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Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs and Glitches

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More than a year after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the game has finally been revived from the backlash it has received since its launch. Read on to learn more about Cyberpunk 2077's most controversial glitches, its latest bugs, and their fixes.

List of Bugs and Glitches

Most Bugs Are Now Fixed

With the release of Patches 1.5 and 1.6, you'll be pleased to know that there are no longer game breaking bugs for Cyberpunk 2077. Although like most games, it's not entirely devoid of mistakes, so keep an eye out for minor bugs.

Wondering if Cyberpunk 2077 is worth playing now? Check out our article to see what has changed and what has been fixed.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 Fixed?

Stuck on “Talk to Viktor” Objective in The Ripperdoc

Cyberpunk 2077 The Ripperdoc 03.png

A bug has occurred for some players which prevents them from proceeding past the “Talk to Viktor” Objective. When talked to, players find themselves only able to ask “How's Biz?”.

Although we were not able to confirm this bug ourselves, players have reported being able to resolve the issue by saving and reloading the game. Be sure to try this first when you encounter this problem!

The Ripperdoc Quest Walkthrough

Enemies Clip Through Walls

In the escape section of The Heist, the Leader of the Arasaka Guards will normally emerge from an elevator and attack the player. However, this bug will cause him to instead clip crazily through the walls and put up no resistance against the player.

Although this may seem advantageous, it may actually cause the defeated Leader to fall through the floor, making it impossible to receive his Access Chip and forcing the player to revert to a previous save.

Leader Body Still Suffers.jpg

Even in the following elevator scene with Jackie, the slain Leader's corpse may continue to occasionally fall through the ceiling into the floor.

Characters' Mouths do Not Move

One of the most common bugs in Cyberpunk 2077 is characters' mouths not moving. During in-game dialouge or even cutscenes, you are likely to see at least one character who is talking without moving their face. In the beginning of the game, this can often be seen with Jackie, since he is frequently speaking with V.

T-Posing NPCs


You may come across some NPCs that are locked in a T-pose. They will still be able to interact with you, but getting them to stop posing can be quite difficult.

Game Textures Glitch Out

During your playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077, you may notice many strange occurances with in-game textures. During our playthrough, some examples included V's knuckles being see-through, NPC models freezing, and characters appearing out of nowhere.

Gun Clipping

During some scenes in Cyberpunk 2077, you may have noticed weird moments when some characters have their gun clipped to some parts of their body. This ruins the immersion and emotional weight of some scenes.

As of patch 1.6, there are still cases of the Gun Clipping glitch although it shows up very rarely.

Flying Cars

Perhaps one of the funniest glitches in the game, the Flying Car glitch was notorious specially during Cyberpunk 2077's launch. This includes the player's car, whether they're inside or not.

Broken Car AI

If you have played Cyberpunk 2077 during launch, you may have noticed cars driving through barriers, and only going in circles when in roundabouts. So watch out whenever you're walking on the pavements.

Bug Sharing Board

Share your Bugs

Let us know about the bugs you've found while playing Cyberpunk 2077, whether they be frustrating, funny, or simply baffling.

Players may even be able to help resolve bugs you've encountered, so be sure to share your platform and version information as well!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find our bustling Bug Sharing Board.

Bug Sharing Board

Fixed Bugs and Glitches

1st Place bug in The Beast in Me: Badlands

Cyberpunk 2077 Luigi Bug trigger

A number of players have encountered bug during The Beast in Me: Badlands side quest. It's where the player finishes first but the game recognizes Luigi Antonowicz as the winner of the race.

Has it been resolved?

As of patch 1.6, this bug still happens often and there is no fix out yet. But you can avoid this bug by ignoring Luigi, doing so makes the game recognize V and Claire as the winners of the race.

Map Glitch

Cyberpunk 2077 Map Glitch

Some players in PC may have noticed map glitches in their game. This is caused by NVIDIA's latest game ready driver update 522.25 last October 12, 2022.

Has it been resolved?

