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All Fractured Peaks Stronghold Locations

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This is a guide on Strongholds in the Fractured Peaks region in Diablo 4 (D4) and their locations. Learn where to find every Stronghold in Fractured Peaks, and what rewards you get from them!

All Fractured Peaks Stronghold Locations

Stronghold Map View World View
Location: South of the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint, in the region northeast of Frigid Expanse and southwest of Seat of the Heavens.
Location: North of the Nevesk Waypoint, in the mid-eastern area of The Pallid Glade.
Kor Dragan
Location: Northeast of the Menestad Waypoint, on the north side of Sarkova Pass.

Fractured Peaks Stronghold Rewards

Unlocks a Settlement with NPCs

After clearing a stronghold of monsters, human NPCs will once again inhabit the area, and will provide their services to you. Although Waypoints are not available so far, artisans like blacksmiths, jewelers, and healers will become available.

Unlocks Exclusive Quests and Events

Some Side Quests, Events, or Dungeons can only be started once an associated Stronghold has been rescued. For example, the Hammer of the Champion Side Quest is only available after completing the Malnok Stronghold.

What are Strongholds?

Human Territory Occupied by Monsters

Some settlements which humans previously lived in have been taken over by monsters and turned into Strongholds.

Once you defeat the boss associated with a Stronghold, the territory will go back to the humans' control and will become a safe area for you to travel through.

What are Strongholds?

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