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Best Armor and Clothing

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This is Game8's list of all the best armor and clothing available in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn the details of all the best and most powerful end-game armor and clothing currently available in the game.

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Your Best Armor

The armor and clothing items which are shown here is based on Legendary Armor found at the end of the game. While most players who are still working their way through the story won't be able to obtain them, there are some that are found in specific locations or NCPD hustles.

As Cyberpunk 2077 has a high turnover for armor, the strongest armor for most players will be the ones which you found recently at your current level. Find armor which matches your Perks, and which has the highest Armor stat!

Aside from the best end-game armor, there is plenty of strong armor and clothing to be found throughout the game, so choose the ones which best match your specific playstyle!

Best Armor and Clothing

Best Hats (Head Clothing)

Name Reason Confirmed Armor Rating
Enhanced Cebra Excentrica Carbon-Reinfoced Trilby.pngEnhanced Cebra Excentrica Carbon-Reinforced Trilby (Legendary) ・2 Mod Slots 170.9
Sandy Boa Shock-Absorbent Headband.pngSandy Boa Shock-Absorbent Headband (Legendary) ・2 Mod Slots 49.5

Best Face Clothing

Name Reason Confirmed Armor Rating
Durable Zebra Sport Glasses with UV Filter.pngDurable Zebra Sport Glasses with UV Filter(Legendary) ・2 Mod Slots 46.8
Carbon Gas Mask with Filter.pngCarbon Gas Mask With Filter (Legendary) ・2 Mod Slots 65.6
JohnnyJohnny's Aviators (Legendary) ・3 Mod Slots 30.1

Note that for Johnny's Aviators to have 3 mod slots, you will need to craft it to Legendary to have a chance.

Best Jackets (Outer Torso)

Name Reason Confirmed Armor Rating
Aldecaldos Rally Bolero Jacket.pngAldecados Rally Bolero Jacket ・4 Mod Slots 128.5
Reinforced-Laminate Military Flight Jacket.pngReinforced-Laminate Military Flight Jacket ・4 Mod Slots 172.1
Second Conflict Flight Jacket.pngSecond Conflict Flight Jacket ・4 Mod Slots 145,5
Timeworn Trench Coat.pngTimeworn Trench Coat ・4 Mod Slots 70

Best Shirt (Inner Torso)

Name Reason Confirmed Armor Rating
Cyberpunk 2077 Samurai 2020 Tour T-Shirt.pngSamurai 2020 Tour T-Shirt (Legendary) ・4 Mod Slots 124.7
Military-Grade Aramid Netrunning Suit.pngMilitary-Grade Aramid Netrunning Suit (Legendary) ・4 Mod Slots 172.1

Best Pants (Legs)

Name Reason Confirmed Armor Rating
JohnnyJohnny's Pants (Legendary) ・3 Mod Slots 94.6
6th Street Rubber-Weave Shinos.png6th Street Rubber-Weave Shinos ・2 Mod Slots 90.1

Note that for Johnny's Pants to have 3 mod slots, you will need to craft it to Legendary to have a chance.

Best Shoes

Name Reason Confirmed Armor Rating
Cyberpunk 2077 Hardened Netrunner Boots with Composite Inserts.pngHardened Netrunner Boots with Composite Inserts (Legendary) ・3 Mod Slots 66
Repaired Zolotoy Pukh Snow Boots.pngRepaired Zolotoy Pukh Snow Boots ・2 Mod Slots 82.5

Best Armor and Clothing Criteria

About Armor and Clothing Stats

As explained in detail in our List of Clothing, there are no individual stats associated with specific Clothing items.

The Armor stat depends on the Body Part and the player level when the Item was found, as well as their Crafting Skill Progression if it was crafted. The number of Mod Slots depends on the Rarity of the Clothing.

For this reason, there is no real “Best Clothing“. In theory, the Best Clothing in the game is any Legendary clothing which was crafted by the player at level 50 with a Crafting Skill of 20, and with a pinch of good luck from the RNG fairy.

We've added a list based on our own confirmations of the best Legendary Clothing with the max number of mod slots, but keep in mind that other players' lists may feature entirely different items.

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5 Scaroover 2 years

How have you got 20 mod slots when clothing can only go up to a specific amount depending on what they are. Hats: 3 is the highest but I have seen four but very rare. Eyewear: 3 no higher. Jacket: 4 no higher. T-shirt: 5 but must have amazing luck otherwise 4. Trousers: 4 but like before can be 5 with serious luck. Shoes: 3 but can be 4 if above applies or you scum save. Also the website isn’t up-to-date.

4 Anonymousover 3 years

at level 50 you can exceed 5000 armor 20 armor mod slots total (max) Armor mods don't stack so you will run @ 16 armadillos (at 240 armor each at lvl 50 epic)


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