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Ripperdoc Locations and Cyberware List

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - All Ripperdoc Locations

In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, Ripperdocs are the people you go to if you want to buy, install, upgrade, or change cyberware. Read on for a full list of all Ripperdocs and their locations, including info on what they sell and a list of notable ripperdocs in Night City that can offer you discounts.

Ripperdoc Locations

Ripperdoc by District
Watson Westbrook City Center
Heywood Santo Domingo The Badlands
Pacifica Dogtown*

*Note: Dogtown is a subdistrict under Pacifica, and can only be accessed by buying the Phantom Liberty DLC.

Watson Ripperdocs

Watson Ripperdocs Subdistrict
1 Viktor Vektor's Clinic Little China
2 Charles Bucks' Clinic Kabuki
3 Dr. Chrome's Clinic Kabuki
4 Cassius Ryder's Clinic Northside
5 Instant Implants Kabuki

Of all the Watson Ripperdocs, Charles Bucks stands out since he will be the only one to offer you a permanent discount in exchange for turning a blind eye to what happens in Gig: Last Login.

Watson District Map Guide

Westbrook Ripperdocs

Westbrook Ripperdocs Subdistrict
1 Kraviz's Clinic Charter Hill
2 Fingers MD Japantown
3 Ripperdoc (Japantown) Japantown

You can be locked out of Fingers' (the sleazy Japan Town Ripperdoc) services if you choose to punch him during The Space Between quest.

Westbrook Map Guide

City Center Ripperdocs

City Center Ripperdocs Subdistrict
1 Ripperdoc (Downtown) Downtown

City Center Map Guide

Heywood Ripperdocs

Heywood Ripperdocs Subdistrict
1 Ripperdoc (Wellsprings) Wellsprings

Heywood Map Guide

Santo Domingo Ripperdocs

Santo Domingo Ripperdocs Subdistrict
1 Octavio's Clinic Wellsprings
2 Ripperdoc (Arroyo) Arroyo

Santo Domingo Map Guide

The Badlands Ripperdocs

The Badlands Ripperdocs Subdistrict
1 Ripperdoc (Mobile Camp) Aldecaldo Camp

The Badlands Map Guide

Pacifica Ripperdocs

Pacifica Ripperdocs Subdistrict
1 Ripperdoc (West Wind Estate) West Wind Estate

Pacifica Map Guide

Dogtown (Phantom Liberty) Ripperdocs

Dogtown Ripperdocs Subdistrict
1 Eron's Clinic Dogtown
2 Costin's Clinic Dogtown
3 Farida's Clinic Dogtown
4 Anderson's Clinic Dogtown

Dogtown Map Guide

Ripperdoc Cyberware List

Changes Depending On Your Level

Cyberpunk 2077 - Longshore Stacks Ripperdoc

In the huge overhaul of Patch 2.0, all Ripperdoc clinics have been changed to have the same inventory now; you no longer have to visit different ripperdocs to find the cyberware you're looking for. This shared stock includes iconic cyberware.

The ripperdocs' inventory changes depending on a couple of factors: depending on your current level, and if you have unlocked the Phantom Liberty DLC, you'll find more cyberware to buy in ripperdocs. Increasing your level also causes ripperdocs to sell higher Tier versions of their cyberware.

Dogtown Ripperdocs Have Missed Iconic Cyberware

Something unique to Dogtown ripperdocs is that they sell iconic cyberware that you may have missed. For example, if you missed getting the Axolotl cyberware from completing Regina's gigs when the reward changed in 2.0, you can buy it from the Dogtown ripperdocs.
Phantom Liberty DLC Release

Notable Ripperdocs in Night City

Viktor Vektor in Watson

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Viktor Vektor
Viktor Vektor is V's most trusted ripperdoc. He is an important character in many quests, such as The Ripperdoc and Paid in Full.
Viktor Vector Character Profile

Fingers the Jig-Jig Street Ripperdoc

Cyberpunk 2077 - Interrogate Fingers

Fingers is the perverted ripperdoc that you will encounter in The Space In Between quest when trying to find out more about Evelyn Parker. You can punch him during the quest, but this permanently disables his services as a ripperdoc.

The Space In Between Walkthrough

Charles Bucks the Scav Ripperdoc

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Charles Bucks
Charles Bucks is the ripperdoc that you will encounter in the Last Login gig. If you spare him, he will offer a permanent discount to his stock. Killing him after finding out his role during the Last Login will put you at a 1-star wanted level with the NCPD.
Gig: Last Login Walkthrough

Farida Nazeri in Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Farida
At the end of the Birds with Broken Wings quest, Solomon Reed will instruct you to go to Farida's Clinic. Here, Farida will fit you with the Behavioral Imprint-Synced Faceplate, which allows you to alter your appearance. Aside from being necessary in a couple of quests, it is also useful if you want to make an escape from the law.

Birds With Broken Wings Walkthrough

Anderson in Dogtown Saints

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Anderson
In the gig Dogtown Saints, you'll be tasked with rescuing Anthony Anderson from the scavs who trapped him in his clinic. After you rescue him, his services become available in the church.

Dogtown Saints Walkthrough

Cassius Ryder and the Tyger Claws

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Cassius Ryder
After you finish the The Gig quest, you can go to Cassius Ryder for the reward, the Tyger Claws Dermal Imprint. You'll be able to get it from his inventory for free.
The Gig Quest Walkthrough

What are Ripperdocs?

Surgeons that Sell and Install Cyberware

CP 2077 - Ripperdoc Change Apperance
Ripperdocs are the surgeons who sell and install cyberware. As of Patch 2.0, you can no longer change your cyberware anywhere; you have to go to a ripperdoc clinic to change your current installed cyberware.

You can also change your appearance if you go to a ripperdoc; all aspects of your appearance can be changed except for your Body Type.

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