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This is a walkthrough for New Dawn Fades, a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in New Dawn Fades, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

Previous Quest Current Quest Next Quest
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Belly Of The Beast
New Dawn Fades -

New Dawn Fades Basic Information

Quest Type Main
Act Act 3
Quest No. 4
Lifepath All

How to Unlock New Dawn Fades

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete Knockin' On Heaven's Door quest or Belly Of The Beast quest and let Johnny keep your body.

New Dawn Fades Rewards

Quest Rewards No Rewards available for this quest.

New Dawn Fades Walkthrough

New Dawn Fades Quest Objectives

Night City

Objective Icon.pngRead the notification from the Automated Delivery System.
Get up and go into the living room. Check the message if you want then grab the ticket and leave your apartment.
Objective Icon.pngCall Steve on the intercom.
Go down the hall and ring up Steve then follow him out of the building. Talk to Steve's dad and get in the car.
Objective Icon.pngGo to Time Machine.
After the car ride go inside Time Machine and talk to the store owner about a guitar. Go into the back room and pick one of the two on the wall then pay for it and leave.
Objective Icon.pngGo back to the car.
Get in the car again to go for another ride to the colombarium. Interact with the map outside then head inside to leave a memento in the niche.
Objective Icon.pngGet on the bus.
Leave the colombarium and say your goodbyes to Steve, then get on the bus out of Night City and watch the ending.

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1.5*: Only available in the Secret Ending

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