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Cyberpunk 2077 - Panam Palmer Romance and Ending Options

This is a guide on Panam Palmer, a character in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn how to romance Panam, what Side Quests and text message responses are needed to romance her, and Panam's effect on the game's ending.

Panam Profile and Background

Panam Palmer Image Panam Palmer
Full Name Panam Palmer
Job Merc
District The Badlands
Gender Female
Affiliation Aldecados (Former)
Voice Actor Emily Woo Zeller

In-Game Description

Panam is a nomad - although, maybe "ex-nomad" rings truer these days. She locked horns with the family's leader, Saul, left Aldecaldo nation and moved to Night City to try her luck as a merc. Panam's life is at a crossroads - on one hand she knows her life needs a change, it's now or never. On the other hand, burning bridges with the nomad family where all her friends are might have been a bit drastic, On top of that, Night City doesn't take too kindly to nomads or have patience for people like Panam who are internally conflicted and dream of a brighter future.

Quest Appearances

1 Ghost Town
2 Lightning Breaks
3 Life During Wartime
4 Nocturne OP55N1
5 Riders On The Storm
6 With A Little Help From My Friends
7 Queen Of The Highway
8 We Gotta Live Together
9 Forward To Death
10 Belly Of The Beast

Role in the Story

Cyberpunk 2077 - Panam Palmer
Panam Palmer is a mercenary you meet working for Rogue in Act 2. She's a nomad, one of those who live outside the city, but she currently has an uneasy relationship with her family, the Aldecaldos.

She's impulsive, tough, and ambitious. She knows how to handle herself, but she's got a lot of family issues that you can help resolve. At the end of the day, even if she's apart from them, she wants what's best for her family.

How to Romance Panam

Panam Can Be Romanced

Cyberpunk 2077 - Panam Romance

Gender Female
Required Gender for V Male
Required Voice Tone Any

Panam is available as one of the Romance options, but only for Male V. If you're hoping to romance Panam, be sure to choose a male character at the start of the game, as this aspect cannot be changed at any time.

Panam Questline Choices

Lightning Breaks
Offer to Share One Room When she talks about sleeping in the motel, offer to share one room with her. She'll not reciprocate your advances however.
Life During Wartime
Defend Her From Saul When Saul starts berating her at the end of the mission, defend her.
Choose the Long Reply to Her Text After The Mission After the mission, she'll message you about her feelings. Choose the long reply instead of "OK." to show her you care, otherwise she'll snap at you through a message.
Riders On The Storm
Side With Her During Her Argument With Saul When she and Saul talk about selling out, make sure to side with her, she'll thank you for this the next day.
Touch Her Thigh When Prompted
As you two relax and get cozy, you have the option to make a move on her by touching her thigh. She'll reject you for now, but this is to be able to romance her later on.
With A Little Help From My Friends
Tell Her "I Missed You"
When you talk with her by the window after slotting the punch card in, you can start the conversation off by telling her you missed her.
Touch Her Hand and Tell Her To Try Following Her Impulses
After telling her you missed her, she'll talk about how she's impulsive, except when with you. You can encourage her to follow that impulse. She references this down the line, so this may be pivotal.
Scooch Up To Her By The Fire
Once you finish the conversation in the tower, you'll head down to find a fire started by the nomads. After telling Panam you'll get some shut-eye, you can choose to scooch closer and put your arm around her as you watch the stars.
Queen Of The Highway
Say The Basilisk is Cozy
Once you enter the Basilisk, you can say one of three things. Make sure the mention that it's cozy.
Let Panam Touch Your Thigh
When you finish taking shooting the wrecks with the Basilisk, Panam will hook in, referencing what you should've said about impulses in With A Little Help From My Friends. There will then be the dialogue option to let her touch your thigh. This will initiate the romance scene between you and her.
Kiss Her Goodbye Before leaving, you can kiss Panam goodbye and tell her thanks for everything. This is the last romantic action you can take with Panam.

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Panam Will Text You Throughout Your Relationship

Cyberpunk 2077 - Panam Text Messages

After completing the Queen of the Highway quest, you will be locked in your relationship with Panam. From that point on, she will occasionally interact with V through text messages, and you can send her your own text message response.

You Can Share a Bed with Panam

Cyberpunk 2077 - Waking Up Next to Panam

At the Aldecaldos' campsite, you will have a tent with its own bed. If you sleep it in, you will wake up with Panam next to you. Even before sleeping, you can hug Panam when you visit her at the camp.

Can You Romance Panam As Female V?

If you're playing a female V, unfortunately you can't romance Panam during the story. You can try, but she will reject your advances. Don't worry; this won't affect any endings involving Panam as shown below.

Does Panam Affect the Ending?

Yes, but Romance Not Required

Cyberpunk 2077 - The Star Ending

The player's relationship with Panam has a significant impact on the ending of the game if the player wants to achieve the Star ending.

During the conversation with Johnny in Nocturne OP55N1, if the player has completed all the Panam Side Quests, they can select the Gonna ask Panam for help option, which is necessary for the Star ending.

It's not required to romance Panam to achieve it, so characters of both genders simply need to complete Panam's Side Quests to achieve this ending.

All Game Endings and How to Unlock

Panam Story and Side Quests

The following section includes spoilers for the plot of the game.

Main Story Quests

Ghost Town

Cyberpunk 2077 - Panam Palmer (Ghost Town Quest)
Panam is indebted to Rogue, and V is assigned by Rogue to help her obtain her lost ride and merchandise. After doing so, she agrees to help V capture Hellman, the person who designed the chip inside your brain that contains Johnny Silverhand.

Ghost Town Quest
Walkthrough and Rewards

Lightning Break

Cyberpunk 2077 - Panam Palmer (Lightning Break Quest)
You two end up working together to take out the AV containing Hellman, and then chasing Hellman down. After Hellman is captured, that's the end of her involvement in the main story.

The Aldecaldos end up rescuing her and V after you capture Hellman. V learns that she has a shaky relationship with Saul, the leader of her family, which is why she doesn't stay with the Aldecaldos anymore.

Lightning Breaks Quest
Walkthrough and Rewards

Side Quests

Riders on the Storm

Cyberpunk 2077 - Panam Palmer (Riders on the Storm Quest)
Afterwards, V ends up getting a call from her regarding Saul being kidnapped by Wraiths, and V is asked to help her rescue Saul through a sandstorm. Upon rescuing him and hearing conversations between Saul and Panam, you learn that they've got a difference in opinion regarding how the family should be run, but Saul still wants her in the family.

Riders On The Storm Quest
Walkthrough and Rewards

With A Little Help From My Friends

Cyberpunk 2077 - Panam Palmer (With A Little Help From My Friends Quest)
She returns to the family, but after a few days, she asks V to help her hijack a Basilisk behind Saul's back. A Basilisk is a tank, and she says she needs it to defend the family, and she's gotten a few of the other veterans on board. After the Basilisk is stolen, Saul chastises her and storms off upon finding out.
With A Little Help From My Friends
Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Queen of the Highway

Regardless, they keep the Basilisk and the next day she invites V over to try it out, and during the middle of the test run, the Aldecaldo camp gets attacked. V and Panam come charging in with the Basilisk, decimating the Raffen Shiv. Saul then talks to Panam, saying that he wants her to lead the Aldecaldos alongside him.
Queen Of The Highway Quest
Walkthrough and Rewards

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