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Welcome to Game8's Diablo Immortal Guide and Walkthrough Wiki! Read on to find the best Character Builds, the best classes, all cosmetics, battle pass rewards, and all the hottest news and events in the game!

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Diablo Immortal List of Classes

Class Partial Banner

List of All Classes

Class Tier Lists

Best Class Tier Lists
Diablo Immortal - Classes Tier List IconClass Tier List (PvE) Diablo Immortal - Classes Tier List IconClass PvP Tier List

All Classes

Diablo Immortal Class Guides
BarbarianBarbarian CrusaderCrusader Demon-HunterDemon Hunter
MonkMonk NecromancerNecromancer WizardWizard

Diablo Immortal Builds

Diablo Immortal - Best Builds

Best Builds for PVE and PVP

Builds By Class

Diablo Immortal Builds
BarbarianBarbarian CrusaderCrusader Demon HunterDemon Hunter
MonkMonk NecromancerNecromancer WizardWizard

Diablo Immortal Tier Lists

Diablo Immortal - Tier Lists

Diablo Immortal Tier Lists

All Tier Lists

Diablo Immortal Tier Lists
Diablo Immortal - PVE Class Tier ListPvE Class Tier List Diablo Immortal - PVP Class Tier ListPvP Class Tier List
Diablo Immortal - Legendary Gems Tier ListLegendary Gems Tier List -

Diablo Immortal Skills

Diablo Immortal - Skills

List of All Skills

List of Skills by Class

Skills by Class
BarbarianBarbarian CrusaderCrusader MonkMonk
Demon-HunterDemon Hunter WizardWizard NecromancerNecromancer

List of Skills by Skill Types

Skills by Skill Type
Damage Icon Channel Icon Buff Icon Dash Icon
Control Icon Charge Icon Multiple-Stage Icon Gather Icon

Diablo Immortal Gems

Diablo Immortal - Gems Partial
List of All Gems

Diablo Immortal - Normal Gems Partial Icon.pngNormal Gems Diablo Immortal - Legendary Gems Partial Icon.pngLegendary Gems

Diablo Immortal Equipment

Diablo Immortal - Equipment Partial.png

List of All Equipment

All Equipment by Class

All Equipment
BarbarianBarbarian CrusaderCrusader Demon-HunterDemon Hunter
MonkMonk NecromancerNecromancer WizardWizard
All Set Items

All Equipment by Rarity

All Equipment Rarities
Legendary Rare
Magic Normal

Diablo Immortal Tips and Tricks

Diablo Immortal - Tips and Tricks

All Tips and Tricks Guides

Beginner Tips

How to Change Servers List of Settings and Best Settings to Use
List of All Attributes and Their Effects How to Change Skills
Battle Pass Guide Should You Buy the Empowered Battle Pass?
Daily Reset Times: All Things To Do Daily All Icons and What They Mean

Character Upgrade Guide

Legendary Gear Farming Guide How to Upgrade Skills and Skill Rank
How to Get and Use Charms Leveling Guide
How to Upgrade Gear Ranks How to Raise Combat Rating
Set Items Guide Awakening Guide
What Is the Max Level Cap? Best Rank 10 Legendary Reward
Best Level 50 Legendary Reward Best Level 60 Legendary Reward
Best Level 5 Paragon Set Item Reward Best Level 25 Paragon Set Item Reward

Game Mechanics

Dungeons Guide Helliquary Guide
Paragon System Guide Bestiary Guide
What is the Legacy of the Horadrim? Elder Rift Guide
Challenge Rift Guide List of Zone Events
List of Class Consumables Jeweler Guide
Blacksmith Guide Shadows Faction Guide
Immortals Faction Guide How to Change Difficulty
Gambling Guide What Is the Vault?
Lairs Guide How to Kill Treasure Goblins
How to Heal Can You Play Diablo Immortal Offline?
How to Use Ultimate Skills What To Do About Crashing: All Error and Bug Fixes
How to Save Your Game How to Establish Warband Camp
Shadow War Guide How to Use the Town Portal
Adventurer's Path Event Rewards Hero's Journey Guide

