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No one can overlook the sheer number of bugs present in the release-day version of Cyberpunk 2077. This is our list of all Bugs currently present in the game, with a space for users to share all the Bugs they have found!

List of Bugs and Glitches

We are currently investigating the fixes from Patch 1.05 to see if the bugs below have been resolved. If you have found that one of the bugs listed here has already been fixed, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Stuck on “Talk to Viktor” Objective in The Ripperdoc

Cyberpunk 2077 The Ripperdoc 03.png

A bug has occurred for some players which prevents them from proceeding past the “Talk to Viktor” Objective. When talked to, players find themselves only able to ask “How's Biz?”.

Although we were not able to confirm this bug ourselves, players have reported being able to resolve the issue by saving and reloading the game. Be sure to try this first when you encounter this problem!

The Ripperdoc Quest Walkthrough

Enemies Clip Through Walls

In the escape section of The Heist, the Leader of the Arasaka Guards will normally emerge from an elevator and attack the player. However, this bug will cause him to instead clip crazily through the walls and put up no resistance against the player.

Although this may seem advantageous, it may actually cause the defeated Leader to fall through the floor, making it impossible to receive his Access Chip and forcing the player to revert to a previous save.

Leader Body Still Suffers.jpg

Even in the following elevator scene with Jackie, the slain Leader's corpse may continue to occasionally fall through the ceiling into the floor.

Characters' Mouths do Not Move

One of the most common bugs in Cyberpunk 2077 is characters' mouths not moving. During in-game dialouge or even cutscenes, you are likely to see at least one character who is talking without moving their face. In the beginning of the game, this can often be seen with Jackie, since he is frequently speaking with V.

T-Posing NPCs


You may come across some NPCs that are locked in a T-pose. They will still be able to interact with you, but getting them to stop posing can be quite difficult.

Game Textures Glitch Out

During your playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077, you may notice many strange occurances with in-game textures. During our playthrough, some examples included V's knuckles being see-through, NPC models freezing, and characters appearing out of nowhere.

Bug Sharing Board

Share the bugs you've found while playing Cyberpunk 2077, whether they be frustrating, funny, or simply baffling.

Players may even be able to help resolve bugs you've encountered, sobe sure to share your platform and version information as well!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find our bustling Bug Sharing Board.

Fixed Bugs and Glitches

All Resolved Bugs and Glitches

Getting Stuck in the Mission Love Like Fire

After The Heist mission, you will awake as Johnny Silverhand. While playing as him, you will make your way to a helicopter and fly towards a tower. Your objective will be to take out the enemies on the roof, but the combat turrents will be invincible. If you experience this bug, you will be unable to move forward with the main story line.

You will also appear to not take any damage, making you stuck in the helicopter. It will continue to circle the roof until you take out all enemies, which is impossible. The bullet fire will appear to pass through the enemy turrets.

Has it been resolved?

Based on our investigations after upgrading to Patch 1.05, this bug has been resolved!

Love Like Fire Quest Walkthrough

Jackie is Inaccessible in the “Talk to Jackie” Objective at the End of The Pickup

At the end of the The Pickup, when you exit the building, you'll find that corpos surrounding the building. If Jackie is not outside with you and remains in the building, one of the corpos will block your way from accessing him, rendering the Talk to Jackie objective undoable.

Jackie Door Bug.jpg

A possible way to circumvent this is by not rushing out to talk to whoever is outside, waiting for Jackie to follow you. If he's in the doorway and is stuck there, it's possible to talk to him at a certain angle.

Has it been resolved?

Based on our investigations after upgrading to Patch 1.05, this bug has been resolved!

The Pickup Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

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Submissions: 972
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972 Anonymous2 daysReport

Once completed or doing missions for the Voodoo boys game flatlines (crash to desk top)

971 Anonymous3 daysReport

Discount doc glitched won’t complete Seaside Cafe won’t send message to complete

970 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>949 Same here. Ps5

969 Anonymous7 daysReport

The suspected organized crime activity missions are not "completing" even when I kill everyone and open the box or whatever they want to end it. Just stays in combat mode. Until I leave and do something else

968 Anonymous7 daysReport

>>967 Scan with quick hacks. There are bombs on the ground

967 Anonymous7 daysReport

On the ncpd mission where u go to joes stash it instantly kills/explodes me when i walk to the area of the hideout

966 Anonymous7 daysReport

I am stuck in ‘Transmission’. I killed the boss, Placide. However he was in the stairwell and I was outside of the door that leads to the stairwell and now that door will not open. I am supposed to get a key off of his body to leave the chapel and I am now trapped. I can’t even move to a different mission because the key is to open the chapel door. What do I do????

