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This is a list of Face Clothing that appears in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to see all head and face clothing, as well as armor stats and effects.

What is Face Clothing?

Subset of Head Clothing

Face Clothing includes masks, goggles, glasses, and other accessories which attach to your face. They can be equipped to the lower of the two Head slots for clothing on the Inventory screen.

List of Head Clothing

List of Face Clothing

Clothing Tiers Max Mod Slots
2X Electronic Rocker Goggles2X Electronic Rocker Goggles Uncommon Rare 0
Arasaka Tactical TechgogsArasaka Tactical Techgogs Uncommon 0
Arctic Breath Hybrid-Polymer Tactical MaskArctic Breath Hybrid-Polymer Tactical Mask Common 0
Blouie Blue Aramid-Coated InfovisorBlouie Blue Aramid-Coated Infovisor Rare Epic 2
Carbon Gas Mask with FilterCarbon Gas Mask with Filter Legendary 0
Classic Armor-Coated AviatorsClassic Armor-Coated Aviators Common Uncommon 0
Composite OcusetComposite Ocuset Uncommon Rare Epic 0
Darker Speed Square GlassesDarker Speed Square Glasses Uncommon Epic 0
Durable Zebra Sport Glasses with UV FilterDurable Zebra Sport Glasses with UV Filter Uncommon Rare 1
Ergonomic Safety 3201 Military ShadesErgonomic Safety 3201 Military Shades Uncommon Rare 0
Gold Punk Aviators with Coated GlassGold Punk Aviators with Coated Glass Uncommon Epic 2
Graffiti Glasses with Coated GlassGraffiti Glasses with Coated Glass Uncommon Rare 0
Hardened Plastic GogglesHardened Plastic Goggles Rare 0
Illegally Modified Military InfovisorIllegally Modified Military Infovisor Uncommon 0
Impact-Resistant Tactical GlassesImpact-Resistant Tactical Glasses Rare Epic 2
Jigoku no Oni Reinforced-Composite MenpōJigoku no Oni Reinforced-Composite Menpō Uncommon 0
JohnnyJohnny's Aviators Rare / Iconic 0
Kogane no Yume Titanium BD WreathKogane no Yume Titanium BD Wreath Epic 0
Lightweight Tungsten-Steel BD WreathLightweight Tungsten-Steel BD Wreath Rare 0
Makeshift Maelstrom Gas MaskMakeshift Maelstrom Gas Mask Rare 1
Makeshift Punk GogglesMakeshift Punk Goggles Uncommon Rare Epic 0
Menpō with Durable LiningMenpō with Durable Lining Uncommon 0
Menpō with Protective PaddingMenpō with Protective Padding Uncommon 0
Menpō with Reactive LayerMenpō with Reactive Layer Rare 1
Old Plastic Gas MaskOld Plastic Gas Mask Rare 0
Polycarbonate Sport SunglassesPolycarbonate Sport Sunglasses Uncommon Rare 0
Protective Gilt-Polymer Biker GogglesProtective Gilt-Polymer Biker Goggles Rare Epic Legendary 1
Red Electro-Integrated Biker ShoesRed Electro-Integrated Biker Shoes Rare Epic 2
Shiroi Tora Photoelectric Sport GlassesShiroi Tora Photoelectric Sport Glasses Uncommon 0
Silver Polymer-Hybrid Military AviatorsSilver Polymer-Hybrid Military Aviators Rare 1
Stylish Polarized AviatorsStylish Polarized Aviators Rare 1
Stylish Turquoise Sport GlassesStylish Turquoise Sport Glasses Uncommon Rare 0
Sun Spark Thermoset Chemglass InfovisorSun Spark Thermoset Chemglass Infovisor Rare Epic 2
Sweet Dreams Armored-Laminate BD WreathSweet Dreams Armored-Laminate BD Wreath Epic 1
Synleather Plastic GogglesSynleather Plastic Goggles Uncommon Legendary 0
Titanium-Reinforced Gas MaskTitanium-Reinforced Gas Mask Uncommon Rare Epic 1
Trendy Red Vision Laminated-Glass InfovisorTrendy Red Vision Laminated-Glass Infovisor Uncommon 0
Weathered MenpoWeathered Menpo Uncommon 0

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List of Clothing

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