Achievement Guides

Haunted Altars The Guards' Story
Blood Resurrection Blood Apparition
Revealing the Path Lord Martanos
Hiding in Plain Sight Blasphemous Texts
Shrubbery Barbarian Spirits
Siegebreaker -


How to Extract and Transfer Essences How to Use the Repair Client
How to Get Crests How to Change Classes
Can You Play Solo? How to Identify Equipment
What Can You Buy in the Market? How to Get Cosmetic Sets
How to Use Voice Chat What is Magic Find?
How to Make a Clan Character Customization Guide
AFK Timer Length: How Long is the AFK Timer? How to Pause the Game
Best Faction: Should You Join Shadows or Immortals? How to Use Auto Navigation
How to Redeem Codes How to Change PC Resolution
How to Hide the Chat Box Shadow Lottery Explained
Achievements Guide: All Rewards and How to Unlock All Soft and Hidden Caps
What Happens When You Die? What To Do If You Can't Sign In to Battle.net
How to Report Players Will Diablo Immortal Have Transmog?
What is Potency and How to Increase It What are Unbound Gems and How to Get Them

Diablo Immortal Items

Diablo Immortal - Items Partial Banner

List of All Items

Item Categories

Upgrade MaterialsUpgrade Materials RunesRunes CurrencyCurrency
ConsumablesConsumables Quest ItemsQuest Items VesselsVessels

Diablo Immortal List of Quests

Diablo Immortal - Quests partial

Quest Guides and Walkthroughs

Quests by Type

Quest Types
Main Quests Side Quests
Bounties Elite Quests

Diablo Immortal Bosses

List of Bosses

Boss Types

Helliquary BossesHelliquary Bosses World BossesWorld Bosses Story BossesStory Bosses Elite Monsters.pngElite Bosses

Diablo Immortal Locations & Maps

Diablo Immortal - Locations.png
List of Locations

All Locations

Wortham Ashwold Cemetery
Westmarch Dark Wood
Shassar Sea Library of Zoltun Kulle
Bilefen Frozen Tundra
Realm of Damnation

Diablo Immortal NPCs

Diablo Immortal NPCs Partial.png

List of All NPCs

Latest News and Events for Diablo Immortal

News and Events partial.png

Latest News and Events

All the Latest News and Events

Diablo Immortal Hotfixes & Patch Notes

Hotfixes and Patch Notes.png
Hotfixes and Patch Notes

All Forums and Message Boards

Message Boards

All Message Boards & Forums

All Message Boards

Diablo Immortal - Warband FinderWarband Finder Diablo Immortal - Guild and Faction FinderGuild Finder
Diablo Immortal - Builds BoardBuilds Board Diablo Immortal - General DiscussionGeneral Discussion Board
Diablo Immortal - Bug Sharing Board Partial.pngBug Sharing -

About Diablo Immortal

Product Information

Price Free to Play (Contains IAPs)
Platforms PC, Mobile (Android/IOS)
Genre Action, RPG
Publisher Blizzard
Official Site Diablo Immortal

The Fourth Diablo Entry Entering the Mobile Scene

6 Characters
Diablo Immortal is the fourth entry to the Diablo franchise. It's story is set between after the 2nd and before the 3rd game and has a heavy emphasis on being a mobile game. Unlike its predecessors, the game is heavily invested in the social aspect of the game and playing multiplayer is a core feature.

Helliquary Bosses - An 8 Player Boss Raid


Helliquary is a boss raid that up to 8 players can participate into. It's highly recommended to not take these massive enemies with a group as they have massive amounts of HP and damage. They reward amazing loot and trophies that you can slot in to your character's trophy slot and increase their performance!

Helliquary Guide: Massive Raid Tips

Strengthen Characters With Legendary and Set Gears

Diablo Immortal - Legendary Equipment.png

Legendaries and Set gear are strong pieces of equipment that can make or break a build. They offer huge bonuses that can greatly alter a character's performance when equipped. Increase your might and battle demons and become immortal!

How to Upgrade Gear Ranks

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