Composite-Plated Tactical HarnessAnimals Heavy Composite-Plated Tactical Harness
Animals Power-Absorbent JumpsuitAnimals Power-Absorbent Jumpsuit Animals Reinforced Carbon-Fiber Shoulder StrapsAnimals Reinforced Carbon-Fiber Shoulder Straps Currently UnavailableAnti-Shrapnel Hooded Bomber
Aramid-Enhanced High-Collar Military VestAramid-Enhanced High-Collar Military Vest Arasaka Formal Jacket with Light ArmorplatingArasaka Formal Jacket with Light Armorplating Arasaka Polyamide Corpo SkirtArasaka Polyamide Corpo Skirt
Arasaka Polycarbonate Corporate BlazerArasaka Polycarbonate Corporate Blazer Arasaka Polycarbonate-Laced Bulletproof Aramid VestArasaka Polycarbonate-Laced Bulletproof Aramid Vest Arasaka Thermoset Aramid CollarArasaka Thermoset Aramid Collar
Arasaka Ultralight Hybrid Tactical HarnessArasaka Ultralight Hybrid Tactical Harness Armor-Quilted JacketArmor-Quilted Jacket Arte Urbano Elegantly Nanostitched ShirtArte Urbano Elegantly Nanostitched Shirt
Asa No Heiwa Enhanced YukataAsa No Heiwa Enhanced Yukata AT-AK Composite-Lined EdgerunnerAT-AK Composite-Lined Edgerunner AT-AK Reinforced Biker CoatAT-AK Reinforced Biker Coat
Bai Long High-Alloy Steel-Sequined JacketBai Long High-Alloy Steel-Sequined Jacket Basic Ballistic VestBasic Ballistic Vest Basic Detachable Reactive-Fiber CollarBasic Detachable Reactive-Fiber Collar
Basic Loose Polycarbonate HighneckBasic Loose Polycarbonate Highneck Basic Polycarbonate FoldtopBasic Polycarbonate Foldtop Bipolar Rainbow Hybrid-Weave Crop SweaterBipolar Rainbow Hybrid-Weave Crop Sweater
Bitch V.13 Dual-Reinforced Tactical VestBitch V.13 Dual-Reinforced Tactical Vest Blauer Nebel Eazy-Breathe High-Alloy Sequined FoldtopBlauer Nebel Eazy-Breathe High-Alloy Sequined Foldtop Bloody Piggy Cut-OffBloody Piggy Cut-Off
Blurry Road Thermoset-Fiber Biker JacketBlurry Road Thermoset-Fiber Biker Jacket Border Guard Ballistic VestBorder Guard Ballistic Vest Border Guard Multilayer Aramid VestBorder Guard Multilayer Aramid Vest
Currently UnavailableBorder Guard Tactical Vest Braindance WindbreakerBraindance Windbreaker Brass Harmony Composite-Reinforced Formal DressBrass Harmony Composite-Reinforced Formal Dress
Burn Corpo Shit Duolayer CoatBurn Corpo Shit Duolayer Coat Camo Combat Cut-OffCamo Combat Cut-Off Camo FoldtopCamo Foldtop
Camo Loose HighneckCamo Loose Highneck Candy Pill Ultra-Durable Cut-OffCandy Pill Ultra-Durable Cut-Off Canine Power Hybrid-Stitch Pozer-JacketCanine Power Hybrid-Stitch Pozer-Jacket
Carbon Triangle Graphene-Weave Pozer-JacketCarbon Triangle Graphene-Weave Pozer-Jacket Classic Anti-Puncture ShirtClassic Anti-Puncture Shirt Currently UnavailableClaw Taste Ultradurable Short Puffer
Comfortable Midori BioFabric Cocktail JacketComfortable Midori BioFabric Cocktail Jacket Composite-Lined Long Vest with PatternComposite-Lined Long Vest with Pattern Coral Cutout BodysuitCoral Cutout Bodysuit
Corporate Armor-Plated Aramid BreastplateCorporate Armor-Plated Aramid Breastplate Corporate Blazer with Bulletproof LiningCorporate Blazer with Bulletproof Lining Cut-Off with Protective UnderlayerCut-Off with Protective Underlayer
CY-4N Hybrid-Knit Aramid Tactical VestCY-4N Hybrid-Knit Aramid Tactical Vest Cyan Multiresist Evening JacketCyan Multiresist Evening Jacket Danse Macabre Crop SweaterDanse Macabre Crop Sweater
Deadly Lagoon Anti-Puncture WindbreakerDeadly Lagoon Anti-Puncture Windbreaker Decadencia Verde Bulletproof Tactical HarnessDecadencia Verde Bulletproof Tactical Harness Demon Rhapsody Reactive-Layer Pencil DressDemon Rhapsody Reactive-Layer Pencil Dress
Denim Biker Jacket with Thermoactive CollarDenim Biker Jacket with Thermoactive Collar Currently UnavailableDenki-Shin Thermoset Hybrid Crystaljock Bomber Dirty Nusa Tactical HarnessDirty Nusa Tactical Harness
Duolayer Microplate-Mesh Nomad JacketDuolayer Microplate-Mesh Nomad Jacket Duolayer Polyamide Rocker VestDuolayer Polyamide Rocker Vest Currently UnavailableDuoweave Psycho Cutout Bodysuit
Durable High-Collar VestDurable High-Collar Vest Durable Militech Training JumpsuitDurable Militech Training Jumpsuit Durable Synsilk BlazerDurable Synsilk Blazer
Durable Synthetic Biker CoatDurable Synthetic Biker Coat Durable Synweave Corporate DressDurable Synweave Corporate Dress Durable Synweave Corporate SkirtDurable Synweave Corporate Skirt
Elegant Hybrid-Lining Pencil DressElegant Hybrid-Lining Pencil Dress Elegant Nano-Weave YukataElegant Nano-Weave Yukata Enhanced Aramid VestEnhanced Aramid Vest
Enhanced High Collar VestEnhanced High Collar Vest Fairy Frost Trench Coat with Protective MeshFairy Frost Trench Coat with Protective Mesh Fake Samerei JacketFake Samerei Jacket
Feline Fury Flame-Resistant Cocktail JacketFeline Fury Flame-Resistant Cocktail Jacket Final Impulse Duolayer Puffer VestFinal Impulse Duolayer Puffer Vest Flazh Armored Thermoset Tactical HarnessFlazh Armored Thermoset Tactical Harness
Formal Jacket with Composite InsetsFormal Jacket with Composite Insets Golden Age Trilayer Composite Motorcycle JacketGolden Age Trilayer Composite Motorcycle Jacket Golden Mean Elegant Chem-Resistant Biker JacketGolden Mean Elegant Chem-Resistant Biker Jacket
