Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

List of Scopes

This is a list of Scopes, a type of Weapon Attachment found in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn about all the Scopes available, how to use them, their stats, and how to get them.

How to Use Scopes

Scopes are a Weapon Attachment which can be used with Ranged Weapons that have a Scope Slot.

They generally have the effect of decreasing ADS Time (Aim Down Sights Time, the time it takes to finish the aiming animation) and increasing the Range (distance) up to which shots can land.

List of Scopes

Mod ADS Time Range
Add-VantageAdd-Vantage -0.02% +0.27
CQO MK.72 Kanone MiniCQO MK.72 Kanone Mini -0.06% +0.35
E255 PercipientE255 Percipient -0.03% +0.23
E305 ProspectaE305 Prospecta -0.15% +0.57
GakiGaki -0.14% -
HandymanHandyman -0.15% +5.21
HPO Mk.77 Kanone MaxHPO Mk.77 Kanone Max -0.03% +0.79
HyakumeHyakume -0.01% +0.11
JueJue -0.12% +7.79
KanetsuguKanetsugu -0.15% +5.18
MK. 8 ClearvueMK. 8 Clearvue -0.08% +0.65
MK.2X GrandstandMK.2X Grandstand -0.03% +0.54
OS-1 GimleteyeOS-1 Gimleteye -0.15% +0.46
SO-21 SaikaSO-21 Saika -0.09% +0.59
Type 2067Type 2067 -0.03% +0.29

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