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How To Duplicate Items

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This is a guide on how to duplicate items in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on how it works and how you can use it to your advantage.

Does Item Duplication Still Work?

Patched Out In Patch v1.22

After recent patches, we have confirmed that this glitch no longer works. Stay tuned for more updates should this glitch occur once more in the future!

How To Duplicate Items

For those who are still interested, the steps for the glitch remains below.

Make sure you have the item, eddies, and go to a Drop Point

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All you need to have are the items, eddies and a drop point to begin this. Note that only items that can be sold, in short any item that appears in your Backpack menu, can be duplicated.

Sell the item and press 'Pause' and 'Sell' simultaneously

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Sell the item in the Drop Point then exit the menu. While still standing in front of the Drop Point, press the pause button and the Sell button at the same time to bring back up the Drop Point selling menu.

If done right, you will immediately notice that the screen is somewhat curved. Most noticeably, your Level at the top left may be a bit cut off from the screen. Also, the menu itself is more transparent, allowing you to see the Drop Point.

Buy back your item - infinite times!

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If done correctly, you can now buy the item you sold infinitely. You will hear a confirmation sound of your purchase but you will notice that your eddies may not drop at all. It will only register once you exit the selling menu.

Now, this means of course you need to have the eddies to buy them. In order to conserve eddies, it is advised to use this trick on very rare items.

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