Currently UnavailableGolden Mean Hybrid-Weave Flame-Resistant Coat Graffiti Carbon-Composite EdgerunnerGraffiti Carbon-Composite Edgerunner Graffiti Detachable CollarGraffiti Detachable Collar
Green Viper Double-Nanoweave Pencil DressGreen Viper Double-Nanoweave Pencil Dress Hand-Reinforced Hooded Denim Cut-OffHand-Reinforced Hooded Denim Cut-Off Hardened Leather FoldtopHardened Leather Foldtop
Hardened Leather Loose HighneckHardened Leather Loose Highneck Hardened Rubber Biker JacketHardened Rubber Biker Jacket Hardy Dandylion Cocktail JacketHardy Dandylion Cocktail Jacket
Heavy Hybrid-Armor Trickster CoatHeavy Hybrid-Armor Trickster Coat Heavy-Duty Aramid-Reinforced Badge CoatHeavy-Duty Aramid-Reinforced Badge Coat Hebi Tsukai Cashmere-Nanofiber ShirtHebi Tsukai Cashmere-Nanofiber Shirt
Icon America Duolayer Western Fringe VestIcon America Duolayer Western Fringe Vest Impact-Absorbent Padded Biker VestImpact-Absorbent Padded Biker Vest Inner Flame Flame-Resistant RockerjackInner Flame Flame-Resistant Rockerjack
JSHLX Reinforced Puffer VestJSHLX Reinforced Puffer Vest Junge Werther Reinforced Leather Biker VestJunge Werther Reinforced Leather Biker Vest Kang Tao Metalstitch Aramid VestKang Tao Metalstitch Aramid Vest
Kang Tao Reinforced Tactical VestKang Tao Reinforced Tactical Vest Kang Tao Stretchy Motorcyle JacketKang Tao Stretchy Motorcyle Jacket Kani Kara Titanium-Reinforced Composite BreastplateKani Kara Titanium-Reinforced Composite Breastplate
Kotetsu no Ryu CoatKotetsu no Ryu Coat Koumori Synleather Trench CoatKoumori Synleather Trench Coat Kyuketsuki Flame-Resistant Polyamide Rocker CoatKyuketsuki Flame-Resistant Polyamide Rocker Coat
Lady in Blue Synweave VestLady in Blue Synweave Vest Lazr-Mosaic Anti-Shrapnel RockerjackLazr-Mosaic Anti-Shrapnel Rockerjack Lazrpunk Tungsten-Plated Pozer-JacketLazrpunk Tungsten-Plated Pozer-Jacket
Light Spirit Animal Chem-Resistant BomberLight Spirit Animal Chem-Resistant Bomber Light Synfiber Evening JacketLight Synfiber Evening Jacket Lilla Natt Composite-Leather Rocker BlazerLilla Natt Composite-Leather Rocker Blazer
Limited Edition Loose-Fit Shirt with Protective MeshLimited Edition Loose-Fit Shirt with Protective Mesh Loose CoolQuilt HighneckLoose CoolQuilt Highneck M4rbl3 Titanium-Pleated Ballistic VestM4rbl3 Titanium-Pleated Ballistic Vest
Magenta Bee Trilayer Hybrid Puffer VestMagenta Bee Trilayer Hybrid Puffer Vest Currently UnavailableMarbre Dore Suit Jack with Discreet Bulletproof Lining Melting Ceramic Membrane Pozer JacketMelting Ceramic Membrane Pozer Jacket
Melting Ceramic Membrane Pozer-JacketMelting Ceramic Membrane Pozer-Jacket Microplate-Lined Camo VestMicroplate-Lined Camo Vest Microplated Punk Short-Sleeve JacketMicroplated Punk Short-Sleeve Jacket
Military Aramid CollarMilitary Aramid Collar Militech Armor-Quilted Aramid VestMilitech Armor-Quilted Aramid Vest Militech Armorfiber Tactical HarnessMilitech Armorfiber Tactical Harness
Militech Heavy Tactical VestMilitech Heavy Tactical Vest Militech Reinforced-Composite Field JacketMilitech Reinforced-Composite Field Jacket Mini Coolquit FoldtopMini Coolquit Foldtop
Currently UnavailableMolto Vivace Nanoweave Rocker Coat Mox Nanoplastic CollarMox Nanoplastic Collar Muddy NCPD VestMuddy NCPD Vest
Multilayered Maroon Scales Syn-Coated BomberMultilayered Maroon Scales Syn-Coated Bomber Murasaki Tear-Resistant YukataMurasaki Tear-Resistant Yukata Nanostitched Short PufferNanostitched Short Puffer
NCPD Aramid CollarNCPD Aramid Collar NCPD Reinforced Ballistic VestNCPD Reinforced Ballistic Vest Neokitsch Pasion Purpura Polyamide FoldtopNeokitsch Pasion Purpura Polyamide Foldtop
Night City Biker JacketNight City Biker Jacket Night City Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Sleeveless Field JacketNight City Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Sleeveless Field Jacket Nusa Leather VestNusa Leather Vest
Old Camo Shoulder StrapsOld Camo Shoulder Straps Old Combat VestOld Combat Vest Old EdgerunnerOld Edgerunner
Old Maelstrom FieldOld Maelstrom Field Old Maelstrom-Tagged Aramid VestOld Maelstrom-Tagged Aramid Vest Old Spotted Trench CoatOld Spotted Trench Coat
Old WindbreakerOld Windbreaker Orchid Snake Nanotube-Triweave Cocktail JacketOrchid Snake Nanotube-Triweave Cocktail Jacket Peach Syn-Thread Crop SweaterPeach Syn-Thread Crop Sweater
Police Ballistic VestPolice Ballistic Vest Polka Dot Trench Coat with Puncture Resistant LiningPolka Dot Trench Coat with Puncture Resistant Lining Polyamide JumpsuitPolyamide Jumpsuit
Polyamide-Blend Suit JacketPolyamide-Blend Suit Jacket Polyamide-Hooded Duolayer BomberPolyamide-Hooded Duolayer Bomber Polyamide-Lined Rocker JumpsuitPolyamide-Lined Rocker Jumpsuit
Polycarbonate Western Fringe VestPolycarbonate Western Fringe Vest Powder Pink Light Polyamide BlazerPowder Pink Light Polyamide Blazer Powder Pink Trivanadium Alloy Ballistic VestPowder Pink Trivanadium Alloy Ballistic Vest
