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Melee Weapons

This is a list of Blade weapons in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to learn about blade weapons, and which swords, knives, and other blade weapons are found in the game.

What Are Blade Weapons?

Deadly Close-Range Armaments

Melee Weapons
Even in the future that has guns that target enemies for you, close-range weapons are still widely used. They may require to be up close and personal to do some damage, but with the technology you have at your disposal, it shouldn't be a problem.

Lethal Weapons

Blade weapons are a type of lethal damage dealing melee weapon. Unlike Blunt Weapons, which deal non-lethal damage, Blades will always kill an enemy, so make sure you want to fully take out an enemy before using one on them!

In-Game Description

Blade Icon Blade Sharp and lethal. Be careful not to cut yourself.

List of Blade Weapons

Weapon Class Damage
Kukri ImageKukri Machete 612
Machete ImageMachete Machete 612
Razor ImageRazor Machete 954
Stinger ImageStinger Knife 376
ButcherButcher's Cleaver Knife 583
ChefChef's Knife Knife 583
Knife ImageKnife Knife 337
Tanto ImageTanto Knife 349
Neurotoxin Knife ImageNeurotoxin Knife Knife 389
Punknife ImagePunknife Knife 360
Blue Fang ImageBlue Fang Knife 206
Headhunter ImageHeadhunter Knife 201
Scalpel ImageScalpel Katana 296
Satori ImageSatori Katana 268
Cocktail Stick ImageCocktail Stick Katana 140
Tsumetogi ImageTsumetogi Katana 290
Jinchu-Maru ImageJinchu-Maru Katana 284
Katana ImageKatana Katana 513
Cut-O-Matic ImageCut-O-Matic Chainsword 770
Tomahawk ImageTomahawk Axe 601
Claw ImageClaw Axe 840

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