Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Differences Between Gender | Which Gender to Choose?

This is a guide to the differences between each Gender (Body Type) in Cyberpunk 2077. Learn how choosing a male or female character affects the game, and which gender is best to choose to experience the game to the fullest.

Gender-Exclusive Romance Options

Judy Alvarez top image.jpeg

The gender you choose determines which Romance options are available to you. Be sure to confirm the romanceable characters first, and if missing out on a specific character is a dealbreaker, be sure to choose the character who can romance them.

Romance Option Required Gender
Judy Alvarez Female
Panam Palmer Male
River Ward Female
Kerry Eurodyne Male

Romance Guide and All Romance Options

Available Hairstyles and Settings

Male Character Creation Female Character Creation
Male Character Example.png Female Character Example.png

The settings available during character creation also vary by gender. The set of hairstyles available to Male and Female characters is completely different, and settings related to Beards are exclusive to Male characters.

Male-Only Appearance Settings

  • Beard
  • Beard Style
  • Beard Color

List of Hairstyles

Pronouns of Reference

This feature actually depends on the “Voice Tone” setting, not the “Body Type” setting.

If players choose the Masculine voice option, other characters will refer to them with he/him pronouns, and male-oriented terms like “choomba”.

If players choose the Feminine voice option, other characters will refer to them with she/her pronouns, and female-oriented terms – Jackie seems to prefer “chica” and “hermana”.

Which Gender to Choose?

Choose Gender.png

Obviously, there's no right option of the best gender to play the game as. That said, as shown above, there are a number of distinct differences between the two settings.

Choose Male to Romance Panam

Of the romance options in the game, Panam is most closely involved with the main story. To enjoy the complete version of Panam's storyline, you'll need to be a Male character in order to romance her.

The final choice is down to your preference, but for this reason, choosing the Male character can be seen as closer to the standard route for the game.

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