Check out NVIDIA's Fix for this problem if you do not wish to roll back your driver.

If NVIDIA's fix is too complicated for you, you can try rolling back your driver by going to Device Manager > Display Adapters > Double click on your GPU > Drivers > Roll Back Driver.

Getting Stuck in the Mission Love Like Fire

After The Heist mission, you will awake as Johnny Silverhand. While playing as him, you will make your way to a helicopter and fly towards a tower. Your objective will be to take out the enemies on the roof, but the combat turrents will be invincible. If you experience this bug, you will be unable to move forward with the main story line.

You will also appear to not take any damage, making you stuck in the helicopter. It will continue to circle the roof until you take out all enemies, which is impossible. The bullet fire will appear to pass through the enemy turrets.

Has it been resolved?

Based on our investigations after upgrading to Patch 1.05, this bug has been resolved!

Love Like Fire Quest Walkthrough

Takemura Call Stuck in Down on the Street

Cyberpunk 2077 - Plan with Takemura.png

During Down on the Street, Takemura calls you but doesn't say anything. This could possibly hinder the player's progress in the main story as V is required to respond to Takemura's call.

Has it been resolved?

Based on our investigations after upgrading to Patch 1.11, this bug has been resolved!

Down on the Street Walkthrough and Rewards

Jackie is Inaccessible in the “Talk to Jackie” Objective at the End of The Pickup

At the end of the The Pickup, when you exit the building, you'll find that corpos surrounding the building. If Jackie is not outside with you and remains in the building, one of the corpos will block your way from accessing him, rendering the Talk to Jackie objective undoable.

Jackie Door Bug.jpg

A possible way to circumvent this is by not rushing out to talk to whoever is outside, waiting for Jackie to follow you. If he's in the doorway and is stuck there, it's possible to talk to him at a certain angle.

Has it been resolved?

Based on our investigations after upgrading to Patch 1.05, this bug has been resolved!

The Pickup Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

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1033 Mike Alexalmost 2 yearsReport

I have version 1.52 and i get an annoying bug where the mouse movement will stop working at random intervals, usually after 5 or so minutes of gameplay. It is resolved by loading a save game but its frustating to reload every 5 minutes. Anyone else has this issue ?

1032 Anonymousalmost 2 yearsReport

Having issues where going to speak to people there are no highlighted communications between characters. This is since completing job, waiting for bob kaloscki. No missions are coming up or anybody being able To contact for extra missions. Was I joking the Game , now has turned into a load of dog poo

1031 Anonymousalmost 2 yearsReport

Can’t put flathead in brief case

1030 Ilyaabout 2 yearsReport

I've completed all of the Judy missions up until the one where you bring Ev back to her flat. Completed the VDB missions and got a text from Judy but then silence, so i don't get the call to go to the Evelyn suicide mish. tried reloading a save, waiting for 3-4 days, went to her apartment and scanned everything,doing other missions now I'm in act 3 (post-hanako kidnapping) and still no call. Don't want to load the save to before Judy's quests for obvious reasons. Any help would be appreciated.

1029 Scaroabout 2 yearsReport

I figured it out but now I’m having trouble finding crafting spec’s that a YouTuber had. Is there any way to guarantee legendary crafting spec’s for armadillo and for the knuckle mod for the gorilla arms, I went to the locations in the video and I got white armadillo and no knuckle mod.

1028 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

You have to talk to Nix in the afterlife first and do the spellbound mission. One of Nix's conversation trees leads to him telling you about Bartmoss' disappearance where you get the mission in your journal.

1027 Scaroabout 2 yearsReport

I’m trying to get Kold Mirage to start but Johnny doesn’t talk when I open the fridge near Dexter Deshawn's body. Is there something I have to do for it to work.

1026 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Game/story stopping ....when I get in the car with the police detective dude to go save his nephew at the farm......every time he rams the gate of the farm to get in, with his car . The car just explodes and I die .....every time .....can't get any further in the story .......I've tried getting out the car , restarting ......every time ....he rams the gate , car goes boom ......totally a show stopper :-(

1025 Kutz Ninjaover 2 yearsReport

Nomad car is invisible in These Boots Are Made For Walking side quest.

