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List of Weapons

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This is a list of Weapons in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Learn what weapons are found in the game, what stats affect Weapons, and what types of Weapons appear.

How to Use Weapons

Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 are one of the more action-oriented aspects of the game. Players will use guns and other weapons in a first-person view to target and take down opponents.

Attachments and Mods

Weapons have Attachments and Mods allowing for customization to suit the player's style. Even within the FPS aspects of the game, these RPG elements remain at the forefront.

Weapon Customization Guide

Weapon Types and Classes

Weapon Classes

Both Ranged and Melee Weapons are available, each divided into individual classes with their own characteristics.

Ranged Weapons
Pistols Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles
SMGs Shotguns Revolver
Precision Rifles LMGs
Melee Weapons
Katanas Knives Long Blades
One-Handed Clubs Two-Handed Clubs Hammers

Weapon Types

In addition to their Class, each Weapon has a specific Type which determines the weapon's effects and how it is used.

Weapon Type Description
Power Weapon.pngPower Weapons Bullets can ricochet off surfaces. (Ranged)
Tech Weapon.pngTech Weapons Can be charged to release a powerful shot. (Ranged)
Smart Weapon.pngSmart Weapons Homes in on targets with self-guided micro-projectiles. (Ranged)
Blade.pngBlades Lethal weapon. (Melee)
Blunt Weapon.pngBlunt Weapons Non-lethal weapon. (Melee)
Grenade.pngGrenades Can be equipped to Quick Access and thrown to deal explosive damage.

Weapon Rarity

Weapons are divided into Rarity based on their quality. Weapons of higher rarity tend to have a higher number of Mod Slots.

Weapon Tiers
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary

Weapons can also have an Iconic Rating separate from their Tier. Iconic Weapons have the associated benefit of providing their Crafting Specs free of charge, allowing players to make multiple and stronger versions of the same weapon.

Weapon Stats

There are several stats associated with each weapon.

Weapon Stats
(Damage per second)
The primary indicator of the amount of damage the weapon deals.
Damage Determines the damage for each individual attack.
(Attacks Per Second)
The speed at which the weapon can fire.
(Headshot Damage Multiplier)
The damage multiplier for successful headshots.
Charge Time Determines how long to charge up a Tech weapon to pierce through cover.

Headshot Damage Multiplier (HDM)

All guns of a specific Class will have an initial multiplier to Headshot Damage. Note that some weapons may have individual boosts to this stat added on top of the multiplier.

Weapon Class Multiplier
Pistol x1.2
Revolver x2.5
Precision Rifle x1.5
Sniper Rifle x4
Shotgun x1
SMG & LMG x0.85
Assault Rifle x0.85

List of Weapons

Smart Guns

Weapon Class Damage
D5 Sidewinder ImageD5 Sidewinder Assault Rifle 43-53
Divided We Stand ImageDivided We Stand Assault Rifle 58-71
DB-4 Palica ImageDB-4 Palica Double-Barrel Shotgun 51-63x9
A-22B Chao ImageA-22B Chao Pistol 143-175
Genjiroh ImageGenjiroh Pistol 66-80
HJKE-11 Yukimura ImageHJKE-11 Yukimura Pistol 66-81
Kappa ImageKappa Pistol 59-72
Skippy ImageSkippy Pistol 55-68
Ba Xing Chong ImageBa Xing Chong Shotgun 51-62x8
L-69 Zhuo ImageL-69 Zhuo Shotgun 44-54x8
G-58 Dian ImageG-58 Dian SMG 40-48
Prototype: Shingen Mark V ImagePrototype: Shingen Mark V SMG 51-63
TKI-20 Shingen ImageTKI-20 Shingen SMG 57-70
Yinglong ImageYinglong SMG 43-53
Ashura ImageAshura Sniper Rifle 1176-1437

Power Guns

Weapon Class Damage
D5 Copperhead ImageD5 Copperhead Assault Rifle 85-105
DA8 Umbra ImageDA8 Umbra Assault Rifle 85-105
HJSH-18 Masamune ImageHJSH-18 Masamune Assault Rifle 201-245
Kyubi ImageKyubi Assault Rifle 202-248
M251S AJAX ImageM251S AJAX Assault Rifle 97-119
Moron Labe ImageMoron Labe Assault Rifle 112-137
Nowaki ImageNowaki Assault Rifle 126-155
Prejudice ImagePrejudice Assault Rifle 144-177
Psalm 11:6 ImagePsalm 11:6 Assault Rifle 94-115
DB-2 Testera ImageDB-2 Testera Double-Barrel Shotgun 36-44x24
DB-4 Igla ImageDB-4 Igla Double-Barrel Shotgun 63-77x10
Sovereign ImageSovereign Double-Barrel Shotgun 78-95x10
Defender ImageDefender LMG 61-75
MA70 HB ImageMA70 HB LMG 196-240
Death and Taxes ImageDeath and Taxes Pistol 118-145
Dying Night ImageDying Night Pistol 89-109
Kongou ImageKongou Pistol 65-79
La Chingona Dorada ImageLa Chingona Dorada Pistol 253-310
Liberty ImageLiberty Pistol 127-155
M-10AF Lexington ImageM-10AF Lexington Pistol 89-108
Malorian Arms 3516 ImageMalorian Arms 3516 Pistol 214-262
Nue ImageNue Pistol 214-262
Plan B ImagePlan B Pistol 168-205
Pride ImagePride Pistol 127-155
Tamayura ImageTamayura Pistol 74-91
Unity ImageUnity Pistol 159-195
Hypercritical ImageHypercritical Precision Rifle 517-632
SOR-22 ImageSOR-22 Precision Rifle 298-364
Amnesty ImageAmnesty Revolver 49-60
Archangel ImageArchangel Revolver 416-508
Crash ImageCrash Revolver 409-500
Doom Doom ImageDoom Doom Revolver Currently investigating!
DR5 Nova ImageDR5 Nova Revolver 238-291
Overture ImageOverture Revolver 356-435
Carnage ImageCarnage Shotgun 54-66x20
Crusher ImageCrusher Shotgun 72-88x6
Guts ImageGuts Shotgun 45-55x20
M2038 Tactician ImageM2038 Tactician Shotgun 46-57x10
Mox ImageMox Shotgun 56-68x20
The Headsman ImageThe Headsman Shotgun 53-65x20
VST-37 Pozhar ImageVST-37 Pozhar Shotgun 122-149x5
Buzzsaw ImageBuzzsaw SMG 61-75
DS1 Pulsar ImageDS1 Pulsar SMG 53-65
Fenrir ImageFenrir SMG 81-99
Guillotine ImageGuillotine SMG 104-127
M221 Saratoga ImageM221 Saratoga SMG 79-97
Problem Solver ImageProblem Solver SMG 75-92
Shigure ImageShigure SMG 48-59
OO'Five Sniper Rifle 1969-2407
Overwatch ImageOverwatch Sniper Rifle 1810-2213
SPT32 Grad ImageSPT32 Grad Sniper Rifle 1705-2084

