Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

List of Lower Body Clothing

This is a list of Lower Body Clothing that appears in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to see all legs and feet clothing, as well as armor stats and effects.

What are Lower Body Clothing

Provides Style and Safety

Lower Body clothing is the clothing equipped on your legs and feet, and will provide you with different customization choices and defensive stats. Some clothing can even provide a Street Cred bonus!

There are two slots for head clothing: Legs (consisting of various types of pants), as well as Feet (consisting of footwear like shoes or boots).

List of Lower Body Clothing

Clothing Inventory Slot Effect
4th Wall Acting Pants4th Wall Acting Pants Legs None
6th Street Cargo Pants6th Street Cargo Pants Legs None
6th Street Rubber-Weave Shinos6th Street Rubber-Weave Shinos Legs None
Abendstern Polycarbonate Dress ShoesAbendstern Polycarbonate Dress Shoes Feet None
Amethyspeed Polycarbonate Utility PantsAmethyspeed Polycarbonate Utility Pants Legs None
Anti-Chem Winter Work BootsAnti-Chem Winter Work Boots Feet None
Anti-Piercing Tactical Media Cargo PantsAnti-Piercing Tactical Media Cargo Pants Legs None
Anti-Puncture Cut-Off ShortsAnti-Puncture Cut-Off Shorts Legs None
Anti-Puncture Nanoweave Slip-On SneakersAnti-Puncture Nanoweave Slip-On Sneakers Feet None
Anti-Puncture Neotac Badge Pants with Composite LiningAnti-Puncture Neotac Badge Pants with Composite Lining Legs None
Aramid-Lined Street ShoesAramid-Lined Street Shoes Feet None
Arasaka Reactive-Layer Office SkirtArasaka Reactive-Layer Office Skirt Legs None
Armor-Plated Syn-Leather Solo PantsArmor-Plated Syn-Leather Solo Pants Legs None
Army Star Anti-Chafing Cargo PantsArmy Star Anti-Chafing Cargo Pants Legs None
AT-AK Greener Polycarbonate Windbreaker PantsAT-AK Greener Polycarbonate Windbreaker Pants Legs None
AT-AK Strong-Quilted 8U88LEGUM Puffed FleetsAT-AK Strong-Quilted 8U88LEGUM Puffed Fleets Feet None
AT-AK Strong-Quilted Bubblegum Puffed FleetsAT-AK Strong-Quilted Bubblegum Puffed Fleets Feet None
AT-AK Utility Wear-Resistant PantsAT-AK Utility Wear-Resistant Pants Legs None
Athletic Aramid-Weave ShortsAthletic Aramid-Weave Shorts Legs None
Athletic Hybrid-Weave HotpantsAthletic Hybrid-Weave Hotpants Legs None
Atomic Blast Tactical Armor-Weave PantsAtomic Blast Tactical Armor-Weave Pants Legs ・Reduces the Stamina cost of melee attacks by -5%
Bai Long Formal Pants with Reinforced Neo-SilkBai Long Formal Pants with Reinforced Neo-Silk Legs None
Beige Dress Shoes Simple with Cushioned Composite InsolesBeige Dress Shoes Simple with Cushioned Composite Insoles Feet None
Beige Dress Shoes with Cushioned Composite InsolesBeige Dress Shoes with Cushioned Composite Insoles Feet None
Bermuda Triangle Kicks with Reincforced LiningBermuda Triangle Kicks with Reincforced Lining Feet None
Bermuda Triangle Kicks with Reinforced LiningBermuda Triangle Kicks with Reinforced Lining Feet None
Bitch V.13 Kicks with Tungsten-Steel SequinsBitch V.13 Kicks with Tungsten-Steel Sequins Feet None
Bitch V.13 Syn-Resistant PantsBitch V.13 Syn-Resistant Pants Legs None
Blackwall Synthetic Punk High-TopsBlackwall Synthetic Punk High-Tops Feet None
Blue Brick Reinforced HotpantsBlue Brick Reinforced Hotpants Legs None
Boosted Military StrappersBoosted Military Strappers Feet None
Boostknit Neotac PantsBoostknit Neotac Pants Legs None
Boulet Turquoise Heat-Resistant Tactical PantsBoulet Turquoise Heat-Resistant Tactical Pants Legs None