1024 Doctor_Beastlyover 2 yearsReport

The mission Sex on Wheels. Says to "Get in the Car". The marker is 10ft under the garage though. No car appearing in the garage. Nothing I do can seem to spawn it, and I've played too far forward to load a previous save point... on PS4

1023 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Ran into the same problem with Iris not wanting to get in the van (in v1.31) but coerced her into doing it by backing the van up into her. She'll jump out of the way if you try to ram her, but backing up and bumping her teleports her to the side of the van, where she'll get in.

1022 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

>>[1021 I experienced the same bug on pc with patch 1.3. Iris would follow the van everywhere but never get in. Finally I tried driving the van into the junk yard in front of the building where you first find her. Got out of the van walked to the garage where it was previously parked, then walked back to the van. This time when I entered the van driver side, she entered on the passenger side. Was able to complete the the gig.

1021 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Getting an interesting one on Xbox. The quest "No Fixers", the target won't get in the van, and no matter what I do, I get the dialogue for not having brought it upon returning to Dakota

1020 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

The REQ is most likely for the Body stat. Level it up, and you should be able to put in on.

1019 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

I have two bugs that I've encountered so far. 1. Chippin' In didn't appear after talking to Johnny in Tapeworm. The way I got it was by leaving Clouds, if that helps. 2. The Beast In Me didn't appear after completing Double Life.

1018 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

Big Dream-Rancho Coronado after Nakamura killed Dex and took me to the car on highway i could not target and shoot to Kill motorbikers with weapon reacieved from him. Solved IT by pushing scanner button right after recive weapon from nakamura. Then I was able again to target with weapon and shoot motobikers

1017 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

The flathead case when you meet Dashaun after you get it is missing cant proceed. No box to put it in .

1016 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

The side quest No Fixers still bugged after the update Iris Tanner still doesn't want in the car.

1015 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

I am unable to equip the iconic zetatech berserker operating system, it is shown and not able to be equipped with the REQ but does not say what I'm missing, do I need a perk?

1014 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

Game will not allow me to equip any armor piece without having to go to backpack and equipping it that way. Rather than just being able to click the armor piece slot and it bringing up the related gear.

1013 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

When I grapple NPCs I can see black patches flashing on the back of their head, shoulders, and back. Like they are rendering properly.

1012 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

When i get called I get the gun guy from the beginning stuck inside of the person who is calling me. I have this with every call. It started after v was speaking with 2 people at once during a call

1011 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

I do not receive a prize for completing last quest things as, an implant berserker and gorilla's hands, a key from the drawing of a smart shotgun from adam smasher

1010 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

im on Life During WarTime quest and everything is going fine. no bugs when calling takemura but only AFTER when johnny tells me to take hellman to a private room and my character responds with "true", the game crashes. ive replayed this quest (4 times) as far back to arriving at the gas station and the timing is still the same. idk if i should just restart the quest from the beginning? help please :(

1009 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

it's fine, I just took an older save before Takemura calls me

1008 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

Cyberpunk graphics still bad on ps4 slim and standard models it still runs slow on loading screen and have to much focus on film grain its still very much blurry we hope cyberpunk will be playable for all

1007 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

ripperdoc red exclamation point can't talk to them, they hostile?

1006 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

(PS4) Can’t open the door to Cassius Ryder’s ripper doc to get the free reward and complete “The Gig” I have no other saves to fall back on. I know, I know... my bad. What was I thinking.

1005 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

As soon as I try to start the Secret Ending mission, Don't Fear the Reaper, the tech weapon, Widow Maker, ceases to work entirely. It won't fire if I'm aiming, won't charge power. The only way I can use it is with hip firing. WTF????? So it's basically useless...

1004 Anonymousabout 3 yearsReport

In Play it Safe, everytime I enter the elevator to meet Takemura right before the quest begin, the game just stops. Can anyone help me ?

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