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The Information Quest Walkthrough, Rewards and Braindance Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 - The Information Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for The Information, a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in The Information, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

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The Information Basic Information

Quest Type Main
Act Act 1
Quest No. 5
Lifepath All

How to Unlock The Information

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete The Ride.

The Ride Walkthrough

The Information Rewards

Quest Rewards The full list of Rewards for this Quest is coming soon!

The Information Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough and Guide

The Information Quest Objectives

Lizzie's Bar

Objective Icon.pngGo to Lizzie's Bar between 6:00PM-6:00AM→Talk to the bouncers
Head to Lizzie's Bar and speak with the bouncers. Head inside and get a braindance if you feel so inclined.
Objective Icon.pngSit at the bar and ask about Evelyn.
Sit at the bar and speak with Mateo about Evelyn who will show up beside you.
Objective Icon.pngFollow Evelyn to the VIP room→Enter the VIP room→Sit→Talk to Evelyn→Follow Evelyn→Talk to Judy→Sit→Look at Judy→Talk to Judy
Follow Evelyn to the VIP room in the back and go inside. Take a seat and speak to Evelyn about the job and then head downstairs. Talk to Judy in the workshop.
Objective Icon.pngFollow Judy's instructions→Unpause the recording and watch the scene→Rewind to the beginning→Fast forward→Reset the recording
Learn the most basic of controls in the braindance.
Objective Icon.pngPlay the recording until you spot the gun→Scan and inspect the gun→Switch to audio layer→Scan the audio source and listen→Switch to the visual layer→Fast forward to where the customer is hit→Scan and inspect the hurt customer→Fast forward to where the robber is shot→Rewind until the CCTV screen appears→Scan the CCTV screen→Exit the braindance
Learn the more advanced controls in braindance.
Objective Icon.pngExamine the braindance in Analysis Mode to find the Relic→Scan the apartment's security systems (optional)→Watch the whole recording from Evelyn's point of view (optional)
Give T-Bug a ring and start up the next braindance. You can scan the security systems in the apartment for extra help later.
Objective Icon.pngIn the audio layer, scan Yorinobu's phone as he talks→Listen in on Yorinobu→In the visual layer, scan Yorinobu's datapad while it's turned on
Switch to the audio layer and listen in on Yorinobu's phone call, then follow Evelyn until you reach the bedroom to scan the datapad in the drawer.
Objective Icon.png Scan for thermal clues to find the Relic→Exit the braindance when you're ready
Head back to the 30 second mark in the editor with the Thermal Layer and scan the vent in the back of the room to find the chip's location then exit the braindance.
Objective Icon.pngTalk to Evelyn→Leave Judy's workshop→Call Dex→Talk to Dex
Leave the chair and talk to Evelyn. She will give you the option to abandon Dex and do this mission for her. Choose whatever you want as it won't matter in the end. After that, speak with Dex to end this quest.

The Information Braindance Clue Guide

Konpeki Plaza Braindance

Braindance Clues

Objective Icon.pngVisual Clue: Look at the gun being handed to you.

Objective Icon.pngAudio Clue : Scan at the audio source behind your partner.

Objective Icon.pngAudio Clue: Scan the audio source in the store.

Objective Icon.pngVisual Clue : Look at the woman who was smacked.

Objective Icon.pngVisual Clue: Look at the screen to the side of the clerk.

Yorinobu's Room Braindance

Braindance Clues
Objective Icon.pngYou can find the alarm and camera systems at the beginning of the video in front of the door.
Objective Icon.pngThe turret system is up on the ceiling on the way to the bedroom later in the video.

Tips and Strategies

Scan Yorinobu's Security System

Scanning security systems will give T-Bug more information on Yorinobu's suite, making it easier for her to identify how to hack it later on in the next quest, The Heist.

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