Brass Harmony Skirt with Double Nanofiber WeaveBrass Harmony Skirt with Double Nanofiber Weave Legs None
Breathable Icon America FleetsBreathable Icon America Fleets Feet None
Breathable Reinforced Bio-Cotton Corporate SlacksBreathable Reinforced Bio-Cotton Corporate Slacks Legs None
Bulletproof Sheriff Western ShortiesBulletproof Sheriff Western Shorties Feet None
Burgundy Formal Skirt with Reinforced SynfiberBurgundy Formal Skirt with Reinforced Synfiber Legs None
Camo Aramid-Weave Steel-ToesCamo Aramid-Weave Steel-Toes Feet None
Canine Power Anti-Tear PantsCanine Power Anti-Tear Pants Legs None
Carbon-Composite Neko-Ka StrappersCarbon-Composite Neko-Ka Strappers Feet None
Carbon-Reinforced Slip-On SneakersCarbon-Reinforced Slip-On Sneakers Feet None
Caution Extra-Plastic Cargo PantsCaution Extra-Plastic Cargo Pants Legs None
Chaman Metallique Street Shoes With Thermoactive AlloysChaman Metallique Street Shoes With Thermoactive Alloys Feet None
Chic Pink Dragon Skirt with Fiberglass SequinsChic Pink Dragon Skirt with Fiberglass Sequins Legs None
Chikurin Reinforced Nanoweave Loose-FitsChikurin Reinforced Nanoweave Loose-Fits Legs None
Claret Shine Armored Laceless Steel-ToesClaret Shine Armored Laceless Steel-Toes Feet None
Classic Aramid-Weave Denim ShortsClassic Aramid-Weave Denim Shorts Legs None
Classic Athletic Nanoweave ShortsClassic Athletic Nanoweave Shorts Legs None
Classic Composite-Lined Pleated PantsClassic Composite-Lined Pleated Pants Legs None
Classic Dress Shoes with Polycarbonate SupportClassic Dress Shoes with Polycarbonate Support Feet None
Classic Evening Pumps with Polycarbonate SupportClassic Evening Pumps with Polycarbonate Support Feet None
Classic Immuno-Cotton Corporate PantsClassic Immuno-Cotton Corporate Pants Legs None
Classic Molybdenum Steel-Toe Combat BootsClassic Molybdenum Steel-Toe Combat Boots Feet None
Classy Aramid-Weave SkirtClassy Aramid-Weave Skirt Legs None
Classy Bordeaux Pants with Fortified SeamsClassy Bordeaux Pants with Fortified Seams Legs None
Comfy Dress Shoes With Metal InsertsComfy Dress Shoes With Metal Inserts Feet None
Comfy Formal Pumps with Metal InsertsComfy Formal Pumps with Metal Inserts Feet None
Comfy Hardened-Leather Western ShortiesComfy Hardened-Leather Western Shorties Feet None
Comfy Nomad ShortsComfy Nomad Shorts Legs None
Comfy Rocker Aramid-Weave Slim-FitsComfy Rocker Aramid-Weave Slim-Fits Legs None
Comfy Rocker Aramid-Weave Slit-FitsComfy Rocker Aramid-Weave Slit-Fits Legs None
Comfy Tactical Thermoset-Padded PantsComfy Tactical Thermoset-Padded Pants Legs None
Comfy Trickster Composite Riding PantsComfy Trickster Composite Riding Pants Legs None
Composite Ko Jagā Silk-Threaded HotpantsComposite Ko Jagā Silk-Threaded Hotpants Legs None
Composite Ko Jaga Silk-Threaded HotpantsComposite Ko Jaga Silk-Threaded Hotpants Legs None
Composite Punk Exo-JacksComposite Punk Exo-Jacks Feet None
Composite-Coated Camo Slim-FitsComposite-Coated Camo Slim-Fits Legs None
Composite-Coated Cut-Off ShortsComposite-Coated Cut-Off Shorts Legs None
Composite-Lined Jean ShortsComposite-Lined Jean Shorts Legs None
Composite-Lined Utility PantsComposite-Lined Utility Pants Legs None
Cowboy Shinos With Microplate MeshCowboy Shinos With Microplate Mesh Legs None
Craneo Brillante Polyamide Extra-Membrane StraightcutsCraneo Brillante Polyamide Extra-Membrane Straightcuts Legs None
Creamy Rhubarb Dress Shoes with Sole SupportCreamy Rhubarb Dress Shoes with Sole Support Feet ・Reduces fall damage by 5%.
