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How to Get the King of Wands Ending

The King of Wands ending is one of the 4 different endings available for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn what choices to make to get this ending, the ending explanation, and the rewards you get for completing it.

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How to Get the King of Wands Ending

Side With Songbird During Firestarter

Cyberpunk - Firestarter choice event - Songbird or Reed

In order to get the King of Wands ending, make sure to side with Songbird in Firestarter. During the sequence where Songbird is extracting the Neural Matrix, choose the option to Help Songbird escape.

After Songbird turns the stadium's security system against Hansen, escort her out by fighting the waves of Barghest soldiers left standing. Once Songbird escapes successfully, you will trigger The Killing Moon quest.

Firestarter Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Surrender Songbird to Reed During the Killing Moon

During the Killing Moon, V will have to escort Songbird through the NCX Spaceport. After fighting off the NUSA soldiers sent after you, V and Songbird will eventually ride a tram that takes them to the launch platform of Songbird's rocket to the moon.

In order to get the King of Wands ending, make sure to choose the option to Pick up Songbird once the tram ride ends (and after Songbird reveals only one of you can be cured). When Reed meets you on the launch platform, lay Songbird down and refuse to give up So Mi.

During the next sequence, you will need to kill Reed during the slo-mo standoff. If you get too close or let time run out in the timed dialogues, Reed will shoot and kill V, triggering a game over screen.

The Killing Moon Walkthrough and Rewards

King of Wands Ending Explained

A New Lease on Life

Now? We wave buh-bye... to your dreams of living a long, happy life. - Johnny

In the King of Wands ending, V lets Songbird leave for the moon, allowing her to take the Neural Matrix cure along with her. Songbird admitted back at the tram ride that only one of them was walking away from this alive, and V concedes that she can continue fighting for her cure while letting Songbird have her peace.

As V and Johnny look out to the bay (after the rocket launch), Johnny tells the merc in no uncertain terms that the clock has resumed ticking. So much for quiet life offered by the Tower ending. Your only option now is a blaze of glory all the way to Mikoshi.


Songbird Lives and Stays on the Moon

In this ending, Songbird is able to cure herself of the Blackwall corruption. Proof of her fate is obtained when you find the hermetic container in Dogtown during From Her to Eternity. Inside the sealed container will be a souvenir from the ESA lunar city of Tycho along with So Mi's personal cyberdeck.

In more ways than one, So Mi is safer on the moon than in space. After all, the NUSA are no allies of the ESA. If she stays there and away from Earth, she has a high chance of remaining free from President Myers' clutches.

V Gets No Cure for the Relic Degradation

Despite So Mi's feel-good ending, Johnny rightfully comments that V can kiss their dreams of a long, happy life goodbye. In this ending, you will need to choose between the 6 available base-game endings since the Tower will be unavailable.

King of Wands Ending Rewards

Get the King of Wands Trophy

Getting this ending will reward players with one of Phantom Liberty's ending trophies called King of Wands. You will get this once you speak to Johnny Silverhand about what transpired immediately after the Killing Moon.

Reed's Pariah Iconic Tech Pistol

Since this ending requires you to kill Solomon Reed, you will be able to retrieve his iconic tech pistol called Pariah. After shooting him near the launch platform, the weapon will be found next to his body.

Pariah Weapon Stats and Effects

Quantum Tuner Cyberdeck and a Metal Pin from the Moon

Since Songbird is cured in this ending, V will receive a reward from her during the From Her to Eternity side quest after you finish the Killing Moon. Once found and opened, the hermetic container will reward you with the Quantum Tuner Cyberdeck and a metal pin from the lunar city of Tycho that you can display back in V's apartment.

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