965 Anonymous7 daysReport

After the Voodoo boys final quest, I finally finish talking over things with Johnny, then stand up. I notice that I cannot call my car. Then after running around, I slowly realize that all cars (except parking ones) and normal NPC (except the shootable ones) have disappeared from the map. Sometimes I can see a car but by the time I get closer they all disappear. How can this be? This is beyond a bug. How can all NPCs disappear from a game!? This is more than frustrating. PS4 version by the way.

964 Anonymous8 daysReport

THE HEIST - Get rid of the drones: I do not have a gun in my hands so I can't shoot the drones. Yes, I did have a gun in my hands when I started the quest. Anyone?

963 Anonymous8 daysReport

>>934 Ive recently started having issues with hacking....especially pings, which always cost one RAM. All the sudden theyre costing 4 RAM even though the screen says it should only cost one.

962 omphteliba8 daysReport

During "Last Caress" I can't continue, because I can't "Neutralize the elite guards" because I was in the villa before the quest and killed any NPC standing around.

961 Anonymous8 daysReport

In the Gig called Until Death Do Us Part, the elevator button becomes unusable and you can't go up to the Apartments to begin the mission. I'm playing on Xbox One

960 Anonymous9 daysReport

Stuck inside vehicle and unable to exit by pressing circle. Unable to draw weapons or use items... I'm on PS5

959 Anonymous9 daysReport

>>938 Have had same issue on xbox even after the last cyberpsycho mission and my character is 50 both level and street cred.

958 Anonymous9 daysReport

>>928 I had this problem you have to stand to the right of the panel and enter the code, there’s a video of someone doing it

957 DAG10 daysReport

>>950 Having this exact problem. I hope I can continue Panam's storyline when they fix this because With a Little Help from My Friends does not appear in the quest menu. And Panam has not called me after completing Riders on the Storm.

956 Choom11 daysReport

>>930 Having this same problem with another mission. If I find anything I will let you know

955 Choom11 daysReport

I waited a few days to get into the passenger seat with Panam and when I went back the thorn was gone and shes supposedly 8 km underground. Wtf do I dooo lol I tried saving and reloading AND closing out the game and restarting. Going for the path of glory ending . .... FUCK XD

954 The Dude11 daysReport

Cannot exit braindances. The 'x' button does not exit; any key bound to the task does not exit; any key on the keyboard does not exit. Given there is at least one braindance related mission in the main storyline that must be completed, the main quest was broken for me a few missions after 'The Heist'. I can wander and take out crooks and pursue side missions, but without the ability to progress through braindance missions, this game is dead to me.

953 Anonymous11 daysReport

Yes, I made that mistake too

952 Anonymous11 daysReport

I’m stuck in the brothel where evelyn glitched after I talk to woodman and he directs me to leave I cannot get out lady at front counter repeats intro speech and doors are locked can’t get hear back tried jumping out window only death I’ve killed everyone there reloaded the scene nothing works also can’t kill lady behind counter even with a Grenade Pretty annoyed right now

951 Difficulty bug11 daysReport

After The Heist and the ofrenda to Jackie scene, enemies became near invencible and kills you with one or two shots. That applies for any main, side or random encounter in any location of the mao. Changing the difficulty or loading from an earlier save does not solve the issue. The game is just unplayable once this bug happens.

950 Anonymous12 daysReport

I just did the mission "riding the storm" with panam and was supposed to get the call from her to start her next quest this was over a week ago in game.... please help ps4 player if it helps.

949 Anonymous12 daysReport

Doing one of panam's missions where you're on the turret in her car causes a visual glitch where it'll keep showing the controls for it on the side of the screen ever after leaving the vehicle. (Ps4)

948 Anonymous12 daysReport

In the totalimortal level anytime I look at the jungle my game instantly crashes. I've set graphics to lowest and it helped nothing. Any help?

947 Anonymous12 daysReport

I got to the part where things go south with takemura, but after that I have yet to receive any main missions

946 Anonymous13 daysReport

Killed Nash didn't drop the widowmaker, shot him when he was dead got 300 street cred and no widowmaker

945 Anonymous13 daysReport

Scrapper perk is indiscriminate. It destroys even expensive junk and actually sabotages your profit

944 Anonymous14 daysReport

>>917 throw a grenade. i had the same thing. itll go through the floor/wall

943 Anonymous14 daysReport

>>917 Try powerfull sniper rifles to shoot through container walls. V highlights enemies who attack him.

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