Creamy Rhubarb Dress Wedges with Sole SupportCreamy Rhubarb Dress Wedges with Sole Support Feet None
Crystal Lily Evening Shoes with Extra-Durable SolesCrystal Lily Evening Shoes with Extra-Durable Soles Feet None
Cushioned Aramid-Sole Techie ShoesCushioned Aramid-Sole Techie Shoes Feet None
Cut3 Brainzz Tear-Proof SneakersCut3 Brainzz Tear-Proof Sneakers Feet None
Cyan Camo Composite-Threaded Cargo PantsCyan Camo Composite-Threaded Cargo Pants Legs None
Cyan Plastic ShinosCyan Plastic Shinos Legs None
Dark Sapphire Thermo-Fabric Rocker PantsDark Sapphire Thermo-Fabric Rocker Pants Legs None
Darra Polytechnic Suede SneakersDarra Polytechnic Suede Sneakers Feet None
Decadencia Verde Tactical Armor-Weave PantsDecadencia Verde Tactical Armor-Weave Pants Legs None
Denkyoku Rocker Strongweave Duolayer Slim-FitsDenkyoku Rocker Strongweave Duolayer Slim-Fits Legs None
Double Basilisk Aramid-Weave Slim-FitsDouble Basilisk Aramid-Weave Slim-Fits Legs None
Double-Varnished Formal PumpsDouble-Varnished Formal Pumps Feet None
Double-Varnished Formal ShoesDouble-Varnished Formal Shoes Feet None
Duolayer Military Camo ShortsDuolayer Military Camo Shorts Legs None
Duolayer Tacticloth StraightcutsDuolayer Tacticloth Straightcuts Legs None
Duoweave Composite Loose-FitsDuoweave Composite Loose-Fits Legs None
Duoweave Composite Skinny JeansDuoweave Composite Skinny Jeans Legs None
Dura-Membrane Netrunner Neotac PantsDura-Membrane Netrunner Neotac Pants Legs None
Durable Basilisk Aramid-Weave Slim-FitsDurable Basilisk Aramid-Weave Slim-Fits Legs None
Durable Bioleather Nomad Western BootsDurable Bioleather Nomad Western Boots Feet None
Durable Bioweave Pleated PantsDurable Bioweave Pleated Pants Legs None
Durable Custom-Printed JeansDurable Custom-Printed Jeans Legs None
Durable Plaid SkirtDurable Plaid Skirt Legs None
Durable Smiley Hard Loose-FitsDurable Smiley Hard Loose-Fits Legs None
Durable Windbreaker PantsDurable Windbreaker Pants Legs None
Elastic Flame-Resistant Rocker PantsElastic Flame-Resistant Rocker Pants Legs None
Elastic Sturdy-Stitched Harem PantsElastic Sturdy-Stitched Harem Pants Legs None
Elastiweave Fixer Shoes with Reinforced SeamsElastiweave Fixer Shoes with Reinforced Seams Feet None
Electric Marble Ultralight Athletic ShoesElectric Marble Ultralight Athletic Shoes Feet None
Enhanced Daemon Hunter Slip-On SneakersEnhanced Daemon Hunter Slip-On Sneakers Feet None
Ergonomic Reinforced Corporate Evening ShoesErgonomic Reinforced Corporate Evening Shoes Feet None
Extra-Rubber Neotac PantsExtra-Rubber Neotac Pants Legs None
Faded Cirqt Laceless Steel-ToesFaded Cirqt Laceless Steel-Toes Feet None
Faded ShortsFaded Shorts Legs None
Flash Formal Pants with Additional LiningFlash Formal Pants with Additional Lining Legs None
Flexi-Duolayer Harem PantsFlexi-Duolayer Harem Pants Legs None
Foam-Padded RacersFoam-Padded Racers Legs None
Formal Pumps with Cushioned Composite InsolesFormal Pumps with Cushioned Composite Insoles Feet None
Frayed Athletic ShoesFrayed Athletic Shoes Feet None
Frayed Jean ShortsFrayed Jean Shorts Legs None
Frayed Maelstrom Tactical PantsFrayed Maelstrom Tactical Pants Legs None
Frayed Recycled JeansFrayed Recycled Jeans Legs None
Frayed Underwater Work BootsFrayed Underwater Work Boots Feet None
Geisha Flexi-Weave Cargo PantsGeisha Flexi-Weave Cargo Pants Legs None
Geisha Tactical Extra-Guard PantsGeisha Tactical Extra-Guard Pants Legs None
Ghost Town Cowboy Boots with Heat-Resistant HeelsGhost Town Cowboy Boots with Heat-Resistant Heels Feet None
Glamor Spirit Street Shoes With Reinforced InsolesGlamor Spirit Street Shoes With Reinforced Insoles Feet None
Glitter Laceless Sturdy-Stitched Steel-ToesGlitter Laceless Sturdy-Stitched Steel-Toes Feet None
Gold Fury Neotac Bulletproof PantsGold Fury Neotac Bulletproof Pants Legs None
Gold-Tipped Manganese Steel Solo BootsGold-Tipped Manganese Steel Solo Boots Feet None
Golden Hive Polyamide Designer PantsGolden Hive Polyamide Designer Pants Legs None
