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Gunslinger Build
This is a guide to creating a Gunslinger build in Cyberpunk 2077. Check here for details about the build, what attributes to level up, which perks to choose, and what equipment to use.

How to Use the Gunslinger Build

If subtlety is not really your thing, a gunslinger build with high firepower may be a good match. The gunslinger build will make use of the Body and Reflexes attributes to make your guns as deadly as possible. The Technical Ability attribute will be a very important secondary attribute to increase for weapon crafting. Since the weapons you craft later will be powerful enough on their own, mainly focus your stats into Body for durability, and only level up Reflexes for perks that fit your playstyle.

Best Attributes For Gunslinger Build


Invest in Body to gain perks in Annihilation. This will make using shotguns and light machine guns more effective. Shotguns will be especially useful for close-range combat in the gunslinger build.

Body determines your raw physical power. In addition to allowing you to force open doors, each level of Body (starting from level 3) will:
- Add 5 Health Points
- Add 3 Stamina Points
- Increase damage with fists and Gorilla Arms by 3
Increase damage with melee weapons by 1.5%
Decrease movement penalty while grabbing an enemy and wielding on HMG by 6%
- Increase movement while grappling an enemy and enemy grapple duration by 5 sec


The Assault and Handguns skill trees in Reflexes both have useful perks for a gunslinger build. The increase in Crit Chance that comes with higher Reflexes is always useful this build.

Reflexes determine your maneuverability. In addition to increasing your overall movement speed, each level in Reflexes will:
- Increase your passive Evasion from enemy attacks by 1%
- Increase Crit Chance by 1%
- Increase damage from Mantis Blades by 3

Technical Ability

Technical Ability is a great secondary attribute to build up for this build. It raises defenses and includes some handy perks to boost defenses when closing in on enemies. Also, a higher Technical Ability will allow you to craft stronger weapons to add to your arsenal. Invest in Body and Reflexes in the early game, and invest into higher Technical Ability later on, since your level affects what kind of weapons you can craft.

Technical Ability represents your technical know-how. It allows you to unlock doors and use Tech weapons. Each increase in level will increase your Armor by 5%.

Best Perks For Gunslinger Build

Dead Center

Skill Tree Body / Annihilation
Required Attribute Lv. 7
Effect (Lv. 1) Increases damage to torsos by 10%

Neither shotguns nor submachine guns are known for their precision. More than likely, you will be aiming right down the center at the middle of the enemy and letting them eat lead. Since the torso is the area that will likely get hit most, this is a great perk to have to increase damage.

Blood Rush

Skill Tree Body / Annihilation
Required Attribute Lv. 7
Effect (Lv. 1) Increases movement speed in combat by 5% while carrying a Shotgun or Light Machine Gun

Shotguns and submachine guns are more effective at close range, so closing in on your enemies will be key. A boost in movement speed will help you reach your enemies quicker and avoid getting shot up in the process.

Gun Whisperer

Skill Tree Technical Ability / Engineering
Required Attribute Lv. 14
Effect (Lv. 1) Fully charged Tech weapons do not shoot automatically

This perk does require a high Technical Ability, but it will allow you to carefully aim each of your charged shots for extra damage.

Rio Bravo

Skill Tree Reflexes / Handguns
Required Attribute Lv. 5
Effect (Lv. 1) Increases headshot damage multiplier with handguns by 10%

The Rio Bravo Perk allows you to deal a whopping 10% extra damage with headshots from Handguns. Since your weapon supply near the start of the game will mostly include Handguns and Rifles, getting that extra damage will be a great support in the many early-game shootouts. The perk can also be upgraded 3 times for a total of 30% damage increase.

Waste Not Want

Skill Tree Technical Ability / Crafting
Required Attribute Lv. 14
Effect (Lv. 1) When disassembling an item, you get attached mods back

Sometimes, you grow attached to a certain weapon and its mods. When you find a stronger weapon, you no longer have to feel bad about giving up your favorite gun's mods! Take them with you with this perk.

Edgerunner Artisan

Skill Tree Technical Ability / Crafting
Required Attribute Lv. 18
Effect (Lv. 1) Allows you to craft Legendary items

While the cost to obtain it is a high 18 in Technical Ability, Edgerunner Artisan is the best crafting perk. With this, powerful Legendary and Iconic weapons can be crafted.

Gunslinger Build Variations


This build variation will be those who wish to use shotguns or light machine guns. Once you reach a higher level, invest into Technical Ability to craft powerful weapons.

Recommended Build
Weapon Type Shogtun / Submachine Gun
Equipment Damage Increasing Mod
Additional Perks Bulldozer, In Your Face, Wolverine
Build Attributes
Lv. Body Reflex Tech Intel Cool
1 6 3 6 4 3
10 15 3 8 7 3
50 20 5 20 12 14

Best Shotguns


Use this build for pistol-based combat. Once again, we recommend to invest into Body early on for durabilty and later Technical Ability to craft stronger weapons. Use any extra points in Reflexes to add any perks that match your playstyle.

Recommended Build
Weapon Type Revolver / Pistol
Equipment Muzzle, Damage Increasing Mod
Additional Perks Attritional Fire, Wild West
Build Attributes
Lv. Body Reflex Tech Intel Cool
1 6 4 6 3 3
10 8 7 6 6 7
50 20 14 20 8 9

Best Revolvers

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