Practical Plaid Shirt with MicromeshPractical Plaid Shirt with Micromesh Currently UnavailablePredator Aramid Armor (From Rogue) Puncture-Resistant Long CoatPuncture-Resistant Long Coat
Punk Aramid VestPunk Aramid Vest Punk Boostweave Biker JacketPunk Boostweave Biker Jacket Punk High-Collar VestPunk High-Collar Vest
Punk Short-Sleeve Dual-Membrane JacketPunk Short-Sleeve Dual-Membrane Jacket Punk Ultraweave Light JacketPunk Ultraweave Light Jacket Purple Force Tactical JumpsuitPurple Force Tactical Jumpsuit
Purple Symphony Enhanced Polyamide EdgerunnerPurple Symphony Enhanced Polyamide Edgerunner Reinforced-Laminate Military Flight JacketReinforced-Laminate Military Flight Jacket Replica of JohnnyReplica of Johnny's Samurai Jacket
Rockerjack with Anti-Puncture MeshRockerjack with Anti-Puncture Mesh Rozovaya Reka Pencil Dress With Protective MembraneRozovaya Reka Pencil Dress With Protective Membrane SaekoSaeko's Prototype Tactical Aramid Breastplate
Salamander Eazy-Breathe Tarp-Weave JacketSalamander Eazy-Breathe Tarp-Weave Jacket Scav Ballistic VestScav Ballistic Vest Scav Plastic WindbreakerScav Plastic Windbreaker
Second Conflict Biker JacketSecond Conflict Biker Jacket Second Conflict Cutout BodysuitSecond Conflict Cutout Bodysuit Second Conflict Flight JacketSecond Conflict Flight Jacket
Secondhand Synthleather VestSecondhand Synthleather Vest Shabby Hooded Cut-OffShabby Hooded Cut-Off Shirokuro High-Collar Composite-Lined VestShirokuro High-Collar Composite-Lined Vest
Silber Irbis Bolero GMO-Weave BomberSilber Irbis Bolero GMO-Weave Bomber Simple Bolero Rubber-Coated BomberSimple Bolero Rubber-Coated Bomber Sleeveless Armor-Plated Field JacketSleeveless Armor-Plated Field Jacket
Smiley Hard Protection-Layered BomberSmiley Hard Protection-Layered Bomber Currently UnavailableSoviet Moscow Dream Anti-Shrapnel Bomber Spiked Maelstrom Short-Sleeve JacketSpiked Maelstrom Short-Sleeve Jacket
Spotted Armor-Coated Corpo-SkirtSpotted Armor-Coated Corpo-Skirt Spotted Armor-Coated Corporate DressSpotted Armor-Coated Corporate Dress Spunky Monkey Aramid CoatSpunky Monkey Aramid Coat
Sturdy Shoulder StrapsSturdy Shoulder Straps Stylish Ten70 Daemon Hunter CoatStylish Ten70 Daemon Hunter Coat Currently UnavailableStylish Tora To Ryu Coat with Titanium Inserts
Syncotton Cocktail JacketSyncotton Cocktail Jacket Synleather Carbon-Collar Pozer-JacketSynleather Carbon-Collar Pozer-Jacket Synthetic Corporate JacketSynthetic Corporate Jacket
Synweave Armor-Coated YukataSynweave Armor-Coated Yukata Synweave Armor-Layered Psycho BomberSynweave Armor-Layered Psycho Bomber Tamashī Enhanced Short PufferTamashī Enhanced Short Puffer
Tenka Muso Combat Motorcycle JacketTenka Muso Combat Motorcycle Jacket Thermoset Military Field JacketThermoset Military Field Jacket Thick Double Knit Evening JacketThick Double Knit Evening Jacket
Timeworn Trench CoatTimeworn Trench Coat Torero Real Ultrareactive Laminated Pozer-JacketTorero Real Ultrareactive Laminated Pozer-Jacket Currently UnavailableTrilayer Aramid-Weave Fixer Coat
Tyger Claws Ceramic-Laminate Aramid CollarTyger Claws Ceramic-Laminate Aramid Collar Tyger Claws Reinforced EdgerunnerTyger Claws Reinforced Edgerunner Tyger Claws Reinforced Tactical HarnessTyger Claws Reinforced Tactical Harness
Ultralight Composite VestUltralight Composite Vest Ultralight Shine Spectrum Trench CoatUltralight Shine Spectrum Trench Coat Valentinos Armor-Plated Thermoset Aramid CollarValentinos Armor-Plated Thermoset Aramid Collar
Valentinos Composite-Collar Suede Pozer-JacketValentinos Composite-Collar Suede Pozer-Jacket Valentinos Dual-Weave EdgerunnerValentinos Dual-Weave Edgerunner Valentinos Leather Shoulder StrapsValentinos Leather Shoulder Straps
Victorian Rose Anti-Shrapnel Pencil DressVictorian Rose Anti-Shrapnel Pencil Dress Voodoo Boys Anti-Interference Netrunner JacketVoodoo Boys Anti-Interference Netrunner Jacket Wakai Umi Flame Resistant YukataWakai Umi Flame Resistant Yukata
Warm Nanoweave Cotton ShirtWarm Nanoweave Cotton Shirt Wool Suit Jacket with Reinforced Synfiber-WeaveWool Suit Jacket with Reinforced Synfiber-Weave Wraiths Dual-Reinforced Shoulder StrapsWraiths Dual-Reinforced Shoulder Straps
Yellow Cobra Carbon-Reinforced Racing SuitYellow Cobra Carbon-Reinforced Racing Suit Yunami Formal Hybrid Duoweave JacketYunami Formal Hybrid Duoweave Jacket Zolotoy Uley Soviet-Style Fireproof WindbreakerZolotoy Uley Soviet-Style Fireproof Windbreaker

Inner Torso Clothing (Shirts)

Abrasion-Resistant Trickster Dress Shirt and VestAbrasion-Resistant Trickster Dress Shirt and Vest Adamant Army Reinforced Tactical Tank TopAdamant Army Reinforced Tactical Tank Top Amethyst Punk Eazy-Breathe Knotted TankAmethyst Punk Eazy-Breathe Knotted Tank
Anti-Chem Synfabric Tank TopAnti-Chem Synfabric Tank Top Aramid-Weave Tactical TurtleneckAramid-Weave Tactical Turtleneck Arasaka Waterproof Combat TurtleneckArasaka Waterproof Combat Turtleneck