Golden Mean Aramid-Stitch Formal SkirtGolden Mean Aramid-Stitch Formal Skirt Legs None
Golden Pocket Hybrid-Weave HotpantsGolden Pocket Hybrid-Weave Hotpants Legs None
Golden Scale Trilayer Windbreaker PantsGolden Scale Trilayer Windbreaker Pants Legs None
Golpe Punk Anti-Shrapnel StraightcutsGolpe Punk Anti-Shrapnel Straightcuts Legs None
Grauer Recycled ShortsGrauer Recycled Shorts Legs None
Green Graffiti Armor-Coated Athletic ShoesGreen Graffiti Armor-Coated Athletic Shoes Feet None
Green Power Polyamide-Padded Athletic ShortsGreen Power Polyamide-Padded Athletic Shorts Legs None
Green-Power Polyamide-Padded Athletic ShortsGreen-Power Polyamide-Padded Athletic Shorts Legs None
Gunslinger Western Shorties With Titanium InsertsGunslinger Western Shorties With Titanium Inserts Feet None
Hardened Netrunner Boots With Composite InsertHardened Netrunner Boots With Composite Insert Feet None
Hardened Netrunner Boots with Composite InsertsHardened Netrunner Boots with Composite Inserts Feet None
Hardened Tungsten Steel-Toe Combat BootsHardened Tungsten Steel-Toe Combat Boots Feet None
Havskum Carbon-Fiber Steel-ToesHavskum Carbon-Fiber Steel-Toes Feet None
Heat-Resistant Killer Candy Trilayer RacersHeat-Resistant Killer Candy Trilayer Racers Legs None
Heat-Resistant Military BootsHeat-Resistant Military Boots Feet None
Heat-Resistant Nylon ShinosHeat-Resistant Nylon Shinos Legs None
Heavy-Duty Biker BootsHeavy-Duty Biker Boots Feet None
Heavy-Duty Biker Exo-JacksHeavy-Duty Biker Exo-Jacks Feet None
Heavy-Duty Flamingo Aramidweave Riding PantsHeavy-Duty Flamingo Aramidweave Riding Pants Legs None
Heavy-Duty Maxtac Cargo PantsHeavy-Duty Maxtac Cargo Pants Legs None
Heavy-Duty New Murica Combat BootsHeavy-Duty New Murica Combat Boots Feet None
Heavy-Duty Oro Floreciente Armor-Weave Cargo PantsHeavy-Duty Oro Floreciente Armor-Weave Cargo Pants Legs None
Heavy-Duty Punk FleetsHeavy-Duty Punk Fleets Feet None
Heise Trilayer Formal SkirtHeise Trilayer Formal Skirt Legs None
Holy Rose Boostknit Loose-Fits with Thermoactive CoatingHoly Rose Boostknit Loose-Fits with Thermoactive Coating Legs None
Hospital Scrub PantsHospital Scrub Pants Legs None
Icon America Synfiber KicksIcon America Synfiber Kicks Feet None
Imperial Marble Aramid-Weave Formal PantsImperial Marble Aramid-Weave Formal Pants Legs None
JohnnyJohnny's Pants Legs None
JohnnyJohnny's Shoes Feet None
Johnny’s BootsJohnny’s Boots Feet None
Kancho Syn-Weave Cargo PantsKancho Syn-Weave Cargo Pants Legs None
Kashuu Hanten Kicks with Modified PolyamideKashuu Hanten Kicks with Modified Polyamide Feet None
Leather Ankle Boots with Composite InsertsLeather Ankle Boots with Composite Inserts Feet None
Lezard Beige Leather-Composite Dress ShoesLezard Beige Leather-Composite Dress Shoes Feet None
Licks Kicks with Recycled Resistant MaterialsLicks Kicks with Recycled Resistant Materials Feet None
Licks Kicks With Recycled Resistant MaterialsLicks Kicks With Recycled Resistant Materials Feet None
Light Azure Composite-Lined Slim-FitsLight Azure Composite-Lined Slim-Fits Legs None
Light Electro Extra-Lined ShortsLight Electro Extra-Lined Shorts Legs None
Light Military Syn-Strengthened Riding PantsLight Military Syn-Strengthened Riding Pants Legs None
Light Pink Snow Boots with Protective MeshLight Pink Snow Boots with Protective Mesh Feet None
Light Psycho Knee-Padded YorosLight Psycho Knee-Padded Yoros Legs None
Light SaekoLight Saeko's Derakkusu Sturdy-Mesh Pants Legs None
Light Speed Biker Boots With Nanoarmor FabricLight Speed Biker Boots With Nanoarmor Fabric Feet None
Light Star Trail Chem-Resistant Work BootsLight Star Trail Chem-Resistant Work Boots Feet None
Lightweight Hardened-Rubber Media Steel-ToesLightweight Hardened-Rubber Media Steel-Toes Feet None
Lightweight Heat-Resistant HotpantsLightweight Heat-Resistant Hotpants Legs None
Loose-fits with Micromesh UnderlayerLoose-fits with Micromesh Underlayer Legs ・Reduces the Stamina cost of melee attacks by -%6.
