Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Autofixer Guide: How to Purchase Vehicles

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Autofixer Guide

Vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077 are purchasable through the Autofixer Netpage. Read on to learn more about the new Autofixer system and how to purchase vehicles after the 2.1 Update!

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What is the Autofixer?

Netpage Managed by El Capitan

Cyberpunk - message from El Capitan about Autofixer

After loading a save in Update 2.0, you will receive a text from El Capitan informing you that the Autofixer netpage is online. You can access it through a computer or an Autofixer terminal.

Online Store Where You Can Purchase Vehicles

Cyberpunk - Autofixer page

Vehicles before Update 2.0 were sold by fixers. Previously, in order to purchase a vehicle, you had to visit where it was parked and spend eddies to complete the transaction.

With the Autofixer, all vehicles are now purchasable through the netpage and are easier to access thanks to the newly installed Autofixer terminals.

How to Purchase Vehicles

Visit the Netpage Through a Computer or an Autofixer Terminal

Cyberpunk - Autofixer terminal

You can purchase vehicles by accessing the Autofixer netpage via Autofixer terminals, marked on your map with a car and a price tag, or the computers inside your owned apartments.

In the netpage, you can see the different manufacturers and the available vehicles they sell. More vehicles will become available for purchase as you raise your Street Cred.

Complete Car Races to Get Autofixer Discount Shards

Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Unlock Car Races

Update 2.1 introduced replayable Car Racing minigames. Winning these races will not only reward you 10,000 eddies, but it will also reward you Autofixer Discount shards that you can use to cut costs when buying vehicles!

How to Unlock Car Races and Rewards

Complete Vehicle Contracts in Phantom Liberty to Get Autofixer Discount Shards

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Vehicle Contracts

Once you reach Dogtown, V will be able to start completing Vehicle Contracts for El Capitan. The rewards for these repeatable gigs will be a smattering of eddies, weapons, mods, and components.

However, the best reward of them all is the Autofixer Discount Shard which grants V a discount for all cars when purchasing from the Autofixer. The discount can stack and will apply to your next purchase.

Note: The discounts will not be permanent. Once you use up your accumulated discount in a single purchase, the counter will reset, prompting you to collect more discount shards if you want another discount.

All Vehicle Contracts Explained

Possible to Purchase Vehicles at 100% Off

Since Autofixer Discount Shards stack, it is possible to get vehicles for free if you do enough contracts. This will allow you to get something like the missile-wielding Hellhound (original price is 150,000 Eddies) for free.

How to Get Vehicles for Free

Vehicle Contracts Unlock More Vehicles for Purchase

First-time users of the Autofixer will notice that some of the cars on the website are still marked as locked despite having 50 Street Cred. In order to unlock these, you will first need to unlock them by completing multiple Vehicle Contracts for El Capitan.

New Vehicle Features

Mounted Weaponry

While browsing the Autofixer netpage, you will notice icons on the upper left corner of some of the vehicles. This indicates that the vehicle has a mounted weaponry that you can use while driving.
Mounted weaponries automatically reload after expending all of their ammo.

There are two types of mounted weaponry: Machine Gun and Missile Launcher.

Cyberpunk - machine gun iconMachine Gun ・Shoots machine gun bullets in front of the vehicle
・50 max ammo
Cyberpunk - missile launcher iconMissile Launcher ・Launches a volley of missiles at a target area
・3 max ammo

Vehicle Combat Explained

List of Vehicles with Machine Guns

Below is a list of the currently available vehicles mounted with machine guns.

Vehicles with Machine Guns
Galena "Gecko" Colby "Little Mule"
Shion "Coyote" Type-66 "Javelina"
Quartz "Specter"

Quartz Specter Added

Cyberpunk - Quartz Specter

Manufacturer Archer
Price 79,000

Quartz "Specter" is a new vehicle added in Update 2.0 and is one of the vehicles with pre-installed machine guns.

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