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Cyberpunk 2077 offers a wide variety of character customization options. Learn all the available settings for your character's appearance, and how aspects like male and female gender and your character's Lifepath affect the game.

Appearance Customization

Facial Appearance

Like many RPGs, you can choose your gender (body type), and fully customize how your character looks, right down to their facial hair, eye color, and more.

The following is a complete list of the customizable features of your character:

Customizable Features
Voice Tone Skin Tone Skin Type
Hairstyle Hair Color Eyes
Eyes Color Eyebrows Eyebrow Color
Nose Mouth Jaw
Ears Beard* Beard Style*
Beard Color* Cyberware Facial Scars
Facial Tattoos Piercings Piercing Color
Teeth Eye Makeup Eye Makeup Color
Lip Lip Makeup Color Cheek Makeup
Cheek Makeup Color Blemishes Blemish Color
Nails Nail Color Nipples
Body Tattoos Body Scars -

*Only available in Male Character Creation.

Gender Differences: Male vs. Female

Gender-Exclusive Romance Options

Judy Alvarez top image.jpeg

The gender you choose determines which Romance options are available to you. Be sure to confirm the romanceable characters first, and if missing out on a specific character is a dealbreaker, be sure to choose the character who can romance them.

Gender-Exclusive Romance Options
Romance Option Required Gender
Judy Alvarez Female
Panam Palmer Male
River Ward Female
Kerry Eurodyne Male

Romance Guide and All Romance Options

Available Hairstyles and Settings

Male Character Creation Female Character Creation
Male Character Example.png Female Character Example.png

The settings available during character creation also vary by gender. The set of hairstyles available to Male and Female characters is completely different, and settings related to Beards are exclusive to Male characters.

List of Hairstyles

Pronouns of Reference

This feature actually depends on the “Voice Tone” setting, not the “Body Type” setting.

If players choose the Masculine voice option, other characters will refer to them with he/him pronouns, and male-oriented terms like “choomba”.

If players choose the Feminine voice option, other characters will refer to them with she/her pronouns, and female-oriented terms – Jackie seems to prefer “chica” and “hermana”.

Character Customization


One of the main things you need to decide on is the backstory of your character. This unlocks special options when you reach certain story checkpoints. The game has three Lifepaths you can choose from.

All Lifepaths
Street Kid Lifepath Icon.pngStreet Kid Nomad Lifepath Icon.pngNomad Corpo Lifepath icon.pngCorpo

Lifepaths and Best Lifepath to Choose


Unlike your character's Lifepath, which determines story options available to them, Attributes determine their stats and potential both in and out of battle.

Below is a list of attributes in Cyberpunk 2077:

  • Reflexes
  • Body
  • Technical Ability
  • Intelligence
  • Cool

Explanation of Each Attribute

Choose Attributes Based on Your Playstyle

Attributes will determine what Perks your character can learn, so choose Attributes at the start of the game which match your favorite playstyle! There is no way to change Attributes which have already been set, so be sure to place your starting Attributes carefully.

Best Starting Attributes

Can You Change Your Name?

You Cannot Change V's Name

Regardless of your character's appearance, lifepath, or stats, their name will always be simply V.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the name to anything else, so we'll have to be satisfied with the other available options for now.

V: Backstory and Voice Actor

How to Change and Edit Character

Character Customization Cannot Be Changed Afterwards

All of the aspects of Character Customization are 100% permanent. At the moment, there has been no confirmation that any of the selected features can be changed at any point during the game.

Appearance PERMANENT
Gender (Body Type) PERMANENT
Attributes PERMANENT

If you want to go back on your decision for any of these aspects, you'll need to start a new game, so be sure to check the differences between each thoroughly before making your decisions.

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