Reduces fall damage by %5.
Magenta Cut-Off Duolayer Nanoweave ShortsMagenta Cut-Off Duolayer Nanoweave Shorts Legs None
Magenta Kicks with Reinforced StitchingMagenta Kicks with Reinforced Stitching Feet None
Mandarine Resistant Cargo PantsMandarine Resistant Cargo Pants Legs None
Maxiwear Windbreaker PantsMaxiwear Windbreaker Pants Legs None
Midday Glow Polycarbonate Dress ShoesMidday Glow Polycarbonate Dress Shoes Feet None
Midday Glow Polycarbonate Formal PumpsMidday Glow Polycarbonate Formal Pumps Feet None
Midori Eazy-Breathe Thermoactive YorosMidori Eazy-Breathe Thermoactive Yoros Legs None
Midori Tora Reinforced Utility PantsMidori Tora Reinforced Utility Pants Legs None
Military Camo RacersMilitary Camo Racers Legs None
Militech Neotac PantsMilitech Neotac Pants Legs None
Militoxic Ceramic-Layer Combat Exo-JacksMilitoxic Ceramic-Layer Combat Exo-Jacks Feet None
Milky Trail Slip-On Ceramic Alloy SneakersMilky Trail Slip-On Ceramic Alloy Sneakers Feet None
Mosiac Gleam Skirt With Composite LiningMosiac Gleam Skirt With Composite Lining Legs None
Muddy FleetsMuddy Fleets Feet None
Multilayer Custom-Print PantsMultilayer Custom-Print Pants Legs None
Multilayered Kasen Exo-Jacks with Anti-Shrapnel LiningMultilayered Kasen Exo-Jacks with Anti-Shrapnel Lining Feet None
N54 Athletic Shorts with Thermoactive MeshN54 Athletic Shorts with Thermoactive Mesh Legs None
New Murica Carbonweave KicksNew Murica Carbonweave Kicks Feet None
Nomad Eazy-Breathe Cargo PantsNomad Eazy-Breathe Cargo Pants Legs None
Ocean Bulletproof Neotac Biker PantsOcean Bulletproof Neotac Biker Pants Legs None
Old Banana Juice Neotac PantsOld Banana Juice Neotac Pants Legs None
Old Flazh Tactical PantsOld Flazh Tactical Pants Legs None
Old Military ShortsOld Military Shorts Legs ・Increase movement speed by 10.
Old N54 Athletic ShortsOld N54 Athletic Shorts Legs None
Old SaekoOld Saeko's Windbreaker Pants Legs None
Old-Gold Tac-Fabric Duolayer Cut-Off ShortsOld-Gold Tac-Fabric Duolayer Cut-Off Shorts Legs None
Padded Strappers with Aluminium InsertsPadded Strappers with Aluminium Inserts Feet None
Padded Strappers With Aluminum InsertsPadded Strappers With Aluminum Inserts Feet None
Pastel Power Hybrid-Fabric Armored Athletic ShoesPastel Power Hybrid-Fabric Armored Athletic Shoes Feet None
Patched JeansPatched Jeans Legs None
Performance-Boosted Utility PantsPerformance-Boosted Utility Pants Legs None
Phantom Tough-Lined Cargo PantsPhantom Tough-Lined Cargo Pants Legs None
Pink Lagoon Armor-Coated Harem PantsPink Lagoon Armor-Coated Harem Pants Legs None
Pinku Inku Snow Boots Thermoactive InsolesPinku Inku Snow Boots Thermoactive Insoles Feet None
Pixel Neige Snow Boots with Canvas DuolayerPixel Neige Snow Boots with Canvas Duolayer Feet None
Polyamide-Lined Work BootsPolyamide-Lined Work Boots Feet None
Powder Pink Skirt With Dura-Hybrid WeavePowder Pink Skirt With Dura-Hybrid Weave Legs None
Power Fame Cargo Pants with Reinforced MeshPower Fame Cargo Pants with Reinforced Mesh Legs None
Practical Aramid-Fiber High-TopsPractical Aramid-Fiber High-Tops Feet None
Predator Exo Jacks (From Rogue)Predator Exo Jacks (From Rogue) Feet None
Protective-layer Fixer PantsProtective-layer Fixer Pants Legs None
Psycho RacersPsycho Racers Legs None
Psycho Tac-Fiber Biker PantsPsycho Tac-Fiber Biker Pants Legs None
Puncture-Resistant Rocker Ankle BootsPuncture-Resistant Rocker Ankle Boots Feet None
Punk Composite-Metal RacersPunk Composite-Metal Racers Legs None
Purple Dragon Duolayer Hybrid Loose-FitsPurple Dragon Duolayer Hybrid Loose-Fits Legs None
Purple Shock Anti-Mech Cargo PantsPurple Shock Anti-Mech Cargo Pants Legs None
Rainbow Racer Heat-Resistant Shoes With Breathable LiningRainbow Racer Heat-Resistant Shoes With Breathable Lining Feet None
Reinforced Anti-puncture Pleated PantsReinforced Anti-puncture Pleated Pants Legs None
Reinforced Biker BootsReinforced Biker Boots Feet None
Reinforced Duolayer Techie Cargo PantsReinforced Duolayer Techie Cargo Pants Legs ・Reduces the Stamina cost of melee attacks by -6%.
