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Lucretia My Reflection Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

Lucretia My Reflection is a Main Quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Read on for a walkthrough of Lucretia My Reflection, including how to reach the valve, as well as tips and strategies to complete the quest!

Previous Quest Current Quest Next Quest
Spider and the Fly Lucretia My Reflection The Damned

Lucretia My Reflection Basic Information


Quest Type Main
Act Act 2
Quest No. 4
Lifepath All

How to Unlock Lucretia My Reflection

Quest Unlock Conditions Complete Spider and the Fly

Lucretia My Reflection Rewards

Quest Rewards The full list of Rewards for this Quest is coming soon!

Lucretia My Reflection Walkthrough

Quest Objectives

  1. Enter the Subway Tunnels
  2. Lead Myers through the Subway
  3. Find a Way Out of the Tunnels
  4. Go to the Hideout
  5. Power Up the Generator
  6. Talk With Myers
  7. Take the Oath
  8. Go to the Capitan Caliente Restaurant
  9. Find a Way to Enter the Restaurant
  10. Find the Old Telephone
  11. Go to the Basketball Court
  12. Fight Off Hansen's Soldiers
  13. Return to the Hideout
  14. Decide to Stick With the Plan
  15. Exit the Building

1. Enter the Subway Tunnels

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Active Chimera Core

After defeating the Chimera at the end of Spider and the Fly, you can pick up the robot's core on the ground near its face before going to the entrance of the subway tunnels.

2. Lead Myers through the Subway

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Talk to President Myers

After entering the subway tunnels, Myers will talk to you about Songbird. During this part of the quest, you can also opt to talk to Johnny Silverhand.

3. Find a Way Out of the Tunnels

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Fork in the Subway Tunnels

As you traverse the tunnel, you will then encounter a fork that leads to two paths. Do note that either path will allow you to escort Myers out of the tunnel.

Left or Right Path ▼

4. Go to the Hideout

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Locate the Generator

As you lead Myers out of the tunnel, you'll eventually have to take an elevator that leads to a hideout. Proceed to the hideout and then scan the generator. You'll then have to find a working battery for it.

5. Power Up the Generator

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Remove the Battery

The next step is to scan your surroundings to find a battery-powered drone since it contains the working battery needed to power up the generator. Remove the drone's battery then connect it to the battery case for the generator to work. Finally, turn on the generator.

6. Talk With Myers

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Confront the Intruders

After restoring the power in the hideout, talk to Myers and you'll have the option to drink some beer with her while listening to the news on the radio. Soon after, two intruders will invade the hideout. You can choose to fight or let them stay with you in the hideout.

Should You Spare the Intruders? ▼

7. Take the Oath

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Take the Oath Dialogue Options

After the encounter with the intruders, Myers will ask you to find Solomon Reed. She will also have you take the oath to be a NUSA agent. You can decide to go through with the oath or just take the coin.

Should You Take the NUSA Oath? ▼

8. Go to the Capitan Caliente Restaurant

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Travel to the Restaurant

After your talk with Myers, travel to the Capitan Caliente Restaurant either by fast traveling or driving to the marked location.

9. Find a Way to Enter the Restaurant

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Scan the Power Cable

Once you reach the marked location, scan the power cables in the area and then climb up the scaffolding nearby to reach the marked fusebox. Once you reach the fusebox, override it in order to open the door to the Capitan Caliente Restaurant.

10. Find the Old Telephone

After entering the restaurant, open the door to the back of the restaurant and then move the shelf to find the old telephone. Use the telephone to call 0931, which will allow you to contact Solomon Reed.

11. Go to the Basketball Court

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Wait For the Meeting

Proceed to the basketball court and then sit beside Johnny Silverhand at the marked location until Reed arrives. Show him the coin that Myers gave you and then ensure him that you're not being followed. After that, he'll ask you to go inside his car.

