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Don't Lose Your Mind Quest Walkthrough, Rewards and Best Choice

This is a walkthrough for Don't Lose Your Mind, a Side Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in Don't Lose Your Mind, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

Don't Lose Your Mind Basic Information

Quest Type Side
Act Act 2
Quest No. -
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Don't Lose Your Mind

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete Epistrophy and wait 48 in-game hours.

Epistrophy Walkthrough

Don't Lose Your Mind Rewards

Quest Rewards Delamain No. 21

Don't Lose Your Mind Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough

Don't Lose Your Mind Quest Objectives

Vista del Rey, Heywood

Objective IconReturn to Delamain HQ.→Find a way inside Delamain HQ.
Outside, go around the right side of the building.
Method 1: If you have 8 Technical Ability, you can open a nearby door.
Method 2: you'll have to go around back, jump on some boxes, and go in through a vent shaft.
Objective IconSearch the office for a way to open the door.→Proceed down the hallway.
Look at the desktops in the office area to find a Message revealing the code 1234. In the nearby terminal, enter the code to open the double doors.
Objective IconFind a way into the workshop.→Find a way to the stairs.
Destroy the robot lasering the door and go inside. You'll see a car going up and down on a platform. Jump on top, and get a running start and jump to the nearby platform when it's at the highest point. In the far corner of the room, look up to the find a vent which you can go through.
4 Don
Objective IconGo downstairs.→Cross the room.
Go across the catwalk, through the door and down the vent.
Method 1: You'll find a car which you can Push through. Jump on the car to get across.
Method 2: If you have 5 Body or Technical Ability, you can go through the vent in the floor and back up on the opposite side.
5 Don
Objective IconGo on the catwalk.
Go past the car in front – the scary lasers won't hurt you. Turn right and climb up the ladder. On the catwalk, get a running jump across the gap – if you fall, you will die.
Optional: If you have 10 Body, you can force through the door at the end. This will allow you to skip steps 6 and 7.
Objective IconEnter the shaft.
Look up and to the right, and climb up. In the next room, avoid the cars and go up the staircase.
At the top, don't go in the room; instead, climb on the pipe to the right of the room, go on the platform, then get a running jump and climb up. Crouch down and go in the shaft to the right.
Objective IconFind Delamain's core.→Talk to Johnny.
Fall through the hole in the floor. Go into the next room and a cutscene will begin.

Don't Lose Your Mind Choices

Choose Delamain's Fate

Reset the Core

Objective IconReset the core to restore the original Delamain.
Objective IconLeave through the side exit.→Approach the car.
After talking to Delamain, go back and through the door, then down and into the indicated car.

Destroy the Core

Objective IconDestroy the core to liberate the divergent Delamains.
Objective IconLeave through the side exit.→Approach the car.→Talk to Delamain.
After talking to Delamain, go back and through the door, then down and into the indicated car.

Merge the Core

Objective IconHack the core to merge all of the Delamains.→Talk to Delamain.
You'll need 10 Intelligence to hack the core.
Objective IconLeave through the side exit.→Approach the car.→Talk to Delamain.
After talking to Delamin, go back and through the door, then down and into the indicated car.

All Completion Routes

Best Completion Route

Route Rating
Delamain HQ
Turn off the switch using Technical ★★★★★
Force open the control room door ★★★
Don't use shortcuts

The best route to take in this Side Job is by meeting the required Technical Ability for the switch as it makes your path to the control room significantly shorter and safer.

Completion Route Guides - Delamain HQ

There are three possible approaches to this mission.

Turn Off the Switch Using Technical After opening the double door to the workshop, look on your right and you'll see a grate on the floor. Open it if you meet the required Tech attribute then turn off the switch below. You can now waltz straight to the control room (take out the drones if needed) and reach your objective.
Force Open the Control Room Door Upon reaching the catwalk near the control room (see step 5), find a locked door nearby which can be opened by meeting a certain level of Body attribute. This will let you skip the last few steps of your main objective. It's not much but it saves time and effort.
Don't Use Shortcuts If you don't meet both attribute requirements, you'll have to go to different parts of the workshop swarming with drones to avoid the live wires in the main area. Save frequently just in case you get flatlined.

Don't Lose Your Mind Choices and Best Choice

What to do to the Core

Reset the Core If you choose this path, the sentient AIs within Delamain will be erased, and Delamain will be reverted to his factory settings. This ending is the saddest of the three, so we don't advise going for this one.
Johnny will also berate you for your choice.
Destroy the Core This step might seem drastic, but it allows both the original Delamain and the sentient AIs to both exist, so morally it seems to be the best ending. On top of that, Johnny will think you're cool.
Merge the Core This ending will result in the AIs merging to become a super-AI which leaves Night City. The original Delamain still exists in some form, seemingly in order to allow the super-AI to have someone to shirk responsibility onto.
Although this is the hardest ending to achieve, it doesn't feel very morally gratifying or provide any special benefits.

Best Choice

All three of the possible endings yield the Delamain No. 21 vehicle, and there do not seem to be any long-term effects of the decision made in this Quest.

For players who want to maintain a good relationship with Johnny, it's best to choose to Destroy the Core. Don't spend your Attribute Points just to get the 10 Intelligence needed to merge the core.

Tips and Strategies

The Body Attribute Helps

There are multiple doors found in this Quest which can only be opened with a high enough Body Attribute.

One door early on can be opened for extra goodies if you have 5 points in Body, while the door before the Enter the Shaft objective will let you skip some troublesome steps if you have 10 points.

The Quest can be completed with no problems either way, but players who want to clear it easily should wait until they have enough Attribute Points in Body to take it on.

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3 Anonymousover 3 years

my car lift wasn’t going up and down either. If you walk passed to the left of the garage door that is across from the lift with the car that isn’t moving, you will find a tire balancer. You can jump up onto the open hood of the balancer and pull yourself up onto the catwalk. Don’t try to jump onto the garage side as it’s too far away.

2 Anonymousover 3 years

I’m experiencing the same problem. The car lift doesn’t go up and down.


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