Increases movement speed by 13.
Reduces fall damage by 5%.
Reinforced Federalist StraightcutsReinforced Federalist Straightcuts Legs None
Reinforced Hybridweave StraightcutsReinforced Hybridweave Straightcuts Legs None
Reinforced Office ShoesReinforced Office Shoes Feet None
Reinforced Office WedgesReinforced Office Wedges Feet None
Reinforced Plastic FleetsReinforced Plastic Fleets Feet None
Reinforced Rouge Absurde Exo-Jacks With Defensive NanotubingReinforced Rouge Absurde Exo-Jacks With Defensive Nanotubing Feet None
Reinforced Snake-Skin Cowboy BootsReinforced Snake-Skin Cowboy Boots Feet None
Reinforced Sudo Biker BootsReinforced Sudo Biker Boots Feet None
Reinforced Synfiber Cargo JeansReinforced Synfiber Cargo Jeans Legs None
Reinforced Synleather Solo RacersReinforced Synleather Solo Racers Legs None
Reinforced Uniware Ankle BootsReinforced Uniware Ankle Boots Feet None
Reinforced Uniware Platform BootsReinforced Uniware Platform Boots Feet None
Reinforced-Leather Office ShoesReinforced-Leather Office Shoes Feet None
Repaired Zolotoy Pukh Snow BootsRepaired Zolotoy Pukh Snow Boots Feet None
Repurposed Military BootsRepurposed Military Boots Feet None
Retrothrusters (from Rogue)Retrothrusters (from Rogue) Feet None
Retrothrusters Jet Boots (From Rogue)Retrothrusters Jet Boots (From Rogue) Feet None
Rigid Tigre Urbain Street ShoesRigid Tigre Urbain Street Shoes Feet None
Robust Spunky Monkey KicksRobust Spunky Monkey Kicks Feet None
Rosa Escarlata Polyamide-Weave Slim-FitsRosa Escarlata Polyamide-Weave Slim-Fits Legs None
Rostiger Tech Thermoactive Puffed Work BootsRostiger Tech Thermoactive Puffed Work Boots Feet None
Rostiger Teich Thermoactive Puffed Work BootsRostiger Teich Thermoactive Puffed Work Boots Feet None
Rotten Jungle Riding PantsRotten Jungle Riding Pants Legs None
Royal Gray Aramid-Weave Dress PantsRoyal Gray Aramid-Weave Dress Pants Legs None
Rubber-Lined Cargo PantsRubber-Lined Cargo Pants Legs None
Rubber-Reinforced Athletic ShoesRubber-Reinforced Athletic Shoes Feet None
Rubber-Reinforced Cowboy BootsRubber-Reinforced Cowboy Boots Feet None
Rubber-Reinforced Tactical BootsRubber-Reinforced Tactical Boots Feet None
Rubber-Reinforced Work High-TopsRubber-Reinforced Work High-Tops Feet None
Ryu Anti-Tear Trilayer YorosRyu Anti-Tear Trilayer Yoros Legs None
SaekoSaeko's Limited Elegant Duoweave Skirt Legs None
Samurai Sturdy-Stitched Cargo PantsSamurai Sturdy-Stitched Cargo Pants Legs None
Secondhand Maelstrom Neotac PantsSecondhand Maelstrom Neotac Pants Legs None
Secondhand Red Death Windbreaker PantsSecondhand Red Death Windbreaker Pants Legs None
Shock-Absorbent Street ShoesShock-Absorbent Street Shoes Feet None
Silbermond Tough-Lined Dress ShoesSilbermond Tough-Lined Dress Shoes Feet None
Silbermond Tough-Lined Office PumpsSilbermond Tough-Lined Office Pumps Feet None
Silver Blood Dress Shoes with Protective InsolesSilver Blood Dress Shoes with Protective Insoles Feet None
Silver Star Duolayer Aramid-Weave Cargo PantsSilver Star Duolayer Aramid-Weave Cargo Pants Legs None
Simple Office PantsSimple Office Pants Legs None
Simple Polycarbonate Dress ShoesSimple Polycarbonate Dress Shoes Feet None
Simple Polycarbonate Office PumpsSimple Polycarbonate Office Pumps Feet None
Simple YorosSimple Yoros Legs None
Slant Lightning Hybrid-Weave Cargo PantsSlant Lightning Hybrid-Weave Cargo Pants Legs None
