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How to Fast Travel | All Fast Travel Locations

Cyberpunk 2077 - Fast Travel Map

This is a guide on how to Fast Travel in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn how to use and unlock Fast Travel, with a list of all Fast Travel Points available in the game, and learn about fast traveling with the metro.

How to Fast Travel

You can unlock the ability to Fast Travel after finishing The Pickup Quest.

Find Fast Travel Dataterms

Cyberpunk 2077 - Fast Travel Closeup

Fast travelling in Cyberpunk 2077 is quite different from most open-world games. You need to find a fast travel dataterm in order to Fast Travel around Night City.

These dataterms are scattered across the city. You can easily find one by looking for a blue pin on the map. Interact with the nearest dataterm you see to view a map with all currently unlocked locations. Then, select one to travel to that point.

Fast Travel with Metro System

Use Metro Train Stations to Travel

Cyberpunk 2077 - Fast Travel with Metro

As of Update 2.1, a metro system was introduced, allowing you to choose between using the train stations as fast travel points or to ride the metro for some sightseeing. When choosing to fast travel, they'll act like dataterms, allowing you to teleport to dataterms and stations you've already visited.

Metro System and How to Get the NCART Pass

All Fast Travel Locations

All Heywood Fast Travel Locations

Location Subdistrict
Megabuilding H3 The Glen
El Coyote Cojo The Glen
Hanford Overpass The Glen
Metro: Glen South The Glen
Valentino Alley The Glen
Ventura & Skyline The Glen
Palms View Way The Glen
Metro: Ebunike The Glen
Metro: Glen North The Glen
Senate & Market The Glen
Embers The Glen
Congress & Madison The Glen
Shooting Range Vista Del Rey
College St Vista Del Rey
Skyline East Vista Del Rey
Metro: Congress MLK Vista Del Rey
Republic & Vine Vista Del Rey
Delamain HQ Vista Del Rey
Megabuilding H2 Wellsprings
Parque Del Mar Wellsprings
Pumping Station Wellsprings
Palms View Plaza Wellsprings
Metro: Market St Wellsprings
Cannery Plaza Wellsprings
Berkeley & Bay Wellsprings

Heywood Map Guide

All Santo Domingo Fast Travel Locations

Location Subdistrict
Arasaka Industrial Park Arroyo
Megabuilding H4 Arroyo
Metro: Wolleson St Arroyo
Hargreaves St Arroyo
Red Dirt Bar Arroyo
Megabuilding H6 Arroyo
MLK & Brandon Arroyo
Republic East Arroyo
Rancho Coronado South Rancho Coronado
Piez Rancho Coronado
Almunecar & Jerez Rancho Coronado
Rancho Coronado East Rancho Coronado
Tama Viewpoint Rancho Coronado
Kendal Park Rancho Coronado
Mallagra & Manzanita Rancho Coronado
Metro: Megabuilding H7 Rancho Coronado
Rancho Coronado North Rancho Coronado
San Amaro St Rancho Coronado

Santo Domingo Map Guide

All Watson Fast Travel Locations

Location Subdistrict
Metro: Eisenhower St Arasaka Waterfront
California & Pershing Arasaka Waterfront
Pinewood St Kabuki
Allen St South Kabuki
Kabuki: Central Kabuki
Bellevue Overwalk Kabuki
Creek Loop Kabuki
Sutter St Kabuki
Charter St Kabuki
Kennedy North Kabuki
Kabuki Market Kabuki
Megabuilding H10: Atrium Little China
Bradbury & Buran Little China
Metro: Zocalo Little China
Afterlife Little China
Metro: Ellison St Little China
Riot Little China
Clarendon St Little China
Metro: Farrier St Little China
Goldsmith St Little China
Metro: Med Center Little China
Drake Ave Little China
California & Cartwright Little China
Megabuilding H10 Northside
Martin St Northside
Pershing St Northside
Docks Northside
Arasaka Waterfront North Northside
Ebunike Docks Northside
Offshore St Northside
Longshore North Northside
All Foods Plant Northside
East Northside

Watson Map Guide

All Westbrook Fast Travel Locations

Location Subdistrict
Dynalar Charter Hill
Longshore South Charter Hill
Luxury Apartments Charter Hill
Lele Park Charter Hill
Metro: Charter Hill Charter Hill
Gold Niwaki Plaza Charter Hill
Dark Matter Japantown
Crescent & Broad Japantown
Metro: Japantown South Japantown
Silk Road West Japantown
Redwood Market Japantown
Megabuilding H8 Japantown
Cherry Blossom Market Japantown
Fourth Wall Studios Japantown
Metro: Monroe St Japantown
Skyline & Salinas Japantown
Sagan & Diamond Japantown
Japantown West Japantown
Capitola St Japantown
Columbarium North Oak
North Oaks Sign North Oak
Kerry Eurodyne's Residence North Oak
Arasaka Estate North Oak
Drive-In Theater North Oak

Westbrook Map Guide

All Pacifica Fast Travel Locations

Location Subdistrict
Grand Imperial Mall Coastview
Batty's Hotel Coastview
Chapel Coastview
Metro: Stadium Coastview
Pacifica Pier Coastview
Stadium Parking Coastview
West Wind Apartments West Wind Estate

Pacifica Map Guide

All City Center Fast Travel Locations

Location Subdistrict
Petrel St Corpo Plaza
Ring Road Corpo Plaza
Metro: Memorial Park Corpo Plaza
Arasaka Tower Corpo Plaza
Reconciliation Park Corpo Plaza
Gold Beach Marina Downtown
Skyline & Republic Downtown
Halsey & MLK Downtown
Metro: Republic Way Downtown
Downtown North Downtown
Downtown Central Downtown
Metro: Downtown - Alexander St Downtown
Berkeley & Bruce Skiv Downtown
Corporation St Downtown

City Center Map Guide

All The Badlands Fast Travel Locations

Location Subdistrict
Border Checkpoint [???]
Protein Farm [???]
Fuel Station [???]
Regional Airport [???]
Abandoned Fuel Station [???]
Tango Tors Motel [???]
Autowerks [???]
Solar Arrays [???]
Las Palapas Motel [???]
Abandoned Parking Lot [???]
Solar Power Station [???]
Lake Farm [???]
Dam [???]
I-9 East [???]
Big Rock [???]
Sunshine Motel [???]
Old Turbines [???]
Far Ridge [???]
Wraith Camp [???]
Edgewood Farm [???]
Mobile Camp [???]
Rocky Ridge [???]
Desert Film Set [???]
Medeski Fuel Station [???]
Sunset Motel [???]
Trailer Park [???]
Nomad Camp [???]
Oil Fields [???]
101 North [???]

The Badlands Map Guide

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