Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Revamped Police System and Wanted Levels

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Revamped Police System

Update 2.0's revamped police system improves the NCPD encounters in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on to learn more about the changes and what to expect on each wanted level!

Revamped Police System Features

2.0 Police System Features

Officers Patrol the Streets

Cyberpunk - officer on patrol

The NCPD now assigns police officers to patrol the streets in addition to the small groups posted in various corners of Night City. This allows them to quickly respond to crimes (of your doing, in particular), making the system look much more natural.

Police Spawn Far from the Player

Cyberpunk - police vehicle responding

In the previous versions, alerting the NCPD causes officers and drones to pop out randomly where you're not looking, making it easier for you to get cornered and overwhelmed.

Update 2.0 changes their means of response so that they will now spawn far from the player, usually in a police vehicle and from outside the minimap. This change makes escaping at low wanted levels much easier without having to use a vehicle.

Susceptible to Quickhacks

Cyberpunk - hackable officers

Police officers are now considered as valid targets for quickhacks. Other than neutralizing them in combat using your cyberdeck, you can also use quickhacks like Memory Wipe and Reboot Optics for a peaceful escape.

Other Hostile NPCs Can Get Involved

Cyberpunk - NPC engaging the police

If you're in an active chase, you can lure the police into a group of hostile NPCs to temporarily divert their attention away from you. This gives you time to escape and avoid fire for as long as your distraction stands.

Revamped Heat System

Cyberpunk - police roadblock

Responding NCPD units will get increasingly challenging as the Heat—or your Wanted level—rises. One moment you're fighting cops with standard gear and the next you're up against armored heavies and police combat bots.

With vehicle combat added, the NCPD will now chase you when you try to escape with a vehicle, even setting up roadblocks when your Heat level is high enough.

Wanted Levels and Responses

1-Star: Minimal Police Response

Cyberpunk - 1-star Heat

Police officers will arrive on foot and can be easily avoided. If you're near a road, police vehicles will occasionally arrive carrying a pair of officers.

2-Star: More Units Arrive

Cyberpunk - 2-star Heat

Continue making a commotion and you will be rewarded with another star. Police vehicles will arrive more frequently carrying 4-man teams. However, first responders will still be using standard police gear.

3-Star: Heavy Weapons Dispatched

Cyberpunk - 3-star Heat

At this point, armored vehicles will be sent in carrying combat bots and heavily armored officers wielding light machine guns. These new units are significantly harder to take down compared to the regular beat cop.

Roadblocks will also be set up if you try to get away in a vehicle. Armored Vehicles will also be able to stop you by ramming into your car, making them especially effective when escaping using a light vehicle.

4-Star: Overwhelming Police Presence

Cyberpunk - 4-star Heat

Crank up the Heat to 4-stars and NCPD will double the amount of units to take you down. Their overwhelming numbers can be difficult to deal with especially if you're in the open.

5-Star: MaxTac Squad and Mini-Bosses

Cyberpunk - 5-star Heat

At maximum Heat, an AV carrying a MaxTac squad of four will land nearby. These are the most powerful NCPD units that are only dispatched against rampaging cyberpsychos.

All of the MaxTac squad members are mini-bosses with different archetypes:

  • MaxTac Operator - Assault - carries a powerful rifle
  • MaxTac Operator - Mantis - wields Mantis Blades
  • MaxTac Operator - Netrunner - uses various quickhacks like Short Circuit and Cripple Movement
  • MaxTac Operator - Sniper - carries sniper rifles and grenades
  • MaxTac Operator - Heavy - carries a heavy machine gun

Adds Police Vehicles with Mounted Weaponries

Reaching 5-star wanted level also forces the NCPD to use vehicles with mounted weaponries. You can steal these buggy-type vehicle and use their machine guns and missile launchers in a road rampage!

MaxTac Can Disable Your Vehicle

If you try to escape on a vehicle with maximum Heat active, the MaxTac will breach and disable it, forcing you to run on foot, find another vehicle, or surrender.

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