Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

All Maps and District Guides

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - All Maps and District Guides

This is a guide for all the Maps and all eight districts, including the upcoming Dogtown district, in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on for a map guide on each district, including what you can discover in their subdistricts!

Full Map and Major Areas

Full World Map

Night City and Badlands Map

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Cyberpunk 2077's world map consists of two major areas: Night City and the Badlands. A new district called Dogtown where the major events of the upcoming Phantom Liberty DLC will soon be added once the expansion drops.

Night City

Night City Map

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Night City is the main area where V, the game's protagonist, will undertake missions and quests in Cyberpunk 2077. Each of its five districts is composed of additional subdistricts that have their own particular expertise and even their own gangs and other factions.

Night City Districts

Night City consists of six subdistricts: Heywood, Pacifica, Santo Domingo, Watson, Westbrook, and City Center—each with their own primary gang, fixer, and missions.

Cyberpunk 2077 Heywood MapHeywood Cyberpunk 2077 Pacifica MapPacifica
Cyberpunk 2077 Santo Domingo MapSanto Domingo Cyberpunk 2077 Watson MapWatson
Cyberpunk 2077 Westbrook MapWestbrook Cyberpunk 2077 City Center MapCity Center

Night City Map Guide


Badlands Map

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The Badlands are the area outside Night City. Those who choose the Nomad Lifepath will start their journey here, and certain parts of the story will lead the player here to complete missions.

The Badlands Map Guide


Dogtown is the new district added in the Phantom Liberty DLC. This area is located as part of Pacifica, but entrance to this war-stricken land is exclusive only to those who purchase the expansion.

Dogtown Release Date and Map Guide

List of All District Map Guides


Watson Map

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Activities in Watson No.
Fast Travel Dataterms 33
Gigs 22
Cyberpsychos 6
NCPD Scanner Hustles 37

This district features various Japanese corporate offices, nightclubs, and all manner of amenities, as well as a bustling industrial subdistrict. Watson is the game's starter area where most of the first act takes place. Additionally, this is the known territory of the Maelstrom gang.

Watson is composed of four subdistricts.

Watson Map Guide

Arasaka Waterfront

Cyberpunk - Arasaka Waterfront

The northwest corner of Night City that is completely under Arasaka's control. The shipments that get through here and everything else that happens inside are still a mystery to the citizens. Don't get too suspicious and step within its walls, though.

Arasaka Waterfront Map Guide


Cyberpunk - Northside

An industrial zone that is also home to most of the Maelstromers—literally, as this is where their main hideout is found. Other than the district's primary gang, the place is run by workers from its remaining factories.

Northside Map Guide


Cyberpunk - Kabuki

Night City's biggest black market located along the district's southeast border. Though mostly in Tyger Claws' grasp, other gangs like the Moxes run their business here.

Kabuki Map Guide

Little China

Cyberpunk - Little China

Originally planned to be an extension of City Center, this subdistrict now houses immigrants from China (where it got the name) and where low-ranking suits spend their night away.

Little China Map Guide


Westbrook Map

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Activities in Westbrook No.
Fast Travel Dataterms 24
Gigs 9
Cyberpsychos 0
NCPD Scanner Hustles 21

Night City's most prestigious district, Westbrook is where the wealthy mingle with each other. Japantown, one of its subdistricts, is a popular tourist attraction in the city. The district is also home to the Tyger Claws and The Moxes gangs.

Westbrook is composed of three subdistricts.

Westbrook Map Guide


Cyberpunk - Japantown

This subdistrict is full of Japan stuff like the Cherry Blossom Market and Shinto Shrines that are definitely sights to see. The only downside is it can be so expensive that most people might just stick to photo-taking.

Japantown Map Guide

North Oak

Cyberpunk - North Oak

The newest and richest subdistrict in the city completely isolated from the chaos of anything gang-related. Of course, this luxury is luxurious indeed, as only the wealthiest can afford settling here.

North Oak Map Guide

Charter Hill

North Oak's more affordable sibling. Charter Hill is perfect for those who make enough as it gives more comfort and safety than most of Night City's residential areas.

Charter Hill Map Guide

City Center

City Center Map

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Activities in City Center No.
Fast Travel Dataterms 14
Gigs 6
Cyberpsychos 2
NCPD Scanner Hustles 12

City Center is a landscape of skyscrapers, and it is the heart of the city's corporate activities. Although the district is not run by any gang in particular, the district has a heavy police presence that prevents any crime from interrupting worker productivity.

City Center is composed of two subdistricts.

City Center Map Guide


Cyberpunk - Downtown

The heart of the city where people looking for something to spend on run around. Still quite similar from the other districts in terms of the things on sale. The only difference is how much you'll have to shell out to get them.

