Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Shinobi Skill and How to Level Up

The Shinobi skill improves your mobility and melee effectiveness in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Learn more about this skill, its progression, and how to level up Shinobi in this guide!

Tips on How to Level Up Shinobi

Move Around Night City A Lot

Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Image

You can get exp for the Shinobi skill just by moving around! Jumping up buildings and running around Night City without a vehicle can passively level up this skill.

Additionally, invest points into the Reflexes attribute tree to acquire Dash and Air Dash. These are useful perks that you would want to have to not only level up Shinobi, but to also make exploring a whole lot better.

Use Builds That Focus on the Reflexes Attribute

Builds to Use for The Shinobi Skill
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To make leveling up Shinobi easier, you can also use builds centered around the Reflexes attribute. Use the ones focused on maximizing your damage for blades and assault rifles.

Shinobi Skill Progression

Skill Upgrades Per Level

Shinobi Skill Progression
5 Increases Movement Speed by 5%. 35 +1 Perk Point
10 +5% Stamina cost from dodging and Dashing. 40 Increased Mitigation Chance the faster you move.
15 +1 Perk Point 45 +25% damage with Fast Attacks
20 Increased accuracy for a short time after dodging or Dashing. 50 Air Dashing and sliding automatically reload 20% of your equipped weapon.
25 Increases Movement Speed by 5%. 55 When attacking from midair or while time is slowed, low Stamina does not affect ranged accuracy or melee attack speed.
30 -10% Stamina cost from dodging and Dashing. 60 When Sandevistan is active gain +40% Crit Chance and no Stamina cost for any type of movement.

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