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Trauma Team Corporation Guide

This is a guide on Trauma Team, one of the corporations in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to know more about the work these corporations do and how they impact Night City.

Trauma Team Information

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Origin NUSA
Nature of Business Medical care

Perhaps one of the most incredible corporations of the 21st century, Trauma Team provides immediate medical care for those who needs it - all within a few minutes from the beginning of your medical emergency,

Trauma Team Description

Insurance Packages

While they promise immediate medical care, it is highly based on what package the person has - Silver, Gold, or Platinum. The higher the package, the better benefits and the faster Trauma Team responds.

A Corporation's Best Friend

Most corporations include Trauma Team packages into their employment contracts. This is quite sought after by Night City employees - to the point that Kang Tao was voted as one of the best corporations to work in Night City for offering Gold Trauma Team packages.

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