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The Badlands Image

This is a guide to The Badlands, one of the districts found in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to find out the important locations in this map, including subdistricts and fast point dataterms, as well as notable people you can meet and missions you can do.

The Badlands Map and Description

In-Game Description

Database Entry for The Badlands
If you think Night City is dangerous, just wait till you get to the Badlands.
The areas bordering the city to the east and south are actually eight different zones that vary in character and landscape. There's the trailer park of Red Peaks, the plains of Rocky Ridge, and desert of Sierra Sonara stretching out to the east, whose landfill emits a stench that's often blown all the way into the city. Saturated with chemicals and acid rain, nothing will ever grow again in this region of the Badlands. Anyone who has to cross this area does it quickly, and if they're smart, with an armed escort in case they run into Wraiths - a gang made up of exiled nomads. You can compare them to vultures, though at least vultures have the decency to wait until their prey is dead.
The south paints a much less apocalyptic picture with Biotechnica's protein farm and the Jackson Plains power plant. A trip to the neighboring lake of Laguna Bend at sunset is the most picturesque view the Badlands has to offer (just make sure you don't touch the water.)
There's a saying that everyone should visit the Badlands at least once in their lives. Sounds like something the Wraiths would say.

Notable People and Events in The Badlands

Primary Gangs in The Badlands

There are no primary gangs in this area.

Territory of The Nomad Gangs

Cyberpunk 2077 Wraiths 01.png
As the Badlands are so vast, there is no one single gang that completely runs the whole territory.

However, there are two competing Nomad Gangs: the Aldecaldos and the Wraiths. Both of them feature strong bonds and will do anything to protect its members.

Fast Travel Dataterms in The Badlands

Location Subdistrict
Solar Power Station [???]
Autowerks [???]
Las Palapas Hotel [???]
Fuel Station [???]
Regional Airport [???]
Sunset Motel [???]
Medeski Fuel Station [???]
Rocky Ridge [???]
Mobile Camp [???]

The Badlands Cyberpsycho Locations Map

The Badlands Cyberpsycho Sightings
The Badlands Cyberpsycho Locations.jpgEnlarge

All Cyberpsycho Locations

The Badlands Vendors and Shops

Weapon Vendors

Vendor Name Subdistrict Wares
Gun Vendor (Mobile Camp) [???] Legendary D5 Copperhead
Legendary M-10AF Lexington
Gun Vendor (Sunset Motel) [???] Legendary D5 Sidewinder
Legendary A-22B Chao
Legendary Liberty
Marty [???] Legendary M251S AJAX
Legendary Electric Baton Beta

Ripperdocs (Cyberware Vendors)

Vendor Name Subdistrict Wares
Ripperdoc (Mobile Camp) [???] Ram Upgrade
Mechatronic Core
Tyrosine Injector
Adrenaline Booster
Blood Pump
Bioplastic Blood Vessels
Titanium Bones
Synaptic Signal Optimizer
Smart Link
Mantis Blades
Gorilla Arms
Projectile Launch System
Reinforced Tendons
Fortified Ankles
BioDyne MK.1
Fireproof Coating
Kiroshi Optics MK.2

Clothing Vendors

Vendor Name Subdistrict Wares
Clothing Vendor (Trailer Park) [???] Wares Currently Unavailable


Vendor Name Vendor Type Location
Meds Vendor (Mobile Camp) Medpoint [???] (The Badlands)

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