Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

How to Get Vehicles for Free in Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - How to Get Vehicles For Free

Use Autofixer Discounts from winning Car Races and completing Vehicle Contracts to get free in-game cars and motorcycles in Cyberpunk 2077. Check out our guide to find out how to get vehicles for free in Update 2.1 and Phantom Liberty, and learn which cars are the best to get for free!

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How to Purchase Vehicles How to Get Vehicles for Free

How to Get Vehicles for Free

  1. Stack Autofixer Discounts Unitl You Get 100% Off
  2. Purchase the Chosen Vehicle from the Autofixer
  3. Complete More Contracts to Get More Discounts

Stack Autofixer Discounts Until You Get 100% Off

Autofixer Discount Shards are a type of reward you can get by completing Vehicle Contracts - a new activity that is exlcusive to the Phantom Liberty DLC.

Since Autofixer Discount Shards stack until you purchase a vehicle, it is possible to get a 100% discount by completing enough Vehicle Contracts for El Capitan.

Purchase the Your Chosen Vehicle from the Autofixer

Once you have 100% discount (as listed in the Autofixer website), you can get any of the purchaseable vehicles for free. Simply head on over any of V's apartments and access the Autofixer website from their computer, or head to any of the Autofixer terminals in Night City to complete your purchase.

Autofixer Guide: How to Purchase Vehicles

Win Car Races to Get Autofixer Discounts

Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Unlock Car Races

You can get Autofixer discounts by winning Car Races introduced in Update 2.1. These are replayable, so try to win as much as you can!

How to Unlock Car Races and Rewards

Complete More Vehicle Contracts in Phantom Liberty to Get More Discounts

Since Autofixer Discount Shards only stack and apply to your next purchase, the counter will reset back to zero once you get one of the vehicles for free. To get more discount shards, complete more Vehicle Contracts. Patrol the streets of Night City since this activity is available outside of Dogtown as well.

Vehicle Contracts Always Grant Discount Shards

Even if you fail one of the optional objectives during a vehicle contract, you will still get a discount shard at the end. To optimize this activity, you can ignore some of the more troublesome objectives in favor of speed (like when El Capitan asks you to deliver the vehicle in pristine condition).

Unlocked by Stealing a Vehicle and Finishing Push It to the Limit

If you have not yet unlocked Vehicle Contracts in Phantom Liberty, make sure to be on a lookout for the vehicle contract icons that flash on your mini-map. As soon as you see one, steal the vehicle to trigger El Capitan's quest, Push It to the Limit which unlocks vehicle contracts for your save.

How to Unlock Vehicle Contracts

Best Vehicles to Get for Free


The Hellhound is a brand new vehicle introduced in Update 2.0. Previously, it was only available when the NCPD started sending in armored vehicles at high wanted levels. Now, you can own one via the Autofixer if you have the DLC.

Use your 100% discount to slash the 150,000 Eurodollar buy price of the Hellhound to zero, and purchase it to get an armored behemoth fitted with mounted machine guns and a missile launcher.

Rayfield Aerondight Guinevere

The Rayfield Aerondight Guinevere is famous for being one of the most expensive cars in the base game. If you're gunning for the Autojock achievement, then cashing in your 100% discount to knock the 155,000 Eurodollar price of this hypercar to zero will be your best bet.

Herrera Riptide Terrier

The Herrera Riptide Terrier is one of the new sports cars that shipped with Phantom Liberty. If you're a collector of all things fast, make sure to grab this as it is one of the most expensive cars on the Autofixer (making the discount worth it).

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