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How to Increase Carrying Capacity | Item Weight Guide

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This is a guide to increasing your carrying capacity in Cyberpunk 2077. Keep reading to find out what different ways you can boost the amount of items you can carry.

How to Increase Carrying Capacity

When you start the game you will have a base of 200 carrying capacity. This seems like a lot, and it can be easily managed by using your stash or selling/disassembling unneeded items, but depending on your setup you may want to hold onto things longer. Below are the various ways you can increase the weight your V is capable of holding.


Perk Attr. Level Effect at Lv. 1 Rating & Reason
Pack MulePack Mule 3 Increases carrying capacity by 60. B Rank Icon
Increased carrying capacity is useful, but inventory management is fairly easy when your vehicle is also a mobile stash. Pack Mule will only increase the time before you need to do inventory management.

Found in the Athletic skill tree of the Body attribute, Pack Mule gives a base boost of 60 for a single perk point and can be obtained as soon as you level up once.

Skill Levels


Skill Level Capacity Increase
2 20
6 40
13 100

Leveling up the Athletics skill can give you a total boost of 160 carrying capacity at level 13. However, leveling up Athletics is time consuming as the only ways to increase it are by doing Body attribute related actions such as forcing open doors, punching, jumping, or running. Our Athletics skill page has more info on how to level it up more quickly using the Berserk mod.

How to Level Up Athletics


The last method involves the use of the Titanium Bones implant. There are 3 different rarities of this implant that can increase your carrying capacity by a set percentage, however only one can be equipped at any time. Keep in mind that the Rare variant of Titanium Bones can only be equipped if you have 13 points in the Body attribute.

Cyberware Effect Price
Titanium BonesTitanium Bones Common
・Increases carrying capacity by 20%.
・Increases carrying capacity by 40%.
・Increases carrying capacity by 60%.
Common: 800
Uncommon: 1200
Rare: 2000

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