Arcticombat Semi-Formal Button-UpArcticombat Semi-Formal Button-Up Atomic Blast Composite Armor-Weave Combat ShirtAtomic Blast Composite Armor-Weave Combat Shirt Bara Kaika Syn-Leather BustierBara Kaika Syn-Leather Bustier
Basic Tank TopBasic Tank Top Bermuda Triangle Protective-Mesh Muscles TankBermuda Triangle Protective-Mesh Muscles Tank Bloody Piggy Duoweave Cutout TankBloody Piggy Duoweave Cutout Tank
Bloody Piggy Triweave Muscle TankBloody Piggy Triweave Muscle Tank Braindance Blue Trilayer Long-SleeveBraindance Blue Trilayer Long-Sleeve Canine Power Duolayer Tank TopCanine Power Duolayer Tank Top
Carbonweave Silk Corporate ShirtCarbonweave Silk Corporate Shirt Classic Chem-Hardened Button-UpClassic Chem-Hardened Button-Up Classy Pastel Shirt and VestClassy Pastel Shirt and Vest
Composite Arasaka Netrunning Nanoweave SuitComposite Arasaka Netrunning Nanoweave Suit Composite Geisha Combat ShirtComposite Geisha Combat Shirt Composite-Coated Bitch V.13 T-ShirtComposite-Coated Bitch V.13 T-Shirt
Cotton Long-SleeveCotton Long-Sleeve Cowboy Shirt and VestCowboy Shirt and Vest Daemon Hunter Resistance-Coated Tank TopDaemon Hunter Resistance-Coated Tank Top
Dandy Classico Shirt with Fibrotube WeaveDandy Classico Shirt with Fibrotube Weave Decadencia Verde Heavy Plate-Weave Combat ShirtDecadencia Verde Heavy Plate-Weave Combat Shirt Ded-Zed Hybridweave T-ShirtDed-Zed Hybridweave T-Shirt
Desert Cross Strong-Weave Button-UpDesert Cross Strong-Weave Button-Up Durable Hardened Syn-Cotton T-ShirtDurable Hardened Syn-Cotton T-Shirt El Dorado Aramid-Weave Dress Shirt and VestEl Dorado Aramid-Weave Dress Shirt and Vest
Elastic Microplated Sporty TurtleneckElastic Microplated Sporty Turtleneck Extra-Durable Striped Tank TopExtra-Durable Striped Tank Top Extra-Reinforced Knotted TankExtra-Reinforced Knotted Tank
Extra-Sturdy Deadly Lagoon Tank TopExtra-Sturdy Deadly Lagoon Tank Top Faded Uniwear Belted TankFaded Uniwear Belted Tank Flexi-Membrane Leather BraFlexi-Membrane Leather Bra
Frayed Nanoweave Cutout TankFrayed Nanoweave Cutout Tank Frayed Scav Combat ShirtFrayed Scav Combat Shirt Fuck You Durable-Weave Tank TopFuck You Durable-Weave Tank Top
Currently UnavailableGeisha Samurai Nanoweave Long-Sleeve Gin no Hoshi Neo-Silk Shirt and VestGin no Hoshi Neo-Silk Shirt and Vest Gray Decay Tank TopGray Decay Tank Top
Heat-Resistant Aramid-Weave Fixer ShirtHeat-Resistant Aramid-Weave Fixer Shirt Heat-Resistant Hybridweave Netrunning SuitHeat-Resistant Hybridweave Netrunning Suit Heat-Resistant Nanoweave Media ShirtHeat-Resistant Nanoweave Media Shirt
Heat-Resistant Reinforced Nu-Tek Tight TankHeat-Resistant Reinforced Nu-Tek Tight Tank High-Tensile Cutout TankHigh-Tensile Cutout Tank JohnnyJohnny's Tank Top
Knotted Armor-Weave TankKnotted Armor-Weave Tank Light Elastomer Netrunning SuitLight Elastomer Netrunning Suit Light XX Punch! Heat-Resistant Biker TurtleneckLight XX Punch! Heat-Resistant Biker Turtleneck
Linen Button-Up with Reactive LayeringLinen Button-Up with Reactive Layering Liquid Shine Dura-Polyamide Button-UpLiquid Shine Dura-Polyamide Button-Up Mallow Breeze Triweave Shirt and VestMallow Breeze Triweave Shirt and Vest
Melting Hottie Tank TopMelting Hottie Tank Top Military-Grade Aramid Netrunning SuitMilitary-Grade Aramid Netrunning Suit Mox Ultralight Tank Top with Micromesh LayerMox Ultralight Tank Top with Micromesh Layer
Neokitsch Blooming Amber Resistance-Coated TankNeokitsch Blooming Amber Resistance-Coated Tank Currently UnavailableNeokitsch Palm Bay Heat-Resistant Tank Top Night City Sturdimesh Racerback TankNight City Sturdimesh Racerback Tank
Night City Tank TopNight City Tank Top Nippon Composite-Coated Muscle TankNippon Composite-Coated Muscle Tank Old Emerald Speed Muscle TankOld Emerald Speed Muscle Tank
Old Hex Camo ShirtOld Hex Camo Shirt Old Netrunning SuitOld Netrunning Suit Once We Were Boosted Tank TopOnce We Were Boosted Tank Top
Padded Syn-Fiber Combat ShirtPadded Syn-Fiber Combat Shirt Padded Tactical TurtleneckPadded Tactical Turtleneck Paisley Universe Armor-Coated Button-UpPaisley Universe Armor-Coated Button-Up
Paris Blue Office Shirt and Vest with Reinforced SeamsParis Blue Office Shirt and Vest with Reinforced Seams Penguin Dress Shirt and VestPenguin Dress Shirt and Vest Currently UnavailablePolycarbonate Nomad Shirt with Reinforced Seams
Psycho Flexiweave LongsleevePsycho Flexiweave Longsleeve Psycho Impact-Absorbent Nanoweave T-ShirtPsycho Impact-Absorbent Nanoweave T-Shirt Psycho Tank TopPsycho Tank Top
Puncture-Resistant Nusa T-ShirtPuncture-Resistant Nusa T-Shirt Punk Duolayer Tank TopPunk Duolayer Tank Top Purple Dragon Aramid-Weave Tank TopPurple Dragon Aramid-Weave Tank Top
Purple Dragon Neokitsch Muscle Tank with Tungsten SequinsPurple Dragon Neokitsch Muscle Tank with Tungsten Sequins Purple Panther ShirtPurple Panther Shirt Red Leopard Button-Up with Composite InsertRed Leopard Button-Up with Composite Insert
Reine de Abeilles Bustier with Bulletproof LiningReine de Abeilles Bustier with Bulletproof Lining Reinforced Breathable Dress ShirtReinforced Breathable Dress Shirt Reinforced Spotted BraReinforced Spotted Bra
