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Warcraft Rumble is an action strategy game set within the Warcraft Universe. Recruit mini versions of your favorite Warcraft characters and rally them to victory in exciting PvE or PvP battles! Learn about all the minis, builds, tier lists, maps, and everything you need to know for Warcraft Rumble here at Game8!

Warcraft Rumble Tips & Tricks

Warcraft Rumble - Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Guide: Tips & Tricks

All Warcraft Rumble Tips and Tricks

Warcraft Rumble Tips and Tricks
How to Level Up Minis Fast How to Increase Collection Level
How to Change Your Name Talents Guide and How to Unlock
How to Unlock and Get Leaders Best First Leader to Choose
How to Get Stars What Does the Big Red Button Do?
Arclight Surge Guide All Onyxia Sigil Rewards
How to Farm Gold Fast Guild Guide: How to Invite to Guild
How to Download Quests Guide: What is the Quest Limit?
How to Upgrade Mini Rarity Army Upgrade Guide
Honor Points Guide: How to Farm Efficiently How to Unlock and Beat Heroic Campaign

Warcraft Rumble Builds

WC Rumble - Builds Partial Article

List of Builds

List of Leader Builds & Decks

Leader Build List
Warcraft Rumble - Mini Baron RivendareBaron Rivendare Skeletal Swarm Build
Warcraft Rumble - Mini Bloodmage ThalnosBloodmage Thalnos Spell Build
Warcraft Rumble Cairne BloodhoofCairne Bloodhoof Tank Build
Warcraft Rumble - Mini Charlga RazorflankCharlga Razorflank Low Cost Build
Warcraft Rumble - Mini General DrakkisathGeneral Drakkisath PVP: Elemental Tank Build
Warcraft Rumble - Mini Grommash HellscreamGrommash Hellscream Faction Build
Warcraft Rumble - Mini HoggerHogger Stealth Cycle
Warcraft Rumble - Mini Old Murk-EyeOld Murk-Eye Horde Build
Warcraft Rumble - Mini Rend BlackhandRend Blackhand Siege Build
Warcraft Rumble - Mini SneedSneed Focused Siege
Warcraft Rumble - Mini Sylvanas WindrunnerSylvanas Windrunner Quick Cycle Build
Warcraft Rumble - Mini Tirion FordringTirion Fordring Trios Build
Warcraft Rumble Maiev ShadowsongMaiev Shadowsong Unbound Build
Warcraft Rumble Jaina ProudmooreJaina Proudmoore Spell Build

Warcraft Rumble Tier Lists

WC Rumble - Tier Lists Partial Banner

Warcraft Rumble Tier List

Warcraft Rumble Tier Lists

Warcraft Rumble Tier Lists
WC Rumble - Leaders Tier List Partial BannerLeaders Tier List WC Rumble - Minis Tier List Partial BannerMinis Tier List

Warcraft Rumble Dungeons

Warcraft Rumble Dungeons Guide

Dungeon Guide

All Dungeon Guides

Blackfathom Deeps Dire Maul

Warcraft Rumble PvP

Warcraft Rumble - PvP Partial

PvP Guide

Current PVP Season

Current PVP Season
Warcraft Rumble Season 2 Season 2

All PVP Seasons

All Warcraft Rumble PVP Seasons
WC Rumble - Season 01 Current Season Season 01 Warcraft Rumble Season 2Season 2

Warcraft Rumble Minis and Characters

Warcraft Rumble - Minis Partial Article

List of All Minis

Minis per Faction

List of Minis per Faction
WCR - Alliance Icon Alliance WCR - Horde Icon Horde WCR - Beasts Icon Beast
WCR - Blackrock Icon Blackrock WCR - Undead Icon Undead

Minis per Type

Minis Types
Warcraft Rumble - Leader IconLeader Warcraft Rumble - Troop IconTroops

Warcraft Rumble Traits

WC Rumble - Traits Partial Banner

List of Traits

List of Traits
Ambush Trait Ambush AoE Trait AoE Armored Trait Armored
Attack Root Trait Attack Root Attack Stun Trait Attack Stun Bloodlust Trait Bloodlust
Bombard Trait Bombard Cannibalize Trait Cannibalize Carrion Trait Carrion
Charge Trait Charge Cheap Shot Trait Cheap Shot Cycle Trait Cycle
Dismounts Trait Dismounts Elemental Trait Elemental Fast Trait Fast
Flying Trait Flying Frost Trait Frost Fury Trait Fury
Hatching Trait Hatching Haunt Trait Haunt Heal Squadmate Trait Heal Squadmate
Healer Trait Healer Hook Trait Hook Longshot Trait Longshot
Melee Trait Melee Miner Trait Miner One-Target Trait One-Target
Percent Damage Trait Percent Damage Poisonous Trait Poisonous Possession Trait Possession
Ranged Trait Ranged Rebirth Trait Rebirth Resistant Trait Resistant
Siege Damage Trait Siege Damage Siege Specialist Trait Siege Specialist Spell Trait Spell
Squad Trait Squad Stealth Trait Stealth Summoner Trait Summoner
Tank Trait Tank Unbound Trait Unbound Vulnerable Trait Vulnerable

Warcraft Rumble Campaign Guides

WC Rumble - Campaign Partial Banner

Campaign Missions and Maps Guide

All Region Campaign Guides

This section is currently being updated.
Thank you for your patience!
All Regions
Elwynn Forest Westfall Duskwood
Stranglethorn Vale The Barrens Ashenvale
Darkshore Thousand Needles Lordaeron
Hinterlands Dustwallow Marsh Un'Goro Crater
Winterspring Plaguelands Blackrock Mountain

Warcraft Rumble Message Boards

Warcraft Rumble - Message Boards

All Message Boards

All Warcraft Rumble Message Boards

Warcraft Rumble Message Boards
General Discussions & Questions
Meta Discussion Guild Hiring & Requests
Leaderboard & PVP Campaign & PVE

About Warcraft Rumble

Product Information and Official Site

Warcraft Rumble - Front Game Information Section.png
Release Date November 4, 2023
Full Title Warcraft Rumble
Developer Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Price Free-to-play with in-game purchases
Genre Action Strategy
Platforms iOS
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Account
YouTube Official YouTube Account

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All Activision-Blizzard
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