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How to Change Classes Character Customization Guide
List of Settings and Best Settings to Use How to Upgrade Skills and Skill Rank
List of All Attributes and Their Effects How to Get and Use Charms
How to Change Skills List of Class Consumables
How to Get Cosmetic Sets How to Upgrade Legendary Gems
How to Extract and Transfer Essences Helliquary Guide
How to Get Crests Elder Rift Guide
How to Get and Use Runes How to Identify Equipment
Can You Play Solo? Paragon System Guide
What Can You Buy in the Market? Challenge Rift Guide
How to Set Up and Use Controllers How to Use Voice Chat
How to Upgrade Gear Ranks -

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About Diablo Immortal

The Fourth Diablo Entry Entering the Mobile Scene

6 Characters
Diablo Immortal is the fourth entry to the Diablo franchise. It's story is set between after the 2nd and before the 3rd game and has a heavy emphasis on being a mobile game. Unlike its predecessors, the game is heavily invested in the social aspect of the game and playing multiplayer is a core feature.

Released Date: When Does Diablo Immortal Come Out?

Product Information

Price Free to Play (Contains IAPs)
Platforms PC, Mobile (Android/IOS)
Genre Action, RPG
Publisher Blizzard
Official Site Diablo Immortal

System Requirements for PC and Mobile

Helliquary Bosses - An 8 Player Boss Raid


Helliquary is a boss raid that up to 8 players can participate into. It's highly recommended to not take these massive enemies with a group as they have massive amounts of HP and damage. They reward amazing loot and trophies that you can slot in to your character's trophy slot and increase their performance!

Helliquary Guide: Massive Raid Tips

Strengthen Characters With Legendary and Set Gears

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Legendaries and Set gears are strong equipments that can make or break a build. They offer huge bonuses that can greatly alter a character's performance when equipped. Increase your might and battle demons and become immortal!

How to Upgrade Gear Ranks

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