Reinforced-Seam Cotton Rocker TankReinforced-Seam Cotton Rocker Tank Reinforced-Seam Sporty Tank TopReinforced-Seam Sporty Tank Top Ripped Tactical Camo Crop TopRipped Tactical Camo Crop Top
Ripped Tamashi Polyamide Tank TopRipped Tamashi Polyamide Tank Top Currently UnavailableRiver's Tank Top Ruined Life Sturdimesh T-ShirtRuined Life Sturdimesh T-Shirt
SaekoSaeko's Protective-Layer Tight Tank Samurai 2020 Tour T-ShirtSamurai 2020 Tour T-Shirt Samurai Combat TurtleneckSamurai Combat Turtleneck
Sankaku Nichibotsu Tarp-Weave Tank TopSankaku Nichibotsu Tarp-Weave Tank Top Secondhand Knotted TankSecondhand Knotted Tank Secondhand Speed Addict Duolayer Cutout TankSecondhand Speed Addict Duolayer Cutout Tank
Semi-Formal Synfiber Button-UpSemi-Formal Synfiber Button-Up Simple Biker Aramid-Weave TurtleneckSimple Biker Aramid-Weave Turtleneck Simple Duolayer BustierSimple Duolayer Bustier
Sport-Flex AT-AK Thermoactive TurtleneckSport-Flex AT-AK Thermoactive Turtleneck Spotted Flexi-Membrane BustierSpotted Flexi-Membrane Bustier Spotted Sleeveless T-shirtSpotted Sleeveless T-shirt
Spotted Tank TopSpotted Tank Top Sturdi-Weave Bitch V.13 T-ShirtSturdi-Weave Bitch V.13 T-Shirt Sturdi-Weave Cutout TankSturdi-Weave Cutout Tank
Stylish Atomic Blast Composite BustierStylish Atomic Blast Composite Bustier Stylish Big Fish Steel-Sequined T-ShirtStylish Big Fish Steel-Sequined T-Shirt Stylish Double-Weave Shirt and VestStylish Double-Weave Shirt and Vest
Suichū Yōgan Syn-Fiber Combat ShirtSuichū Yōgan Syn-Fiber Combat Shirt Tacti-Fiber Racerback Tank TopTacti-Fiber Racerback Tank Top Tamashi Composite Tank TopTamashi Composite Tank Top
Tattered Plaid Crop TopTattered Plaid Crop Top Tattered Plaid TankTattered Plaid Tank Tear-Resistant Office Shirt and VestTear-Resistant Office Shirt and Vest
Thermoactive Tear-Resistant Techie ShirtThermoactive Tear-Resistant Techie Shirt Torn Burn Corpo Shit Composite T-ShirtTorn Burn Corpo Shit Composite T-Shirt Torn Daemon Hunter Polyamide T-ShirtTorn Daemon Hunter Polyamide T-Shirt
Torn Polyamide-Blend Camo T-ShirtTorn Polyamide-Blend Camo T-Shirt Torn Reinforced T-ShirtTorn Reinforced T-Shirt Torn Reinforced Tank TopTorn Reinforced Tank Top
Torn Sturdimesh T-ShirtTorn Sturdimesh T-Shirt Torn Syn-Blended T-ShirtTorn Syn-Blended T-Shirt Torn Tacti-Fiber Camo TankTorn Tacti-Fiber Camo Tank
Torn Yoru no Samurai Polyamide T-ShirtTorn Yoru no Samurai Polyamide T-Shirt Ultimate Punch Sturdimesh T-ShirtUltimate Punch Sturdimesh T-Shirt Ultralight Amande Rose Anti-Puncture BraUltralight Amande Rose Anti-Puncture Bra
Ultralight Geisha Dream Polyamide Tank TopUltralight Geisha Dream Polyamide Tank Top Ultralight Jasmin Doucet Syn-Cotton BustierUltralight Jasmin Doucet Syn-Cotton Bustier Ultralight Tested On Animals Polyamide Tank TopUltralight Tested On Animals Polyamide Tank Top
Ultrathin Composite-Print Solo ShirtUltrathin Composite-Print Solo Shirt Utilitarian Burn Corpo Shit T-ShirtUtilitarian Burn Corpo Shit T-Shirt Utilitarian Composite-Mesh T-ShirtUtilitarian Composite-Mesh T-Shirt
VV's Favorite T-Shirt Vintage Samurai Strongweave T-ShirtVintage Samurai Strongweave T-Shirt Violet Nebula Anti-Tear Polyamide TurtleneckViolet Nebula Anti-Tear Polyamide Turtleneck
Worn Maelstrom JacketWorn Maelstrom Jacket Worn Netrunning SuitWorn Netrunning Suit Wrinkled Dress Button-UpWrinkled Dress Button-Up
X Nanotube-Weave Muscle TankX Nanotube-Weave Muscle Tank X Reinforced Polyamide Tank TopX Reinforced Polyamide Tank Top YorinobuYorinobu's Formal Shirt
Yoru no Samurai GMO-Cotton T-ShirtYoru no Samurai GMO-Cotton T-Shirt

Lower Body Clothing

Legs Clothing (Pants)

6th Street Cargo Pants6th Street Cargo Pants 6th Street Rubber-Weave Shinos6th Street Rubber-Weave Shinos Amethyspeed Polycarbonate Utility PantsAmethyspeed Polycarbonate Utility Pants
Anti-Piercing Tactical Media Cargo PantsAnti-Piercing Tactical Media Cargo Pants Anti-Puncture Cut-Off ShortsAnti-Puncture Cut-Off Shorts Anti-Puncture Neotac Badge Pants with Composite LiningAnti-Puncture Neotac Badge Pants with Composite Lining
Army Star Anti-Chafing Cargo PantsArmy Star Anti-Chafing Cargo Pants AT-AK Greener Polycarbonate Windbreaker PantsAT-AK Greener Polycarbonate Windbreaker Pants Athletic Aramid-Weave ShortsAthletic Aramid-Weave Shorts
Athletic Hybrid-Weave HotpantsAthletic Hybrid-Weave Hotpants Atomic Blast Tactical Armor-Weave PantsAtomic Blast Tactical Armor-Weave Pants Bai Long Formal Pants with Reinforced Neo-SilkBai Long Formal Pants with Reinforced Neo-Silk
Bitch V.13 Syn-Resistant PantsBitch V.13 Syn-Resistant Pants Blue Brick Reinforced HotpantsBlue Brick Reinforced Hotpants Boostknit Neotac PantsBoostknit Neotac Pants
Boulet Turquoise Heat-Resistant Tactical PantsBoulet Turquoise Heat-Resistant Tactical Pants Brass Harmony Skirt with Double Nanofiber WeaveBrass Harmony Skirt with Double Nanofiber Weave Breathable Reinforced Bio-Cotton Corporate SlacksBreathable Reinforced Bio-Cotton Corporate Slacks
