Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Clothing and Armor Overhaul: All Known Changes

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Clothing and Armor Overhaul

Clothing and Armor have been reworked in Update 2.0 of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Check out our guide to learn more about the major changes for clothing and armor in the latest patch!

Clothing and Armor Changes in Update 2.0

Summary of the 2.0 Crafting Changes

Clothing Items are Now Cosmetic

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Cosmetic Clothes

As of Update 2.0, all Clothing items are now mostly for cosmetic purposes. Clothing no longer has armor values or mod slots, rendering clothing mods obsolete after the update.

Only Select Clothing Items Have Modifiers and Bonuses

After Update 2.0, the only clothing items that retained practical functions are those that make sense for the setting. Bulletproof vests will offer bonus armor, tactical vests will give you quicker reloads, and Netrunner visors offer faster quickhack upload times.

Armor Stats are Now Tied to Cyberware Implants

In Update 2.0, your Armor Stat will now be tied to your Cyberware Implants. To increase it, you will need to implant cyberware into your Integumentary System and Skeleton slots.

Visit one of the many Ripperdoc clinics in Night City to get implants and upgrade any you have equipped to get more armor at higher cyberware tiers. Do note that the amount of implants you can receive will be dictated by your Cyberware Capacity Limit.

Cyberware Overhaul in Update 2.0

Clothing Can No Longer Be Crafted

Since clothing items are now primarily cosmetic in nature, it follows that CDPR also patched them out from the updated crafting system. As of Update 2.0, clothing and clothing mods can no longer be crafted. Schematics you own or that were previously sold by vendors have also been removed from the game.

Crafting Changes in Update 2.0

NPCs No Longer Drop Clothing

In the earlier versions of the game, battles against multiple opponents tended to devolve into a confusing mess of frantic looting once the dust settled. To prevent this from becoming an immersion-breaking issue, CDPR has nerfed the economy in Update 2.0.

Post-patch, NPCs will no longer drop clothing, reducing the amount of items you need to loot after drawn-out combat sequences. Now, the only way to get clothing items will be via the clothing vendors or chests found throughout Night City.

Clothing Prices Have Been Adjusted

Since clothing items no longer offer utility in Update 2.0, their prices have been adjusted accordingly. Now, all clothing prices and clothing sell values have been significantly lowered.

This pricing nerf means you will find more value disassembling your extra clothes for crafting components instead of selling them for a paltry sum of eddies in the newest patch.

Clothing Vendors Grant Access to Your Wardrobe

On the flipside, CDPR also shipped some quality-of-life changes for the Wardrobe. Since clothing vendors will now be one of your primary sources for transmogs, the Wardrobe feature will also be accessible as one of their dialogue options.

Wardrobe and Transmog Guide

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