Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

2.0 UI Changes and Overhaul

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Update 2.0: Changes to Perks, Cyberware, & UI

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - 2.0 UI Changes and Overhaul

Update 2.0 includes UI changes and overhauls for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Here is a list of all the implemented UI changes and how they look in-game!

List of 2.0 UI Changes

UI Changes from 2.0 Patch Notes

The official patch notes for Update 2.0 was released during the September 21 REDstream update overview. The new version includes minimap improvements, organized Journal, revamped Perk and Cyberware screens, and more!

  • The Quest Journal now has a new, cleaner look. Jobs are located in separate tabs, depending on type. The distance to each quest marker is now displayed in the Journal.
  • Added the option to untrack a quest in the Journal.
  • Overhauled the phone UI to be more intuitive.
  • Revamped Perk and Cyberware menus.
  • Simplified item tooltips. The most important stats are now represented by bars to make comparison easier.
  • The minimap will now zoom out dynamically depending on your speed.
  • Updated the minimap to better serve the situation around you. Vision cones will not be visible unless a given NPC reacts to your actions or engages in combat.
  • Improved D-pad navigation in menus.
  • You can now change the HUD safe zone. This option is available in Settings → Interface.
  • Multiple UI fixes for widescreens.
  • You can now preview clothing and weapons not only at vendors, but also in your inventory.
  • The indicators that show the status of active cyberware are now displayed on your HUD.

2.0 Update Patch Notes and Release

Quest Journal

Cyberpunk - Quest Journal UI update

The Journal where you can find the available missions is now more organized. You can now view Jobs (including Main and Side Jobs) and Gigs separately through the tabs, as well as all completed missions on the fourth tab with the red checkmark.

Additionally, your distance from each available mission is now displayed on each entry.

Quests Can Now Be Untracked

Cyberpunk - untracked Nocturne OPP5N1

The UI change also allows you to untrack quests through the Journal! This means that you can remove the trackers that automatically lock on a Main Job that can sometimes cause confusion while travelling.

For players who cleared all the missions, you no longer have to know where Hanako is all the time!

Phone UI

Cyberpunk - improved Phone UI

Your phone's interface has also been updated so that you can easily switch between messages and contacts. A filter for unread messages is on by default, but you can toggle it to see a list of all messages sorted by the time they are received.

Perk Trees

Cyberpunk - revamped Perk Trees

All the Perk Trees have been completely revamped, adding more playstyles and adding more action on the current ones that players are already used to.

List of Perks and Skill Tree Guide

Perks are Respec'd

After downloading Update 2.0, all your Perk Points will be automatically respec'd and will be available for you to reallocate on the new sets of Perks. You can also respec your Attribute once to compensate for the stat bonus changes.

Check out the official build planner to theorycraft your preferred build before applying any changes!

Cyberware Menu

Cyberpunk - revamped Cyberware menu

A Cyberware Capacity, displayed on the left side of the Cyberware menu, has been implemented to limit the amount of implants that you can equip. The limit can be increased by getting the new Edgerunner Perk and by obtaining Cyberware Shards.

Armor is Now Increased Through Cyberware

V's armor stat is now tied to their Cyberware, making clothing mostly for cosmetic purposes. The stat can now be checked through the blue bar on the right side of the Cyberware screen, and can be furthere increased by upgrading the equipped Cyberware.

Weapon Stats Display

Cyberpunk - new weapon stats

The most important stats of each weapon are now displayed with bars. Hovering on a different weapon will automatically adjust the bars and show their stat differences for easier comparison.

Minimap Improvements

While driving, your minimap's zoom level will adjust to your speed for easier navigation. It will zoom out and cover a large area at top speed and will zoom in as you slow down or come to a full stop.

Vision Cones Only Appear on Active Targets

Cyberpunk - no vision cones

Vision cones on the minimap (for valid targets) are now hidden until the target becomes aware of your presence or engages in combat.

Active Cyberware on HUD

Cyberpunk - Sandevistan on cooldown

Active Cyberwares like Sandevistan and Berserk are now displayed on the lower left corner of the screen along with the quick access items. Upon using it, its remaining cooldown will also be shown in the same icon.

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