Burgundy Formal Skirt with Reinforced SynfiberBurgundy Formal Skirt with Reinforced Synfiber Canine Power Anti-Tear PantsCanine Power Anti-Tear Pants Caution Extra-Plastic Cargo PantsCaution Extra-Plastic Cargo Pants
Chikurin Reinforced Nanoweave Loose-FitsChikurin Reinforced Nanoweave Loose-Fits Classic Aramid-Weave Denim ShortsClassic Aramid-Weave Denim Shorts Classic Athletic Nanoweave ShortsClassic Athletic Nanoweave Shorts
Classic Composite-Lined Pleated PantsClassic Composite-Lined Pleated Pants Classic Immuno-Cotton Corporate PantsClassic Immuno-Cotton Corporate Pants Classy Aramid-Weave SkirtClassy Aramid-Weave Skirt
Classy Bordeaux Pants with Fortified SeamsClassy Bordeaux Pants with Fortified Seams Comfy Nomad ShortsComfy Nomad Shorts Comfy Rocker Aramid-Weave Slit-FitsComfy Rocker Aramid-Weave Slit-Fits
Comfy Tactical Thermoset-Padded PantsComfy Tactical Thermoset-Padded Pants Composite Ko Jaga Silk-Threaded HotpantsComposite Ko Jaga Silk-Threaded Hotpants Composite-Coated Camo Slim-FitsComposite-Coated Camo Slim-Fits
Composite-Coated Cut-Off ShortsComposite-Coated Cut-Off Shorts Composite-Lined Jean ShortsComposite-Lined Jean Shorts Cyan Plastic ShinosCyan Plastic Shinos
Dark Sapphire Thermo-Fabric Rocker PantsDark Sapphire Thermo-Fabric Rocker Pants Double Basilisk Aramid-Weave Slim-FitsDouble Basilisk Aramid-Weave Slim-Fits Duolayer Military Camo ShortsDuolayer Military Camo Shorts
Duoweave Composite Loose-FitsDuoweave Composite Loose-Fits Dura-Membrane Netrunner Neotac PantsDura-Membrane Netrunner Neotac Pants Durable Bioweave Pleated PantsDurable Bioweave Pleated Pants
Durable Custom-Printed JeansDurable Custom-Printed Jeans Durable Plaid SkirtDurable Plaid Skirt Durable Smiley Hard Loose-FitsDurable Smiley Hard Loose-Fits
Durable Windbreaker PantsDurable Windbreaker Pants Elastic Flame-Resistant Rocker PantsElastic Flame-Resistant Rocker Pants Extra-Rubber Neotac PantsExtra-Rubber Neotac Pants
Faded ShortsFaded Shorts Flash Formal Pants with Additional LiningFlash Formal Pants with Additional Lining Flexi-Duolayer Harem PantsFlexi-Duolayer Harem Pants
Foam-Padded RacersFoam-Padded Racers Frayed Jean ShortsFrayed Jean Shorts Frayed Recycled JeansFrayed Recycled Jeans
Geisha Flexi-Weave Cargo PantsGeisha Flexi-Weave Cargo Pants Geisha Tactical Extra-Guard PantsGeisha Tactical Extra-Guard Pants Golden Hive Polyamide Designer PantsGolden Hive Polyamide Designer Pants
Golden Mean Aramid-Stitch Formal SkirtGolden Mean Aramid-Stitch Formal Skirt Grauer Recycled ShortsGrauer Recycled Shorts Green-Power Polyamide-Padded Athletic ShortsGreen-Power Polyamide-Padded Athletic Shorts
Heat-Resistant Killer Candy Trilayer RacersHeat-Resistant Killer Candy Trilayer Racers Holy Rose Boostknit Loose-Fits with Thermoactive CoatingHoly Rose Boostknit Loose-Fits with Thermoactive Coating JohnnyJohnny's Pants
Kancho Syn-Weave Cargo PantsKancho Syn-Weave Cargo Pants Light Azure Composite-Lined Slim-FitsLight Azure Composite-Lined Slim-Fits Light Military Syn-Strengthened Riding PantsLight Military Syn-Strengthened Riding Pants
Light Psycho Knee-Padded YorosLight Psycho Knee-Padded Yoros Light SaekoLight Saeko's Derakkusu Sturdy-Mesh Pants Lightweight Heat-Resistant HotpantsLightweight Heat-Resistant Hotpants
Loose-fits with Micromesh UnderlayerLoose-fits with Micromesh Underlayer Magenta Cut-Off Duolayer Nanoweave ShortsMagenta Cut-Off Duolayer Nanoweave Shorts Mandarine Resistant Cargo PantsMandarine Resistant Cargo Pants
Midori Tora Reinforced Utility PantsMidori Tora Reinforced Utility Pants Military Camo RacersMilitary Camo Racers Militech Neotac PantsMilitech Neotac Pants
N54 Athletic Shorts with Thermoactive MeshN54 Athletic Shorts with Thermoactive Mesh Nomad Eazy-Breathe Cargo PantsNomad Eazy-Breathe Cargo Pants Ocean Bulletproof Neotac Biker PantsOcean Bulletproof Neotac Biker Pants
Old Banana Juice Neotac PantsOld Banana Juice Neotac Pants Old Military ShortsOld Military Shorts Old N54 Athletic ShortsOld N54 Athletic Shorts
Old SaekoOld Saeko's Windbreaker Pants Old-Gold Tac-Fabric Duolayer Cut-Off ShortsOld-Gold Tac-Fabric Duolayer Cut-Off Shorts Patched JeansPatched Jeans
Phantom Tough-Lined Cargo PantsPhantom Tough-Lined Cargo Pants Powder Pink Skirt With Dura-Hybrid WeavePowder Pink Skirt With Dura-Hybrid Weave Power Fame Cargo Pants with Reinforced MeshPower Fame Cargo Pants with Reinforced Mesh
Protective-layer Fixer PantsProtective-layer Fixer Pants Psycho RacersPsycho Racers Punk Composite-Metal RacersPunk Composite-Metal Racers
Purple Dragon Duolayer Hybrid Loose-FitsPurple Dragon Duolayer Hybrid Loose-Fits Purple Shock Anti-Mech Cargo PantsPurple Shock Anti-Mech Cargo Pants Reinforced Duolayer Techie Cargo PantsReinforced Duolayer Techie Cargo Pants
Reinforced Federalist StraightcutsReinforced Federalist Straightcuts Reinforced Synleather Solo RacersReinforced Synleather Solo Racers Royal Gray Aramid-Weave Dress PantsRoyal Gray Aramid-Weave Dress Pants
SaekoSaeko's Limited Elegant Duoweave Skirt Samurai Sturdy-Stitched Cargo PantsSamurai Sturdy-Stitched Cargo Pants Secondhand Maelstrom Neotac PantsSecondhand Maelstrom Neotac Pants
