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This is a walkthrough for The Pickup, a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn all the available choices in The Pickup, how to get the best possible result, tips and strategies for the Quest, and all available rewards.

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The Pickup Basic Information

Quest Type Main
Act Act 1
Quest No. 5
Lifepath All

How to Unlock The Pickup

Finish The Ride.

The Pickup Rewards

Quest Rewards The full list of Rewards for this Quest is coming soon!

The Pickup Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough and Guide

In this guide, we get the chip from Meredith, give them the bugged chip, rescue Brick, and fight our way out of the factory.

Optional: Meet with Meredith Stout

You can choose to meet with the Militech agent, Meredith Stout, before visiting Maelstrom. This will have effects on the possible routes you can take during your interactions with Maelstrom.

Objective Icon.pngCall Militech agent Meredith Stout→Meet with the Militech agent→Talk to the Militech agent
Call Meredith then go meet her. Agree to her deal to receive the datashard.
Objective Icon.pngRemove the virus from the chip
Once the conversation is over, Meredith will give you a shard to purchase the bot with, if you accept it. You can hack the shard to get a bit of experience and remove the malware to avoid a fight with the Maelstromers.

All Foods

Objective Icon.pngMeet with Jackie→Talk with Jackie→Go to the gate of All Foods→Use the intercom→Talk with Maelstrom via the intercom
Meet Jackie at All Foods and use the intercom to talk to Maelstrom.
Objective Icon.pngGet to main production floor of All Foods→Get in the elevator→Wait with Jackie in the elevator
Head inside and follow the path to their base. Take the elevator upstairs.
Objective Icon.pngTalk to the Maelstromers→Sit on the couch
Plant yourself on the couch and talk to Dum Dum. Calm Jackie down to avoid an immediate firefight.

Option 1: Fight with Maelstrom

Regardless of what you say during the following conversation with Royce, you'll end up having to fight with Maelstrom, unless you hacked the datashard from Meredith Stout in advance.

Fight with Maelstrom
Objective Icon.pngDefeat the Maelstromers (cancels Talk to Maelstromers objective)→Talk to Jackie
Take down Royce and the Maelstromers if you don't have the chip or did not take off the malware from the chip.
Objective Icon.pngTake the Flathead→Pass through the maintenance tunnel→Turn on the production line to clear passage
Go through the area, bringing down the Maelstromers as you go.
Objective Icon.pngEscape from All Foods→Defeat Maelstrom/Defeat Royce and his crew→Find a way to free Brick (optional)
As you enter the last room, you will either have to defeat a set of Maelstrom members or Royce in a mech (if you didn't calm Jackie down earlier). Further, you will have the option to free Brick.
Objective Icon.pngFollow Jackie→Call Dex→Talk to Dex
Meredith will appear here if you fail to calm Jackie down or gave the datashard without wiping off the malware. Call Dex to end this quest.

Option 2: Give the Hacked Shard from Meredith Stout

If you hacked the Datashard from Meredith Stout, you'll be able to make a deal with the Maelstromers. This will lead you to deal with Militech soldiers instead of Maelstromers for the remainder of the Quest.

Give the Hacked Datashard
Objective Icon.pngDefeat the Militech agents
If you took this route, Militech will storm the Maelstroms base once you obtain the Flathead.
Objective Icon.pngFollow Dum Dum to the production line where you'll be attacked by Militech soldiers.
Objective Icon.pngPick off any Militech soldiers that fire at you and run towards the exit. You will have to take out two mechs before you can leave the base.
Objective Icon.pngIf you wiped the malware off the datashard, you'll speak with Anthony Gilchrist from earlier.
Objective Icon.pngCall up Dex to finish the quest.

Obtainable Items

This list contains only rare Items and those which have a high chance of appearing.

Item How to Get
ChaosChaos This pistol can be found on Royce's body if you defeat him.

The Pickup Choices and Best Choice

Meredith Stout

Choose To Get The Chip

Talking with Meredith Stout will give you the eddies to strike a deal with the Maelstrom gang. Check the The Chip section to know what will happen.