Downtown Map Guide

Corpo Plaza

Cyberpunk - Corpo Plaza

If you try to form a mental image of the most elite zone you can think of, it probably wouldn't be too different as what Corpo Plaza actually looks like.

Corpo Plaza Map Guide


Heywood Map

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Activities in Heywood No.
Fast Travel Dataterms 25
Gigs 11
Cyberpsychos 2
NCPD Scanner Hustles 19

Heywood is a residential district where a large portion of Night City's middle class lives. As a general rule, the closer you are to the City Center, the safer you are in Heywood. Gang and criminal activity increases the farther you go. The district is also the known territory of the Valentinos gang.

Heywood is composed of three subdistricts.

Heywood Map Guide


Cyberpunk - Wellsprings

The upper half of the subdistrict is where middle class citizens can find the right places to live in—the other half is where they shouldn't even be. The further you go south, the more danger you're putting yourself in. Halfway through you'll meet some reasonable Valentinos, but past that is where scavengers are lurking.

Wellsprings Map Guide

The Glen

Cyberpunk - The Glen

The Glen is where you'll find City Hall and its surrounding infrastructures like the Reconciliation Park. Sounds pretty neat considering how the other sides of Heywood is, right? Well, try to stay here within this safe zone as it doesn't extend to the rest of the subdistrict.

The Glen Map Guide

Vista Del Rey

Cyberpunk - Vista Del Rey

Corpo Plaza's unruly neighbor is a domain overrun completely by gangs. Vista Del Rey is said to be the worst subdistrict of Heywood, which makes it quite interesting as corpos can look down from the window of their skyscrapers and see this dying neighborhood clearly.

Vista Del Rey Map Guide

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Map

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Activities in Santo Domingo No.
Fast Travel Dataterms 18
Gigs 11
Cyberpsychos 2
NCPD Scanner Hustles 29

Filled with abandoned factories and vast mega buildings, Santo Domingo is one of the city's poorest districts. It is also the known territory of the 6th Street gang.

Santo Domingo is composed of two subdistricts.

Santo Domingo Map Guide


Cyberpunk - Arroyo

At first glance, people might think that Arroyo is a new subdistrict that just started to get built, but in reality, the buildings here are just stuck in an endless cycle of being demolished and replaced by another.

Arroyo Map Guide

Rancho Coronado

Cyberpunk - Rancho Coronado

A residential area built at the edge of Night City for the workers of the neighboring factories. Today, you can find corpos instead who want to take a break from the city and be far as possible from its heart.

Rancho Coronado Map Guide


Pacifica Map

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Activities in Pacifica No.
Fast Travel Dataterms 7
Gigs 1
Cyberpsychos 2
NCPD Scanner Hustles 11

Originally envisioned as Night City's vacation resort, Pacifica is now a lawless and anarchic district that has isolated itself from the rest of the city. The district has also been overrun by the Voodoo Boys and Animals.

Pacifica is composed of two subdistricts.

Pacifica Map Guide


Cyberpunk - Coastview

Coastview is a zone ruled by one of the deadliest netrunner group in Night City, the Voodoo Boys. This subdistrict is the closest to the Combat Zone, now known as Dogtown, the exclusive district of the Phantom Liberty expansion.

Coastview Map Guide

West Wind Estate

The subdistrict far from the reaches of the Voodoo Boys. That still doesn't make it safe, though, as scavengers have moved in.

West Wind Estate Map Guide

List of All Map Activities

Fast Travel Dataterms

Dataterms are fast travel points in Cyberpunk that you can start using after completing The Pickup. You can only fast travel to and from discovered Dataterms, so be sure to approach all you run across to place their blue pin on your map!

All Fast Travel Dataterm Locations


Cyberpunk - Padre

Gigs is another type of side mission, given to you by a district's fixer, that will only pop up on your map when you get close to their starting point. Complete all the Gigs in a district and you might receive a thank you gift from its fixer!

List of Gigs and All Gig Guides


Cyberpunk - Cyberpsycho

One of the fixers, Regina Jones, is also interested in the Cyberpsychosis phenomenon, and will task you to neutralize (not kill) those affected so they can study them better. Be prepared as these are some of the deadliest foes that you will encounter in the entire game!

All Cyberpsycho Locations

NCPD Scanner Hustles

Cyberpunk - NCPD Scanner Hustle

NCPD Scanner Hustles are police jobs that you can take on by yourself. Most of these are pretty straightforward—enter the hustle area, neutralize all targets, and get your rewards.

NCPD Scanner Hustles

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