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The Heist Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

The Heist Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for The Heist, a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in The Heist, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

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The Heist Basic Information

Quest Type Main
Act Act 1
Quest No. 6
Lifepath All

How to Unlock The Heist

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete both The Pickup and The Information.

The Information Quest Walkthrough

The Heist Rewards

Quest Rewards The full list of Rewards for this Quest is coming soon!

The Heist Walkthrough

Video Wallkthrough and Guide

The Heist Quest Objectives

The Afterlife

Objective Icon.pngTalk to Jackie.→Follow Jackie.→Talk to the bouncer.→Sit next to Jackie.
Drive to the Afterlife to speak with Jackie. Enter the afterlife and sit at the bar.
Objective Icon.pngFollow Dex's bodyguard.→Join Dex in the booth.→Take part in the briefing.
Get up from the bar and go to meet Dex. Once the conversation is over head out if you're ready for the heist.
Objective Icon.pngExit the Delamain.→Wait for Jackie to take Flathead.→Follow Jackie.
Jack into the car and take it to Konpeki Plaza. Hop out of the car and follow Jackie inside.

Konpeki Plaza

Objective Icon.pngTalk to the guard.→Stand in the scanner.→Check in with reception.
Respond to the guard in any way you'd like then step through the scanner. Speak to the receptionist bot.
Objective Icon.pngPlace your hand on the panel.→Follow Jackie.→Take the elevator to the 42nd floor.
Delay the receptionist and interact with the panel. Get on the elevator and head to your room.
Objective Icon.pngHead to your room.→Talk to T-Bug.→Wait for the Flathead to breach the system.
Once inside your room, speak with T-Bug and use your scanner to find the shaft for the Flathead.
Objective Icon.pngTake the control shard.→Wait for Flathead to finish.
The Flathead will get stuck so grab the control shard from Jackie to manually guide it. Once T-Bug links you in, scan each room for the next vent.
Objective Icon.pngOrder Flathead to go to the terrarium.→Wait for housekeeping to move.→Enter the vent using Flathead.
In the second room you will need to distract housekeeping in order to reach the next vent. Scan the terrarium on the right side of the room and send the Flathead to it, then enter the vent.
Objective Icon.pngUse Flathead to enter the shaft grate.→Use Flathead to enter the dweller's room.→Scan for the CCTV Access Point.
Send Flathead through the grate into the security room then use it to unlock the door to the dweller's room.
Objective Icon.pngConsult with T-Bug.→Scan for a path for the Flathead.→Hack the dweller using Flathead.
Switch camera's to the dweller's room. Scan the shaft and switch cameras to direct the Flathead, then swap back and jack it into the dweller's chair.
Objective Icon.pngTalk to Jackie and T-Bug.→Head to Yorinobu's penthouse.
After jacking out, sit and wait for T-Bug to finish. Speak with Jackie and you'll be ready to move to the penthouse from the elevator.
Objective Icon.pngGo to the safe.→Use the switch.
Step off the elevator and go to the safe in the far corner. Scan the area to find the switch in the bedroom. Flip it and get the chip.
Objective Icon.pngHide inside the maintenance shaft.→Leave your hiding place.
Go around the other side of the penthouse and get in the maintenance shaft to hide. Wait for the conversation to end then get out of the hiding spot.
Objective Icon.pngGo to the balcony door.
Head towards the window. Once the door opens, go around the side of the building to get to the ladder. Jump when prompted.
Objective Icon.pngReach the elevator.
Call Evelyn and stand up. Head towards the elevator and deal with the security, then take their guns. Equip the silencer. Take out or avoid the next sets of guards as you make your way to the elevator.
Optional: When the guards backs are turned to you, sneak up on them and take them out silently.
Objective Icon.pngSearch the Arasaka officer.→Head to the lobby.
The first elevator you reach will be shut down so head towards the next while being careful of the guards. One guard near the next elevator has what you need to start them again, so take him out and get the Personnel Access Token then take the elevator.
Objective Icon.pngReach the garage.→Enter the Delamain.
Same as before, avoid or take out the guards as you make your way through the lobby to the next elevator. In the garage make a mad dash to the car and get out of there.
Objective Icon.pngGet rid of the drones.→Exit the vehicle.→Head to room 204.
In the car, shoot the drones pursuing you to make your escape. When you arrive at the safe house, enter room 204 to meet with Dex. Use the sink to clean your face up. Leave the bathroom to close out the quest and the prologue.

Where to Send Jackie?

Later in the quest, Delamain will ask you where to send Jackie's dead body. Your decision will affect the future side quest called Heroes.

Choice Outcome
Send Jackie to His Family If you choose to send Jackie's corpse to his family, the Heroes side quest will be a much more emotional journey. You will get to visit Jackie's room and receive his Arch motorcycle. This is the recommended choice to make as this feels more canonical and gives proper closure to Jackie's story.
Send Jackie to the Ripperdoc If you send Jackie's corpse to Viktor, the Heroes side quest will be shorter and less emotionally impactful. Mama Welles, however, still gives you Jackie's Arch motorcycle. However, if you do send him to Viktor, you get to see a scene involving Jackie in one of the possible Act 3 quests, Totalimmortal.
Leave Jackie in the Car If you leave Jackie's corpse in the car, you'll miss the opportunity of getting this quest, and worst of all, you won't be able to get Jackie's Arch. A generic version of the same motorcycle will be available from a fixer later in the game, for a price.

Heroes Quest Walkthrough

Tips and Strategies

Keep Multiple Saves

In a quest as long as this you'll likely want to keep multiple saves just in case you mess something up, especially if you're trying to stealth the level and go unseen.

Make Use of Hacks

Hack anything you can to prevent being seen. Distract the guards with panels, turn off cameras, quickhack guards, whatever you can to keep yourself safe.

Find Items

If in case you are seen, it is highly likely you will get damaged by a lot. Fortunately, there are plenty of Bounce Backs and other restorative items scattered all around the area. Make use of them.

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