Do Not Get The Chip

This will make things simpler. Since it is unlikely that you have 10,000 eddies with you, the mission will almost always be a gun fight against Maelstromers.

Calming Jackie

Calm Him Down

At the beginning of the meeting with Maelstrom, you will have the option to calm Jackie down as Maelstromers are forcing him to do so. Calming him down will allow you to make a deal with the Maelstromers.

Don't Calm Him

Choosing not to calm Jackie will instantly bring you into a fight with the Maelstromers. This will end up having to fight Royce in a mech in the final room.

The Chip

Wipe the Malware From the Chip

In this situation, you can choose to pay off Malestrom instead of fighting them or stealing the bot. You will instead have to escape All Foods while being attacked by Militech soldiers.

And in the end, you will find out from Anthony Gilchrist that Meredith Stout is dead and he sent the Militech soldiers.

Don't Wipe the Malware From the Chip

Not wiping the malware from the chip will put you in a similar situation, however you will have to fight Royce in a mech in the final room.

The Transaction

Make A Deal With Royce

You can opt to make a new deal with Royce and you can offer the Chip to him. See the Chip section as to the effects of handing him a wiped or a non-wiped chip.

Kill Royce

Choosing an option that seems to be taunting Royce in any way will put you in a situation with a chance to kill him. If you do, this will ensue a fight with the Maelstromers but you don't need to fight Royce in a mech.


You will find Brick, the former leader of the Maelstrom gang, imprisoned in one of rooms if you don't wipe the malware from the chip. You can choose to free him or leave him be. HIs fate will affect the future side job below.

Second Conflict Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Leave Him Be

Simply continue down the path and disregard him.

Free Him

You'll have to find the computer that contains the code to his door, which is 9691, and then you'll need a Tech of 7 to disarm the mine pointing him. Freeing him will indebt him to you and will pay dividends when you meet him in the Side Job Second Conflict.

Militech Power Struggle

There is an internal power struggle within Militech between Meredith Stout and Anthony Gilchrist. The choices you make affect who comes out the victor. This will affect you later on as the victor will contact you and give you rewards.

Meredith Stout Wins

For Meredith Stout to win, any one of these conditions must be met:

  • Buy the Flathead with an infected chip
  • Meet with Stout and kill Royce during the transaction

Anthony Gilchrist Wins

For Anthony to win, any one of these conditions must be met:

  • Do not meet with Stout
  • Buy the Flathead with your own money
  • Wipe the malware from the Chip you get from Stout

Tips and Strategies

Nomad and Corpo Specific Options

If your Lifepath is the Nomad and Corpo, doing the optional meet with Meredith Stout will open up unique dialogue options, however they don't amount to anything.

Use Grenades

If you get into the firefight with the Maelstromers and choose to fight, grenades deal plenty of damage to multiple targets

Possible Ending Bug

At the end of the mission, when you exit the building, you'll find that corpos surrounding the building. If Jackie is not outside with you and remains in the building, one of the corpos will block your way from accessing him, rendering the Talk to Jackie objective undoable.

Jackie Door Bug.jpg

A possible way to circumvent this is by not rushing out to talk to whoever is outside, waiting for Jackie to follow you. If he's in the doorway and is stuck there, it's possible to talk to him at a certain angle.

How to Defeat Royce

Destroy His Battery

Royce's mech has an intelligent shield that negates damage when hit. One of the ways to disable it is to destroy the battery at the back of his suit by shooting at it or using grenades. Alternatively, you can sneak up to him and disable the battery with a takedown.

Reload Stance

When Royce is reloading his weapon, it will be the ideal time to get in as close as possible and shoot his battery, or his head for damage.

Use Tech Weapons

Using charged shots from Tech Weapons will allow you to shoot through his shield.

Bladerunner Perk

The perk Bladerunner increases your damage against mechanical enemies, like Royce.


There are three types of quickhacks that are effective against Royce.

  • Overheat, which causes damage over time.
  • Weapon Malfunction will stagger Royce, giving an opening simiilar to his Reload Stance.
  • Short Circuit instantly destroys Royce's battery.

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