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Warrior Statue Info: Real vs Fake Comparison

Warrior Statue

The Warrior Statue is one of the 13 statues with a forgery in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Use our guide to spot the fake with our comparison image below!

Warrior Statue - Real and Fake Art Comparison

How to Spot Fakes

Spotting the Fake
The fake statue is holding a shovel, while the real one is not holding anything.

The difference can sometimes be hard to spot in the darkness of Redd's Trawler, so we recommend zooming in as much as possible on the area in the red circle.

How to Get the Warrior Statue

The best way to get the Warrior Statue is to buy it from the Treasure Trawler! Check out our guide so you get the real one every time:

How to Get Art from the Treasure Trawler

Warrior Statue Museum Description

Artwork Image
Image of Warrior Statue
Artwork Title Terracotta Army
Artist Unknown
Museum Description These terracotta warriors were buried with the first Qin emperor to protect him in the afterlife. Nearly 2,000 years later, in 1974, about 8,000 of them were found. Each life-sized statue is said to have been handmade with different poses, expressions, and clothing.

The Warrior Statue is based on the actual artwork, Terracotta Army by Unknown. You can buy the art from the Treasure Trawler or Harv's Island for 4,980 Bells.

This statue is not always genuine, so be aware of fakes. Check out the image above to find the real artwork!

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