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This is a walkthrough for Gig: Serious Side Effects, a Gig Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in Gig: Serious Side Effects, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

Gig: Serious Side Effects Basic Information

Quest Type Gig
Act Act 2
Quest No.
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Gig: Serious Side Effects

Fast travel to MLK & Brandon and head to the nearest undiscovered side quest. Muamar El Capitan Reyes will call you to begin the gig.

Gig: Serious Side Effects Rewards

Quest Rewards 2940 Eddies

Gig: Serious Side Effects Walkthrough

Arroyo, Santo Domingo

Objective Icon.pngGo to the Dewdrop Inn.→Find the beta acid contianer.
Go to the Dewdrop Inn. There are two options here: (1) Go to the receptionist and book a room; or (2) Go around the building and climb the emergency stairs to force open the 2nd floor door.
Objective Icon.pngFind Booker Updike (optional).→Go to room 103 and find out what happened to Booker (optional).→Search room 103 (optional).
If you choose to book a room, you will be able to accomplish the optional objectives. Head to the ground floor rooms and bribe or force the technician there to enter Booker Updike's room. Investigate it to find more clues and then go to the room upstairs.
Objective Icon.pngGo to the room upstairs.→Look for the stolen beta acid in the lab.→Retrieve the beta acid container.
After the optional objectives or if you chose to go around the building, head to the room on the 2nd floor with a man who is busy with his braindance. Go to the terrace and cross all the way to the other end to gain access to the lab. Kill or incapacitate the nearest guy to your left and take the beta acid container directly beside him.
Objective Icon.pngGet out of the motel.→Deposit the beta acid in the Drop Point.
Jump off the 2nd floor and run towards the nearest drop off point. Wait for El Capitan to call you to end the gig.

Gig: Serious Side Effects Choices and Best Choice

Investigating Booker Updike

Investigate What Happened To Him

You will need to accomplish all optional objectives. You will spend an extra 1000 eddies in order to bribe the technician to open Booker Updike's room for you as well as payment for a room in the inn.

Finish The Mission Without Investigating

You can simply go around the back of the building, climb the emergency stairs and force open the 2nd floor door (needs Body Level 8). Head to the same last room as the original path and take the beta acid and finish the mission.

Best Choice

Accomplishing all objectives including the optional ones will be best here as this will ultimately put you in the good books of El Capitan.

All Completion Routes

Best Completion Route

Route Rating
Back Door ★★★★★
Side Alley ★★★★
Front Desk ★★★
Fire Escape ★★
Guns Blazing

Entering the hotel through the back door is the best option as it leads you almost directly to your objective. However, doing the optional objectives may require other routes.

Stealth Route Guide

Back Door

There's a back door that you can open if you have enough Technical Ability points. Once inside, you can sneak your way upstairs and into room 200 to hop over the railings until you reach room 203.

Side Alley

You can open the window on the west side of the hotel. Alternatively, you can force-open the shutters in the side alley to the north. The former will lead you to one of the optional objectives.

Front Desk

Enter the hotel through the main entrance and rent a room at the front desk. You will still have to avoid the enemies on the upper floor if you don't want to engage in combat.

Fire Escape

Head behind the hotel and go up the fire escape. There's a door at the top that you can open if you have sufficient Technical Ability points. This may be the riskiest stealth route, especially if you don't have enough points to force-open room 203.

Guns Blazing Route Guide

The best route to go through here would be the front entrance. Shoot your way from the front desk to the upper floor. There will be a handful of enemies in the building so be careful.

Obtainable Items

This list contains only significant items and those which have a high chance of appearing.

Item How to Get
Multilayered Maroon Scales Syn-Coated BomberMultilayered Maroon Scales Syn-Coated Bomber (Legendary) Found in a cache inside a closet on the ground floor. You need at least 3 Body points to get inside the closet.
Border Guard Ballistic Vest
Border Guard Ballistic Vest
Can be looted from the same container where the Beta Acid is.

Cyberpunk 2077 Story Walkthrough


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