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Romantic Hangouts Guide and How to Unlock

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Cyberpunk - Romantic Hangouts Guide and How to Unlock

V can now invite their love interests on Romantic Hangouts in Update 2.1 of Cyberpunk 2077! Read on to learn how to unlock Romantic Hangouts and more about these repeatable events!

How to Unlock Romantic Hangouts

Complete a Character's Romance Path

Cyberpunk 2077 - Romantic Hangouts

As of the 2.1 Update, V can now hangout with love interests (Panam, Judy, River, and Kerry) once they have completed the character's romance path.

This means unlocking Romantic Hangouts for a character requires:

  • V to have the required gender for the character
  • Choosing the correct dialogue choices during certain events in their questline
  • Completing the final mission of character's questline

After meeting the requirements, you can invite them in V's apartment and take a break from being a Night City merc!

Final Mission for Each Romantic Partner

Romantic Partner Required Gender for V Concluding Mission
Panam Male Queen of the Highway
Judy Female Pyramid Song
River Female Following the River
Kerry Male Boat Drinks

Choosing the correct dialogue options during important scenes and reach the ending of their questline's final mission to complete their romance path.

Detailed in the guide below are the choices you'll have to make on each questline so you can invite the characters for a Romantic Hangout at your apartment!

All Romance Options and Romance Guide

Romantic Hangouts Mechanics

How to Set a Romantic Hangout
1 Invite your partner to an apartment
2 Interact with your partner
3 Send them another invite

Invite Your Partner to An Apartment

Cyberpunk - Inviting Panam to apartment

You will receive a message from your romantic partner where you can reply with an invite to hangout at one of your unlocked apartments. The apartment that you choose won't have an effect on the event.

Once the date is set, the mission I Really Want to Stay at Your House will start and point you to the apartment you chose.

Interact with Your Partner

Cyberpunk - Talking to Panam in Romantic Hangout

Your partner will already be there as the mission starts. In the apartment, you can talk to your partner by choosing from the dialogue options while they're at the sofa. The available responses depend on the story progression, as well as if you have Phantom Liberty installed.

There are also other interactions available during the Romantic Hangout, like dancing and kissing.

Send Them Another Invite

Cyberpunk - Inviting again for a Romantic Hangout

Leaving the apartment area completes the mission and ends the Romantic Hangout. Don't forget to say goodbye to your partner as you leave and reply to their text message after the event!

Romantic Hangouts are repeatable events, so if you want to start a hangout again on a different apartment, you can pull up your phone and send your partner another invite. You can do this as soon as the hangout ends, but they will only accept the invitation two days later.

Romantic Hangouts Release Date

Releases on December 5, 2023

Cyberpunk 2077 - Update 2.1

Romantic Hangouts is a new feature shipping with Update 2.1 which releases on December 5, 2023. Since this free update applies to the base game, the Phantom Liberty DLC is not needed to access the feature.

Update 2.1 Patch Notes and Release Time

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