Sneakers with Protective InsertsSneakers with Protective Inserts Feet None
Sombra Rosa Foam-Padded StraightcutsSombra Rosa Foam-Padded Straightcuts Legs None
Speed Addict Polyamide PantsSpeed Addict Polyamide Pants Legs None
Sporty Flexi-Weave Work BootsSporty Flexi-Weave Work Boots Feet None
Sporty Flexiweave Work BootsSporty Flexiweave Work Boots Feet None
Sporty Harem Pants with Cotton Armor-WeaveSporty Harem Pants with Cotton Armor-Weave Legs None
Spotted Polyamide Slim-FitsSpotted Polyamide Slim-Fits Legs None
Steel-Toe Rocker BootsSteel-Toe Rocker Boots Feet None
Street Glow ThermoSet-Leather Loose-FitsStreet Glow ThermoSet-Leather Loose-Fits Legs None
Street King Ankle Boots with Reinforced StitchingStreet King Ankle Boots with Reinforced Stitching Feet None
Street Shoes with Multilayered ProtectionStreet Shoes with Multilayered Protection Feet None
Street Tactical-Fiber High-TopsStreet Tactical-Fiber High-Tops Feet None
Stripe’N’Black Reinforced Nanoweave ShinosStripe’N’Black Reinforced Nanoweave Shinos Legs None
Sturdy Manganese Steel-ToesSturdy Manganese Steel-Toes Feet None
Sturdy Orchid Dawn Syn-Leather Biker BootsSturdy Orchid Dawn Syn-Leather Biker Boots Feet None
Sturdy Synfiber Pleated PantsSturdy Synfiber Pleated Pants Legs None
Sturdy-Stitched Punk JeansSturdy-Stitched Punk Jeans Legs None
Sturdy-Stitched Slim-FitsSturdy-Stitched Slim-Fits Legs None
Stylish Rock Garden Tungsten-Alloy Steel-ToesStylish Rock Garden Tungsten-Alloy Steel-Toes Feet None
Sudo Claws Polyamide-Composite Windbreaker PantsSudo Claws Polyamide-Composite Windbreaker Pants Legs None
Suichu Yogan Extra-Protection Tactical PantsSuichu Yogan Extra-Protection Tactical Pants Legs None
Sunny Ammo Synthetic High-TopsSunny Ammo Synthetic High-Tops Feet None
Sweet Licks Ultra-Flexi Windbreaker PantsSweet Licks Ultra-Flexi Windbreaker Pants Legs None
Syn-Threaded ShortsSyn-Threaded Shorts Legs None
Tacticloth Cargo PantsTacticloth Cargo Pants Legs None
Tacticloth Pleated PantsTacticloth Pleated Pants Legs None
Tamashi Anti-mech Utility PantsTamashi Anti-mech Utility Pants Legs None
Team Captain Rigid-Polyamide Athletic ShoesTeam Captain Rigid-Polyamide Athletic Shoes Feet None
Tear-Resistant Office SkirtTear-Resistant Office Skirt Legs None
Ten70 H2S Plastic Shin-Guard ShinosTen70 H2S Plastic Shin-Guard Shinos Legs None
TG-Tiger Heat-Resistant Windbreaker PantsTG-Tiger Heat-Resistant Windbreaker Pants Legs None
Threadbare SneakersThreadbare Sneakers Feet None
Tiger Sturdy-Stitched YorosTiger Sturdy-Stitched Yoros Legs None
Titanium-Fitted Polyamide Combat BootsTitanium-Fitted Polyamide Combat Boots Feet None
Trendy Lonely Luke Cowboy Booth with Protective MeshTrendy Lonely Luke Cowboy Booth with Protective Mesh Feet None
Trendy Lonely Luke Cowboy Boots With Protective MeshTrendy Lonely Luke Cowboy Boots With Protective Mesh Feet None
Trendy Ultralight Exo JacksTrendy Ultralight Exo Jacks Feet None
Trendy Ultralight Exo-JacksTrendy Ultralight Exo-Jacks Feet None
Trilayer Hotpants with MicromeshTrilayer Hotpants with Micromesh Legs None
TurqouiseWall Composite Punk High-TopsTurqouiseWall Composite Punk High-Tops Feet None
Turquoisewall Composite Punk High-TopsTurquoisewall Composite Punk High-Tops Feet None
Ultra Light Fleets with Composite LiningUltra Light Fleets with Composite Lining Feet None
Ultra-Cushioned Motorcycle Riding PantsUltra-Cushioned Motorcycle Riding Pants Legs None