Simple Office PantsSimple Office Pants Slant Lightning Hybrid-Weave Cargo PantsSlant Lightning Hybrid-Weave Cargo Pants Sombra Rosa Foam-Padded StraightcutsSombra Rosa Foam-Padded Straightcuts
Sporty Harem Pants with Cotton Armor-WeaveSporty Harem Pants with Cotton Armor-Weave Spotted Polyamide Slim-FitsSpotted Polyamide Slim-Fits Street Glow ThermoSet-Leather Loose-FitsStreet Glow ThermoSet-Leather Loose-Fits
Sturdy Synfiber Pleated PantsSturdy Synfiber Pleated Pants Sturdy-Stitched Punk JeansSturdy-Stitched Punk Jeans Sturdy-Stitched Slim-FitsSturdy-Stitched Slim-Fits
Suichu Yogan Extra-Protection Tactical PantsSuichu Yogan Extra-Protection Tactical Pants Sweet Licks Ultra-Flexi Windbreaker PantsSweet Licks Ultra-Flexi Windbreaker Pants Syn-Threaded ShortsSyn-Threaded Shorts
Tacticloth Cargo PantsTacticloth Cargo Pants Tear-Resistant Office SkirtTear-Resistant Office Skirt Tiger Sturdy-Stitched YorosTiger Sturdy-Stitched Yoros
Trilayer Hotpants with MicromeshTrilayer Hotpants with Micromesh Ultra-Elastic Bitch V.13 SkirtUltra-Elastic Bitch V.13 Skirt Urban Laser Anti-Puncture Neotac Biker PantsUrban Laser Anti-Puncture Neotac Biker Pants
VV's Pants Venom Dye Duolayer Riding PantsVenom Dye Duolayer Riding Pants Workplace Loose-FitsWorkplace Loose-Fits
Worn Kang Tao Tactical PantsWorn Kang Tao Tactical Pants Worn Wraiths Neotac PantsWorn Wraiths Neotac Pants Wraiths Anti-Tear Riding PantsWraiths Anti-Tear Riding Pants
YorinobuYorinobu's Slacks Yoru no Samurai Armored Knee-Pad RacersYoru no Samurai Armored Knee-Pad Racers Yoru no Samurai Padded Loose-FitsYoru no Samurai Padded Loose-Fits

Feet Clothing (Shoes)

Abendstern Polycarbonate Dress ShoesAbendstern Polycarbonate Dress Shoes Anti-Chem Winter Work BootsAnti-Chem Winter Work Boots Aramid-Lined Street ShoesAramid-Lined Street Shoes
AT-AK Strong-Quilted Bubblegum Puffed FleetsAT-AK Strong-Quilted Bubblegum Puffed Fleets Beige Dress Shoes Simple with Cushioned Composite InsolesBeige Dress Shoes Simple with Cushioned Composite Insoles Beige Dress Shoes with Cushioned Composite InsolesBeige Dress Shoes with Cushioned Composite Insoles
Bermuda Triangle Kicks with Reincforced LiningBermuda Triangle Kicks with Reincforced Lining Bermuda Triangle Kicks with Reinforced LiningBermuda Triangle Kicks with Reinforced Lining Bitch V.13 Kicks with Tungsten-Steel SequinsBitch V.13 Kicks with Tungsten-Steel Sequins
Boosted Military StrappersBoosted Military Strappers Breathable Icon America FleetsBreathable Icon America Fleets Bulletproof Sheriff Western ShortiesBulletproof Sheriff Western Shorties
Camo Aramid-Weave Steel-ToesCamo Aramid-Weave Steel-Toes Carbon-Composite Neko-Ka StrappersCarbon-Composite Neko-Ka Strappers Claret Shine Armored Laceless Steel-ToesClaret Shine Armored Laceless Steel-Toes
Classic Dress Shoes with Polycarbonate SupportClassic Dress Shoes with Polycarbonate Support Classic Evening Pumps with Polycarbonate SupportClassic Evening Pumps with Polycarbonate Support Classic Molybdenum Steel-Toe Combat BootsClassic Molybdenum Steel-Toe Combat Boots
Comfy Dress Shoes With Metal InsertsComfy Dress Shoes With Metal Inserts Comfy Formal Pumps with Metal InsertsComfy Formal Pumps with Metal Inserts Comfy Hardened-Leather Western ShortiesComfy Hardened-Leather Western Shorties
Creamy Rhubarb Dress Shoes with Sole SupportCreamy Rhubarb Dress Shoes with Sole Support Creamy Rhubarb Dress Wedges with Sole SupportCreamy Rhubarb Dress Wedges with Sole Support Cushioned Aramid-Sole Techie ShoesCushioned Aramid-Sole Techie Shoes
Cut3 Brainzz Tear-Proof SneakersCut3 Brainzz Tear-Proof Sneakers Darra Polytechnic Suede SneakersDarra Polytechnic Suede Sneakers Double-Varnished Formal PumpsDouble-Varnished Formal Pumps
Double-Varnished Formal ShoesDouble-Varnished Formal Shoes Durable Bioleather Nomad Western BootsDurable Bioleather Nomad Western Boots Elastiweave Fixer Shoes with Reinforced SeamsElastiweave Fixer Shoes with Reinforced Seams
Electric Marble Ultralight Athletic ShoesElectric Marble Ultralight Athletic Shoes Enhanced Daemon Hunter Slip-On SneakersEnhanced Daemon Hunter Slip-On Sneakers Ergonomic Reinforced Corporate Evening ShoesErgonomic Reinforced Corporate Evening Shoes
Faded Cirqt Laceless Steel-ToesFaded Cirqt Laceless Steel-Toes Formal Pumps with Cushioned Composite InsolesFormal Pumps with Cushioned Composite Insoles Frayed Underwater Work BootsFrayed Underwater Work Boots
Ghost Town Cowboy Boots with Heat-Resistant HeelsGhost Town Cowboy Boots with Heat-Resistant Heels Glitter Laceless Sturdy-Stitched Steel-ToesGlitter Laceless Sturdy-Stitched Steel-Toes Gold-Tipped Manganese Steel Solo BootsGold-Tipped Manganese Steel Solo Boots
Green Graffiti Armor-Coated Athletic ShoesGreen Graffiti Armor-Coated Athletic Shoes Hardened Netrunner Boots with Composite InsertsHardened Netrunner Boots with Composite Inserts Havskum Carbon-Fiber Steel-ToesHavskum Carbon-Fiber Steel-Toes
