Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Non-Lethal Takedowns - How to Spare Enemies

Non-Lethal Takedowns allow you to knock out enemies instead of killing them in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn how to spare your enemies using non-lethal takedowns as well as how to defeat cyberpsychoes without killing them.

How to Get Non-Lethal Takedowns

Perform Stealth Takedowns

The simplest method of knocking an enemy out is by performing a Stealth Takedown. While crouched and hidden, approach an enemy from behind and Grab them. Then, choose the Non-Lethal Takedown option to knock them out without killing them.

Use Non-Lethal Quickhacks

Most combat quickhacks deal non-lethal damage once enemy HP drops to zero. However, there is still a possibility of them dying after they go down, especially when you have weapons or follow-up quickhacks that deal AoE damage.

Non-Lethal Quichacks
System CollapseSystem Collapse Short CircuitShort Circuit OverheatOverheat
Synapse BurnoutSynapse Burnout ContagionContagion

List of All 2.0 Quickhacks

Use Blunt Weapons or Bare Fists

If you're playing a melee build, one way to spare your enemies is by using Blunt Weapons like hammers, baseball bats, Gorilla Arms, and even bare fists. Once their HP drops to zero after getting hit, they will be knocked out instead of killed.

Note: Using Gorilla Arms cyberware after unlocking Relic perks like Jailbreak will make them lethal (especially the AoE damage it does). Keep this in mind if you have the Phantom Liberty DLC and primarly use Gorilla Arms for your blunt weapons build.

2.0 Best Blunt Weapon Build

Use Weapons with Elemental DoT

Elemental damage and elemental damage-over-time (DoT) mirror what your quickhacks can do. Naturally, this means that weapons that can deal elemental DoTs will also deal non-lethal damage.

Of course, the caveat is that the enemy will need to go down due to the elemental damage ticks and not because you put a bullet or blade through them.

Avoid Using AoE Damage Attacks

Update 2.0 and Phantom Liberty both introduced numerous ways to deal AoE damage to your enemies by introducing perks like Vulnerability Analytics or weapons like the Agaou.

Since AoE damage can still kill knocked out targets, make sure to avoid using quickhacks or weapon attacks that can trigger them, especially if they're within range of the target you want to keep alive.

How to Avoid Killing Cyberpsychoes

Last Hits are Always Non-Lethal

Nothing special really needs to be done in order to avoid killing cyberpsychoes. In the current version of the game, dealing the final hit that drops their HP to zero will always automatically incapacitate them instead of killing them.

Note: Cyberpsychoes can still be accidentally killed despite the change. One bullet or melee weapon swing after their HP hits zero will be lethal to them.

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