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This is a walkthrough for Totalimmortal, a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in Totalimmortal, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

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Last Caress Totalimmortal -

Totalimmortal Basic Information

Quest Type Main
Act Act 3
Quest No. 3
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Totalimmortal

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete the Last Caress Quest.

Totalimmortal Rewards

Quest Rewards 387 XP

Totalimmortal Walkthrough

Totalimmortal quest Objectives

Arasaka Tower

Objective Icon.pngFollow Hanako.
Get out of the AV at Arasaka Tower and follow Hanako to Saburo's office, then get on the elevator. Get off the elevator and sit down in front of Mikoshi to listen to the conversation. Return to the elevator afterwards.
Objective Icon.pngFind a seat.
Follow Hanako again to the board meeting and take one of the members' seats, then participate in the meeting.
Objective Icon.pngFend off the attackers.
Once the meeting is over you will be attacked by Arasaka agents. Kill the attackers and speak with Hanako. Go back to the elevator and take it to the upper atrium, taking out anything in your path..
Objective Icon.pngReach the elevator.
On the upper atrium, make your way across the floor taking out the guards. The first elevator will be blocked so make your way up to the lift on the third floor. Take it to the 140th floor.
Objective Icon.pngHead to Yorinobu's office.
Get off the elevator and handle the guards, then make your way to Yorinobu's office. Adam Smasher will ambush you so you will be forced to fight. Once he goes down, grab the Access Code off of him.
Objective Icon.pngConfront Yorinobu.
With Smasher taken care of, continue on your way to Yorinobu's office. Enter and speak with Yorinobu.
Objective Icon.pngTake the elevator down.
Stand up and follow Hellman to the elevator where you will black out and end the quest.

All Completion Routes

Best Completion Route

Route Rating
Dark Jungle ★★★★★
Lit Jungle ★★★★
Walkway ★★★

The best way to go about the lower floor is to get the VIP card as it allows you to pass through most of the upper level with no conflict.

Route to the First Elevator

There are three routes you can take to the elevator:

Dark Jungle This route is harder to spot but can be easier than the other two when used. You will still encounter some of Yorunobu's men, but you will completely avoid the mech on the walkway. It is located to the side of the boardroom table. it is indicated by a well lit rock you can walk onto and into the dark jungle.
Lit Jungle This route will be indicated by red flares along the walkway that lead into the forest. There are a number of soldiers here too, but will get you behind the mech. There is a chance that the mech can spot you, so be wary. If you do get spotted, you can still make a bee line to the elevator.
Walkway This pathway will have fewer soldiers than the others but will require you to fight a mech. Unless you are confident in fighting this mech, the other routes might make it easier to get to the elevator.

Tips and Strategies

How to Beat Adam Smasher

Adam Smasher is a tough guy. His HP won't go down easily with just weapons, so if you have any powerful Electrical damage Quickhacks, those will likely be the most effective. Anything that causes EMP will temporarily disable most of his attacks as well, allowing you some time to recover and get more shots in. After you get him down to 50%, you will be joined by a wave of Arasaka Ninja agents that will dash at you and cause trouble. Take them out as quickly as you can then focus back on Smasher. The more HP he loses, the more aggressive his rocket attacks will get, so be on the move.


The fight comes in three stages:

Close-Combat Smasher uses both melee assaults and short ranged projectile to attack.
Long-Ranged Smasher's right half is destroyed and he keeps his distance.
Final Weakened State Smasher's barely has any functioning cyberware.

Weak Point

On the right side of Adam Smasher's chest is his weakspot. It's protected by a plating that can be destroyed and can be attacked for extra damage.

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