Heat-Resistant Military BootsHeat-Resistant Military Boots Heavy-Duty Biker BootsHeavy-Duty Biker Boots Heavy-Duty Biker Exo-JacksHeavy-Duty Biker Exo-Jacks
Heavy-Duty New Murica Combat BootsHeavy-Duty New Murica Combat Boots Heavy-Duty Punk FleetsHeavy-Duty Punk Fleets Icon America Synfiber KicksIcon America Synfiber Kicks
JohnnyJohnny's Shoes Kashuu Hanten Kicks with Modified PolyamideKashuu Hanten Kicks with Modified Polyamide Leather Ankle Boots with Composite InsertsLeather Ankle Boots with Composite Inserts
Licks Kicks with Recycled Resistant MaterialsLicks Kicks with Recycled Resistant Materials Light Pink Snow Boots with Protective MeshLight Pink Snow Boots with Protective Mesh Magenta Kicks with Reinforced StitchingMagenta Kicks with Reinforced Stitching
Midday Glow Polycarbonate Dress ShoesMidday Glow Polycarbonate Dress Shoes Midday Glow Polycarbonate Formal PumpsMidday Glow Polycarbonate Formal Pumps Currently UnavailableMilitoxic Ceramic-Layer Combat Exo-Jacks
Milky Trail Slip-On Ceramic Alloy SneakersMilky Trail Slip-On Ceramic Alloy Sneakers Muddy FleetsMuddy Fleets New Murica Carbonweave KicksNew Murica Carbonweave Kicks
Padded Strappers with Aluminium InsertsPadded Strappers with Aluminium Inserts Pixel Neige Snow Boots with Canvas DuolayerPixel Neige Snow Boots with Canvas Duolayer Polyamide-Lined Work BootsPolyamide-Lined Work Boots
Practical Aramid-Fiber High-TopsPractical Aramid-Fiber High-Tops Puncture-Resistant Rocker Ankle BootsPuncture-Resistant Rocker Ankle Boots Reinforced Office ShoesReinforced Office Shoes
Reinforced Office WedgesReinforced Office Wedges Reinforced Plastic FleetsReinforced Plastic Fleets Reinforced Snake-Skin Cowboy BootsReinforced Snake-Skin Cowboy Boots
Reinforced Sudo Biker BootsReinforced Sudo Biker Boots Reinforced Uniware Platform BootsReinforced Uniware Platform Boots Reinforced Uniwear Ankle BootsReinforced Uniwear Ankle Boots
Reinforced-Leather Office ShoesReinforced-Leather Office Shoes Repaired Zolotoy Pukh Snow BootsRepaired Zolotoy Pukh Snow Boots Repurposed Military BootsRepurposed Military Boots
Rigid Tigre Urbain Street ShoesRigid Tigre Urbain Street Shoes Robust Spunky Monkey KicksRobust Spunky Monkey Kicks Rostiger Tech Thermoactive Puffed Work BootsRostiger Tech Thermoactive Puffed Work Boots
Rostiger Teich Thermoactive Puffed Work BootsRostiger Teich Thermoactive Puffed Work Boots Rubber-Reinforced Cowboy BootsRubber-Reinforced Cowboy Boots Rubber-Reinforced Work High-TopsRubber-Reinforced Work High-Tops
Silbermond Tough-Lined Dress ShoesSilbermond Tough-Lined Dress Shoes Silbermond Tough-Lined Office PumpsSilbermond Tough-Lined Office Pumps Silver Blood Dress Shoes with Protective InsolesSilver Blood Dress Shoes with Protective Insoles
Simple Polycarbonate Dress ShoesSimple Polycarbonate Dress Shoes Simple Polycarbonate Office PumpsSimple Polycarbonate Office Pumps Sneakers with Protective InsertsSneakers with Protective Inserts
Sporty Flexi-Weave Work BootsSporty Flexi-Weave Work Boots Sporty Flexiweave Work BootsSporty Flexiweave Work Boots Steel-Toe Rocker BootsSteel-Toe Rocker Boots
Street King Ankle Boots with Reinforced StitchingStreet King Ankle Boots with Reinforced Stitching Street Shoes with Multilayered ProtectionStreet Shoes with Multilayered Protection Street Tactical-Fiber High-TopsStreet Tactical-Fiber High-Tops
Sturdy Manganese Steel-ToesSturdy Manganese Steel-Toes Sunny Ammo Synthetic High-TopsSunny Ammo Synthetic High-Tops Team Captain Rigid-Polyamide Athletic ShoesTeam Captain Rigid-Polyamide Athletic Shoes
Threadbare SneakersThreadbare Sneakers Titanium-Fitted Polyamide Combat BootsTitanium-Fitted Polyamide Combat Boots Trendy Lonely Luke Cowboy Booth with Protective MeshTrendy Lonely Luke Cowboy Booth with Protective Mesh
Trendy Ultralight Exo JacksTrendy Ultralight Exo Jacks TurqouiseWall Composite Punk High-TopsTurqouiseWall Composite Punk High-Tops Ultra Light Fleets with Composite LiningUltra Light Fleets with Composite Lining
Used Synleather FleetsUsed Synleather Fleets VV's Sneakers Varnished Rocker Shorties with Extra ProtectionVarnished Rocker Shorties with Extra Protection
Waterproof Badge Combat BootsWaterproof Badge Combat Boots Western Star Cowboy Boots with Thick Synthetic HeelsWestern Star Cowboy Boots with Thick Synthetic Heels Wooden Breeze Dress ShoesWooden Breeze Dress Shoes
Wooden Breeze Dress WedgesWooden Breeze Dress Wedges Worn Aramid High-TopsWorn Aramid High-Tops Worn Biker Shorties with Composite InsertsWorn Biker Shorties with Composite Inserts
Worn Traditional Cowboy BootsWorn Traditional Cowboy Boots Currently UnavailableWorn-Leather Western Shorties Yuki Snow Boots with Reinforced LiningYuki Snow Boots with Reinforced Lining
Yukihyo Polycarbonate Athletic ShoesYukihyo Polycarbonate Athletic Shoes

Special Clothing

Arasaka Hazmat SuitArasaka Hazmat Suit Currently UnavailableBandage Wrapping Currently UnavailableMilitech Aramid-Weave Hazmat Suit
NCPD Chem-Resistant Hazmat SuitNCPD Chem-Resistant Hazmat Suit Virtual JumpsuitVirtual Jumpsuit

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