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How to Get Distilled Fear

Distilled Fear is one of the components needed to summon The Beast in the Ice in Diablo 4 (D4). Read on to learn more about Distilled Fear, how to get it, how to use it, and its overview.

How to Get Distilled Fear

Clear Tier 30 or Above Nightmare Dungeons

You can obtain Distilled Fear by finishing Tier 30 or higher Nightmare Dungeons, which are only accessible in World Tier 4. The item automatically appears in your Consumables tab at the end of the dungeon if you are fortunate enough to get one.

According to our testing, the difficulty of the dungeon doesn't affect the drop rate of Distilled Fear, so it's best to farm at dungeons suitable to your gear and level. The drop rate for this material is quite low, so expect to farm numerous Nightmare Dungeons.

Crafting Tier 30 or Above Nightmare Sigils

You can only craft Tier 30 or above Nightmare Sigils in the Occultist starting in World Tier 4. To do this, you must gather the required amount of Sigil Powder for the tier you're aiming for and use it at the Occultist.

The fastest way to get Sigil Powder initially is by completing Tree of Whisper objectives and salvaging the Nightmare Sigils you obtain. Another way is to simply use the sigils and clear the Nightmare Dungeons you activated.

How to Get and Salvage Sigils

How to Use Distilled Fear

Craft Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigils

Distilled Fear is used to craft a Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil. To do so, gather a total of 9 Distilled Fear and 250 Sigil Powder, then visit the Occultist to craft the sigil.

Using this sigil will allow you to activate the Glacial Fissure Nightmare dungeon and fight one of the Uber bosses called The Beast in the Ice.

Glacial Fissure Location

The Interactive Map both shows the location of key points on the map, and doubles as a collectible checker.

  1. Click an icon on the right side to show all the pins of a specific type, or click the magnifying glass button to search for a specific pin by name.
  2. Click a pin on the map to see its name and description, and a relevant picture or video if available.
  3. From here, click Mark as Acquired to indicate that you've gotten a collectible already. This will change its icon on the map to show that it has been collected, and add 1 to that pin type's Counter.
  4. To undo this, click on the same pin and click Restore to unclaimed.
  5. To check how many pins you have marked so far, check the Counter in the bottom left, and click the icon that looks like a checklist to see counters for all pin types.
  6. If the collected pins start to get in the way, you can hide them all by clicking the green Show Pins button on the left side.
Icon How to Use
Name Button.png Show Names
This button reveals the Name of every icon currently shown.
Show Pins Button.png Show Pins
This button will toggle between showing and hiding all the pins which you have already marked as acquired.
Full Button.png Fullscreen
This button will change the map display to fill the screen.
Search Button.png Search Mode Toggle
This button will display a searchbar which you can use to search for an individual pin by its name.
Icon Mode Button.png Icon Mode Toggle
In Search Mode, this button will toggle you back to Icon Mode, removing the search bar and displaying the icons again.
All Pins Button.png All Pins
This button is shown along with the Icons on the right when there are over 6 types of pins. Click it for a full selection of all available pin types.
Interactive Map Counter.png Counter
Tracks the number of pins you have of a certain type. The pin type shown is set to the page and currently cannot be changed; however, all pin type counters can be viewed by clicking the checklist icon on the right side.
Interactive Map View All Counters.png View All Counters
This icon is found on the right side of the Counter. When a map has more than one pin type, click this icon to see Counters for all pin types.
Diablo 4 - Zoom In Zoom Out Icons.png Zoom In / Zoom Out
This icon is found on the top left side of the map. You can press these buttons, or use your scroll wheel while hovering, to Zoom In and Out of the interactive map.

Note that the Glacial Fissure dungeon will only appear on the map in World Tier 4.

Distilled Fear Overview

Distilled Fear Overview
Distilled Fear Type Consumable - Summoning
Sell Value 30,000 Gold
Description Used by the Occultist to craft a Nightmare Sigil to enter Glacial Fissure. Requires 9. Collected from Tier 30+ Nightmare Dungeons.

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