Tech Guns

Weapon Class Damage
DB-2 Satara ImageDB-2 Satara Double-Barrel Shotgun 52-64x14
Apparition ImageApparition Pistol 153-187
Chaos ImageChaos Pistol 146-178
JKE-X2 Kenshin ImageJKE-X2 Kenshin Pistol 153-187
Lizzie ImageLizzie Pistol 53-64
M-76E Omaha ImageM-76E Omaha Pistol 42-52
Pariah Pistol 35.63
M-179E Achilles ImageM-179E Achilles Precision Rifle 55-68
Widow Maker ImageWidow Maker Precision Rifle 62-76
ComradeComrade's Hammer Revolver 3827-4677
DR12 Quasar ImageDR12 Quasar Revolver 163-199
RT-46 Burya ImageRT-46 Burya Revolver 734-897
Senkoh LX ImageSenkoh LX SMG 101-124
Breakthrough ImageBreakthrough Sniper Rifle 618-756
Nekomata ImageNekomata Sniper Rifle 619-756


Weapon Class Damage
Claw ImageClaw Axe 840
Tomahawk ImageTomahawk Axe 601
Cut-O-Matic ImageCut-O-Matic Chainsword 770
Cocktail Stick ImageCocktail Stick Katana 140
Jinchu-Maru ImageJinchu-Maru Katana 284
Katana ImageKatana Katana 513
Satori ImageSatori Katana 268
Scalpel ImageScalpel Katana 296
Tsumetogi ImageTsumetogi Katana 290
Blue Fang ImageBlue Fang Knife 206
ButcherButcher's Cleaver Knife 583
ChefChef's Knife Knife 583
Headhunter ImageHeadhunter Knife 201
Knife ImageKnife Knife 337
Neurotoxin Knife ImageNeurotoxin Knife Knife 389
Punknife ImagePunknife Knife 360
Stinger ImageStinger Knife 376
Tanto ImageTanto Knife 349
Kukri ImageKukri Machete 612
Machete ImageMachete Machete 612
Razor ImageRazor Machete 954

Blunt Weapons

Weapon Class Damage
CaretakerCaretaker's Spade Hammer 130
Hammer ImageHammer Hammer 883
Cottonmouth ImageCottonmouth One-handed Club 614
Crowbar ImageCrowbar One-Handed Club 601
Electric Baton Alpha ImageElectric Baton Alpha One-Handed Club 477
Electric Baton Beta ImageElectric Baton Beta One-Handed Club 244
Electric Baton Gamma ImageElectric Baton Gamma One-Handed Club 488
Monkey Wrench ImageMonkey Wrench One-Handed Club 552
Sir John Phallustiff ImageSir John Phallustiff One-handed Club 599
Steel Pipe ImageSteel Pipe One-Handed Club 601
Tinker Bell ImageTinker Bell One-handed Club 563
Tire Iron ImageTire Iron One-Handed Club 601
Baseball Bat ImageBaseball Bat Two-Handed Club 455
Gold-Plated Baseball Bat ImageGold-Plated Baseball Bat Two-handed Club 479
Kanabo ImageKanabo Two-Handed Club 458


Weapon Damage Blast Radius
Char Incendiary Grenade ImageChar Incendiary Grenade 2391 3m
EMP Grenade ImageEMP Grenade 2989 4m
F-GX Frag Grenade ImageF-GX Frag Grenade 5653 4m
Gash Antipersonnel Grenade ImageGash Antipersonnel Grenade 2153 4m
Molodets Biohaz Grenade ImageMolodets Biohaz Grenade 2989 4m
OzobOzob's Nose 5653 4m
Recon Grenade ImageRecon Grenade - 15m
X-22 Flashbang Grenade ImageX-22 Flashbang Grenade - 6m

Note that the Damage shown here is the highest value that we have been able to confirm. This number may be updated in the future

List of Unobtainable Weapons

The following weapons were confirmed through the Cyberpunk 2077 official game guide. However, each weapon has been confirmed to be unobtainable in the normal playthrough of the game.

Stay tuned for more news if future updates unlock these weapons!

Weapon Type
Second Opinion Power Pistol
Wakizashi Katana
Cattle Prod Blunt Melee Weapon

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