Ultra-Elastic Bitch V.13 SkirtUltra-Elastic Bitch V.13 Skirt Legs None
Ultralight Fleets With Composite LiningUltralight Fleets With Composite Lining Feet None
Ultralight Tear-Resistant Nomad PantsUltralight Tear-Resistant Nomad Pants Legs None
Uniware Brass Office Pants with Membrane SupportUniware Brass Office Pants with Membrane Support Legs None
Urban Laser Anti-Puncture Neotac Biker PantsUrban Laser Anti-Puncture Neotac Biker Pants Legs None
Used Leather Combat BootsUsed Leather Combat Boots Feet None
Used Militech Training ShoesUsed Militech Training Shoes Feet None
Used Syn-Leather FleetsUsed Syn-Leather Fleets Feet None
Used Synleather FleetsUsed Synleather Fleets Feet None
VV's Pants Legs None
VV's Sneakers Feet None
V’s Expensive LeggingsV’s Expensive Leggings Legs None
V’s Gold-Plated BootsV’s Gold-Plated Boots Feet None
V’s Muddy SneakersV’s Muddy Sneakers Feet None
V’s New LeggingsV’s New Leggings Legs None
V’s Nomad BootsV’s Nomad Boots Feet None
V’s Nomad PantsV’s Nomad Pants Legs None
V’s Office ShoesV’s Office Shoes Feet None
V’s Office SlacksV’s Office Slacks Legs None
V’s Street KicksV’s Street Kicks Feet None
V’s Streetwear PantsV’s Streetwear Pants Legs None
Varnished Rocker Shorties with Extra ProtectionVarnished Rocker Shorties with Extra Protection Feet None
Venom Dye Duolayer Riding PantsVenom Dye Duolayer Riding Pants Legs None
Vintage Extra-Leather StraightcutsVintage Extra-Leather Straightcuts Legs None
Waterproof Badge Combat BootsWaterproof Badge Combat Boots Feet None
Weathered Combat BootsWeathered Combat Boots Feet None
Western Star Cowbow Boots with Thick Synthetic HeelsWestern Star Cowbow Boots with Thick Synthetic Heels Feet None
Western Star Cowboy Boots with Thick Synthetic HeelsWestern Star Cowboy Boots with Thick Synthetic Heels Feet None
Wooden Breeze Dress ShoesWooden Breeze Dress Shoes Feet None
Wooden Breeze Dress WedgesWooden Breeze Dress Wedges Feet None
Workplace Loose-FitsWorkplace Loose-Fits Legs None
Worn Aramid High-TopsWorn Aramid High-Tops Feet None
Worn Biker Shorties with Composite InsertsWorn Biker Shorties with Composite Inserts Feet None
Worn Biker Shorties With Composite InsertsWorn Biker Shorties With Composite Inserts Feet None
Worn Cargo PantsWorn Cargo Pants Legs None
Worn Exo-JacksWorn Exo-Jacks Feet None
Worn Kang Tao Tactical PantsWorn Kang Tao Tactical Pants Legs None
Worn Maelstrom Riding PantsWorn Maelstrom Riding Pants Legs None
Worn Spunky Monkey KicksWorn Spunky Monkey Kicks Feet None
Worn Traditional Cowboy BootsWorn Traditional Cowboy Boots Feet None
Worn Wraiths Neotac PantsWorn Wraiths Neotac Pants Legs None
Worn-Leather Western ShortiesWorn-Leather Western Shorties Feet None
Wraiths Anti-Tear Riding PantsWraiths Anti-Tear Riding Pants Legs None
Wraiths Extra-Cotton Utility PantsWraiths Extra-Cotton Utility Pants Legs None
YorinobuYorinobu's Slacks Legs None
Yoru no Samurai Armored Knee-Pad RacersYoru no Samurai Armored Knee-Pad Racers Legs None
Yoru no Samurai Kicks with Carbon-Fiber LayeringYoru no Samurai Kicks with Carbon-Fiber Layering Feet None
Yoru no Samurai Padded Loose-FitsYoru no Samurai Padded Loose-Fits Legs None
Yoru no Samurai YorosYoru no Samurai Yoros Legs None
Yuki Snow Boots with Reinforced LiningYuki Snow Boots with Reinforced Lining Feet None
Yukihyo Polycarbonate Athletic ShoesYukihyo Polycarbonate Athletic Shoes Feet None

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