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Hunting for Gyroids? The Arfoid is one of 36 Gyroids available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH)!

Use our guide to learn how to find Arfoid, its sell price, colors variations, and more! Happy hunting!

Arfoid Basic Info

ACNH - Arfoid - Yellow Sound Effect Barks
Size 1 x 1
Sell Price 828 Bells
Kit Cost 1 Kit
Reese & Cyrus TBD

The Arfoid can be used as a furniture item. All Gyroids may also be sold for 828 Bells each!

List of All 36 Gyroids

How to Get a Arfoid

ACNH - Check MarkDig Them Out of the Ground
ACNH - Check MarkGrow Gyroid Fragments

Dig Them Out of the Ground

ACNH - Digging up a Gyroid from the Ground

You can get Arfoid from digging up holes on the ground. However, it seems that Gyroid spawns are random, so check your island everyday for spots to dig.

On days after it rains, up to two holes on your island may contain Gyroids. Try your luck and excavate your way to a Arfoid!

Let us know how you found your Arfoid in the comments!

How to Get Gyroids

Grow Gyroid Fragments

ACNH - Plant Gyroid Fragments

Aside from digging up holes, you can also find Gyroid Fragments from Kappn's Boat Tours!

Bring them back to your island to plant and water them, and you might just get yourself a Arfoid!

How to Grow Gyroid Fragments

Arfoid Color Variations

Arfoid Variations

Arfoid Variations
ACNH - Yellow Arfoid Yellow ACNH - Brown ArfoidBrown ACNH - Green Arfoid Green ACNH - Pink Arfoid Pink
ACNH - Blue Arfoid Blue

Each Gyroid can be customized at a DIY Workbench. The Arfoid has 5 different variations. Customizing Arfoid requires 1 Customization Kit.

How to Customize Furniture

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