12. Fight Off Hansen's Soldiers

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Survive the Ambush

During the car ride, you'll be ambushed by Hansen's soldiers, defeat all of them, and then re-enter the car so that you and Reed can return to the hideout, where Myers is located.

13. Return to the Hideout

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Defeat Hansen

Once you arrive at the building where the hideout is located, defeat the soldiers inside and then take the elevator.

14. Decide to Stick With the Plan

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Decide to Help Out NUSA

After returning to the hideout, a conversation between Myers, Reed, and V will commence. During this conversation, Reed asks you if it is worth it. You can decide to continue with the plan of finding Songbird by choosing the first 2 dialogue options or you can back out from the whole thing by choosing the 3rd option.

What Happens If You Back Out? ▼

15. Exit the Building

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Wait for Reed to Call You

After the whole conversation, exit the building and you'll then be free to look for extra gigs in Dogtown. Alternatively, you can just wait for two days until Solomon Reed contacts you to start the next quest!

Lucretia My Reflection Choice Guide

Left or Right Path

Choice Outcome
Left Path A more straightforward path towards the objective.
Right Path Requires you to shut off the steam from a pipe if you don't have enough Body or Technical Ability.

It doesn't matter which path you choose when you reach the fork during Lucretia My Reflection since they eventually lead to the same destination. However, we recommend taking the left path since it is more straightforward compared to the right path, allowing you to reach the objective much faster!

Right Path Walkthrough

If you don't have the Body or Technical Ability at level 12, you cannot open the gate at this path. Instead, you can pass through a small tunnel to the right of the gate. However, you need to first turn off the steam gushing out of the pipe blocking the tunnel. To do this, backtrack a bit until you see a broken bridge.

Climb up the bridge then turn to your left. After that, drop down the hole which contains the valve that needs to be turned off. After turning it off, retrace your steps and then pass through the small tunnel.

Should You Spare Jacob and Tyler?

Choice Outcome
Spare Jacob and Tyler Jacob will inform you about the location of an airdrop. Jacob and Tyler will still die during the quest, allowing you to loot their corpse.
Kill Jacob and Tyler Drops some loot when you defeat them.

We recommend sparing the intruders since you can talk to them after de-escalating the situation. When you talk to Jacob before heading to Capitan Caliente Restaurant, he will tell you the location of an airdrop. Even if you spare Jacob and Tyler's lives, they will still die after you return from the hideout with Solomon Reed, allowing you to loot their belongings.

Should You Take the NUSA Oath?

Choice Outcome
Take Oath President Myers thanks you for taking the oath. Johnny Silverhand disapproves of your choice.
Take Coin President Myers still gives you the coin. Johnny Silverhand approves of your choice.

The key difference between the two choices is Johnny Silverhand's reaction during the whole interaction and also when taking the elevator once you leave the hideout.

What Happens If You Back Out?

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Job Failed

You can lock yourself out from the whole Phantom Liberty questline if choose the dialogue option “You're right. I'm out.” when Solomon Reed asks you if it is worth it. The quest will immediately fail after you finalize your decision by choosing “Made my decision.” when Myers warns you about your choice.

Tips and Strategies for Lucretia My Reflection

Don't Forget to Loot

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty - Tier 4 Loot

Lucretia My Reflection is a fairly long quest where you need to traverse tunnels and several establishments. With this, don't forget to scan your surroundings for loot since there is a chance that containers or corpses nearby will drop some high-tier equipment!

Reaching the Valve

If you picked the path to the right at the fork, you will receive an optional objective to shut off the steam coming from the pipes. This can be done by turning the valve near the beginning of the path, just before the first surveillance camera.

You'll see the valve through a hole in the wall. To reach it, turn right (while facing the valve) and look up. You should see curved metal beams that you can climb on.

Once on top, turn right and drop down the hole at the end that leads you to the valve. Turn the valve to shut down the steam so you can pass through the service tunnel safely.

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