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Learn all about customization in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will show you how to unlock customization, and spice up your furniture, tools, and even your phone casing!

How to Unlock Customization

Customization Unlock Procedure

  1. Build Nook's Cranny.
  2. Prepare the 3 plots of land.
  3. Talk to Tom Nook the next day and take the customization workshop.

Talk to Tom Nook the Next Day after Preparing the 3 Plots of Land

Learn about customization.jpg
After unlocking Nook's Cranny, you will be asked to prepare 3 plots of land for future residents. The next day, he will teach you about customization.

Take the Customization Workshop

During the Workshop, you craft a Wooden Wardrobe, one of the customizable items in the game. Talk to Nook again after making the wardrobe and he'll ask you to customize it at the DIY Workbench next to him. You will also receive 50 customization kits.

Customization Kits Become Available at Nook's Cranny

Customization Kits available at Nook
After customizing an item for the first time, customization kits will now be available at Nook's Cranny.

How to Customize Items

Have Customization Kits on Hand

Customization kits at Nook

Item Price
Customization Kit 600 Bells (Single)
3,000 Bells (5 Pieces)

You can purchase customization kits at Nook's Cranny for 600 Bells per piece, or 3,000 Bells for a bundle (5 pieces). Each item requires a different number of customization kits so it is better to prepare more than what you need.

Use the Workbench with the Kits & Item in Your Pockets

Customize something using the workbench.jpg

With the customization kits and item in your pocket, use the workbench and select Customize something, and select the item to customize.

Select from the Customization Options

Wooden Wardrobe 2.jpg
Select from the customization options. Each item can be customized differently such as changing the color and the cloth design, so try customizing a variety of items!

Customizing DIY Furniture and Tools

Items with a Brush Icon are Customizable

Item is customizable.png
Items that can be customized have a brush icon on the upper left side of the recipe.

You can customize tools!

Customize Tools
Surprisingly, Tools can also be customized. However, they will still break, so we recommend saving this for when you have plenty of ressources.

The only two unbreakable tools, the Vaulting Pole and the Ladder, can unforunately not be customized.

Color Options are Determined by Furniture Series

Most of the DIY furniture can be customized, but the colors available depend on the series of the item.

To create a unified look with a single color, collect furniture that belong in the same series.

Example of DIY Customization Color Options

Wooden Chair (from the Wooden furniture series)
Light wood.jpgLight Wood White wood.jpgWhite Wood Cherry wood.jpgCherry Wood Dark wood.jpgDark Wood
Black.jpgBlack Green.jpgGreen Blue.jpgBlue Pink wood.jpgPink Wood

Custom Designs are Available for Some Furniture

Custom design for clothesline.jpg
Aside from changing the item's color, some pieces of furniture, like large tables or beds, or anything with a cloth can be customized to have a custom design.

The item is updated if the custom design is updated

If you update the custom design used on an item, the item's design will update with it too.

Unlock the Pattern Option from Able Sisters

Pattern options for outdoor bench.jpg
As part of the color options, you can unlock the pattern choices by talking to Sable every day in Able Sisters. Eventually, she will give you a gift that allows you to put patterns on items.

There's a variety of Pattern packs, so make sure to talk to her every day to get them all!
How to Unlock the Able Sisters Tailor Shop - Get Customize Patterns

Customization for Items You Bought

Like the previous games, you can also customize items that you get from the shop.

It's not possible to tell from the Storage menu or Shop menus whether an item will be customizable or not, so you will have to bring the item to a Workbench and test.

Change a Part of the Design

Customizing magazine
Some items, such as cushions and magazine features, can be changed through customization. Some also have the option to be customized with a Custom Design so you can display your items with your favorite design!

Furniture's Color Cannot Be Changed through Customization

Papa bear color variations.jpg
You cannot change a furniture's color through customization. However, you can get the color variations of an item by purchasing it through the Nook Shopping Catalog, or receiving it from balloons or as a gift.

How to Customize Your Phone

Exchange Miles for a Customizable Phone Case Kit

Purchasing a customizable phone case kit.jpg

Item Price
Customizable Phone Case Kit 1,800 Nook Miles

You can get phone customization kits at the Nook Stop terminal, in exchange for 1,800 Nook Miles. It will be sent to your mail the next day.
What Should You Spend Nook Miles on First?

Design Your Phone's Case

Customizing your phone.jpg
You can change the color of your phone's case, or even better, design your own case by using a Custom Design.

One thing to note is that the Nook Inc. logo in the center of the phone case cannot be removed.

Customizable Phone Case Kit Color Options

Phone case color 1 green.pngGreen Phone case color 2 red.pngRed Phone case color 3 pink.pngPink Phone case color 4 black.pngBlack Phone case color 5 white.pngWhite
Phone case color 6 blue.pngBlue Phone case color 7 yellow.pngYellow Phone case color 8 beige.pngBeige Phone case color 9 pattern.pngPattern Phone case color 10 custom design.pngCustom

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