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Cyberpunk 2077 - Stealth

Stealth allows players to neutralize enemies without triggering open combat in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn how to perform stealth attacks, when to use lethal and non-lethal takedowns, as well as some tips and tricks for a stealthy playstyle.

How to Perform Stealth Attacks

How to Perform Stealth Attacks

Grab and Takedown Enemies from Behind

To enter stealth mode, press the Crouch button; this will make you move quietly, making your enemies unaware of your presence. To perform a takedown, approach the enemy from behind until you see the Grab prompt, then grab and grapple the enemy. You can then choose how to neutralize the enemy: either by killing them or simply knocking them out.

Use a Silenced Weapon

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Silenced Pistol

When going for stealth kills, you can also use silenced weapons instead of having to rely on close range grapples. Use a silenced weapon to neutralize enemies at range without giving up your position.

Try to boost your damage with Perks, get a higher tier version of your weapon, as well as hit with a headshots so that you can kill the enemy with one hit.

Get the Overwatch Silenced Sniper for More Stopping Power

Since silencers can no longer be attached to revolvers as of Update 2.0, you'll start getting stopping power issues when going for a ranged stealth build at higher difficulties.

Make sure to get the only silenced sniper in the game called Overwatch if you want a powerful alternative to the old stealth revolver's damage.

How to Get Overwatch

Use Throwable Weapon

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Aim Knife

Throwable weapons got a massive buff after Update 2.0. Now, instead of being locked behind a Perk, certain small melee weapons (like knives and axes) can be thrown, automatically returning to your hand after a short delay.

This method is probably the easiest and stealthiest way to pull off one-hit, stealth headshots since it has an entire perk branch catering to the playstyle in the Cool Attribute Perk Tree.

Stealth Combat Tips and Tricks

Stealth Combat Tips and Tricks

Tag Enemies to Track Them

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Tagging Enemies

Tag enemies so you can keep an eye on them while trying to stay hidden. To do this, enter scanning mode and target an enemy you want to tag. Tagged enemies will be visible through walls and have a red outline.

Hide Bodies to Avoid Alerting Enemies

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Hide Body Dumpster

Every time you perform a takedown, make sure to hide the body or it will alert nearby enemies if found. To do so, pick up the body, then dump them in containers such as a garbage disposal or a fridge. These will be marked in red on your minimap when carrying a body.

Use Covert Quickhacks to Remain Untraceable

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Scanning Mode
There are many quickhacks that help with stealth. The Distract Enemies quickhack allows you to distract enemies away from your position or put them at a better position for a takedown. Cameras are also a problem when staying in stealth, so disable them with the appropriate quickhacks.

Make sure to use Covert, untraceable quickhacks, since using traceable ones will allow enemies to track you, preventing you from staying in stealth.

List of 2.0 Quickhacks

Break Line of Sight to Return to Stealth

Sometimes, you'll get spotted while trying to stealthily pass through an area. If you do, you can go back to stealth by breaking line-of-sight and remaining hidden for some time.

This was part of the many stealth and AI behavior changes brought by the Update 2.0 overhaul. In previous versions of the game, getting spotted resulted in open combat with no chance to return to stealth, and the only way to leave open combat against multiple enemies was to run far enough away to lose aggro.
Stealth Overhaul: All Known Changes

Get Stealth Perks

As part of Patch 2.0, new perks have been added that can help players incorporate stealth into their gameplay. The middle of the Cool perk tree has the perks most focused on stealth such as Ninjutsu, a perk that allows you to sprint while crouched. Meanwhile, the left and right sides of the Cool perk tree have perks for stealthy ranged weapons.

There are also a few perks from the other Attributes that can help with a stealth build; Reflexes have mobility perks, Technical Ability enhances your stealth cyberware, and Intelligence perks help with quickhacks. There are also a couple of Relic perks that specifically help with stealth.

2.0 Cool Attribute and List of Cool Perks

Install Stealth Cyberware

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Optical Camo

When going to a ripperdoc, look for cyberware with effects that help with stealth and speed, such as Lynx Paws, a legs cyberware that allows you to move and run quietly.

Make sure to get the Optical Camo for your integumentary system, as it gives you an active skill that decreases enemy visibility, and has a number of Perks that interact with it.

List of 2.0 Cyberware

Optical Camo Does Not Make You Invisible

Contrary to popular belief, Optical Camo does not make you invisible. Instead, it only decreases your visbility when spotted by enemies, allowing you more time to break line of sight or escape from the area. Higher Tiers of this cyberware (5 and above) do function to make you mostly invisible to your enemies.

How to Obtain Optical Camo

Use a Stealth Build

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Best Assassin Build

Playing an assassin build is a good idea if you like the stealthy approach to combat. Combine the tips above (getting stealth Perks, installing stealth cyberware) to make stealth combat easier.

2.0 Best Assassin Build (Stealth Build)

Should You Choose Kill or Non-Lethal Takedown?

Depends on the Quest Objectives

Cyberpunk 2077 - Takedown Options.png

Choosing a method of takedown depends on the type of quest you are doing. If it's a quest that requires you to neutralize a target, then either option works fine. Non-lethal only means you have to carry the target to your fixer's car for disposal compared to the instant completion when you kill-on-sight.

However, there are some cases like the Cyberpsycho Sighting gigs or Romance Quests that give you better rewards for keeping targets alive after they are neutralized.

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Im pretty confused by the way they implemented melee weapons in stealth. Why should i ever perform a sneak attack with a knife if i can just perform a takedown??? it makes 0 sense


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