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News and Latest Updates

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News and Latest Updates


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List of Heroes

Tank Heroes

Overwatch 2 - Doomfist IconDoomfistNEW
Overwatch 2 - D.Va IconD.Va Overwatch 2 - Orisa IconOrisa Overwatch 2 - Reinhardt IconReinhardt Overwatch 2 - Roadhog IconRoadhog
Overwatch 2 - Sigma IconSigma Overwatch 2 - Winston IconWinston Overwatch 2 - Wrecking Ball IconWrecking Ball Overwatch 2 - Zarya IconZarya

Damage Heroes

Overwatch 2 - Sojourn IconSojournNEW
Overwatch 2 - Ashe IconAshe Overwatch 2 - Bastion IconBastion Overwatch 2 - Cassidy IconCassidy Overwatch 2 - Echo IconEcho
Overwatch 2 - Genji IconGenji Overwatch 2 - Hanzo IconHanzo Overwatch 2 - Junkrat IconJunkrat Overwatch 2 - Mei IconMei
Overwatch 2 - Pharah IconPharah Overwatch 2 - Reaper IconReaper Overwatch 2 - Soldier IconSoldier: 76 Overwatch 2 - Sombra IconSombra
Overwatch 2 - Symmetra IconSymmetra Overwatch 2 - Torbjorn IconTorbjörn Overwatch 2 - Tracer IconTracer Overwatch 2 - Widowmaker IconWidowmaker

Support Heroes

Overwatch 2 - Ana IconAna Overwatch 2 - Baptiste IconBaptiste Overwatch 2 - Brigitte IconBrigitte Overwatch 2 - Lucio IconLúcio
Overwatch 2 - Mercy IconMercy Overwatch 2 - Moira IconMoira Overwatch 2 - Zen IconZenyatta


Overwatch 2 - Maps Partial Banner

List of Maps

Control Maps

Overwatch 2 - Ilios IconIlios Overwatch 2 - Lijiang Tower IconLijiang Tower
Overwatch 2 - Oasis IconOasis

Escort Maps

Overwatch 2 - Circuit Royal IconCircuit RoyalNEW Overwatch 2 - Dorado IconDorado
Overwatch 2 - Route 66 IconRoute 66 Overwatch 2 - Watchpoint: Gibraltar IconWatchpoint: Gibraltar

Hybrid Maps

Overwatch 2 - Eichenwalde IconEichenwalde Overwatch 2 - KingKing's Row
Overwatch 2 - Midtown IconMidtownNEW

Push Maps

Overwatch 2 - Colosseo IconColosseoNEW Overwatch 2 - New Queen Street IconNew Queen StreetNEW

About Overwatch 2

Team-Based First-Person Shooter

Overwatch 2 - Tracer Gameplay

Overwatch 2 is an upcoming team-based hero shooter, wherein a team of 5 players have to go up against 5 other players to accomplish differing objectives, depending on the game mode. Players have access to a diverse cast of heroes with their own unique abilities. The heroes fall into three categories: Tank, Damage, and Support. Every team is composed of one Tank hero, two Damage heroes, and two Support Heroes.

Co-Op PvE Missions

Overwatch 2 - Co-Op PvE Mission
Not included in the first beta are the promised co-op PvE (Player vs. Environment) missions. These are similar to the Archive event missions in Overwatch 1, where 4 players group up to accomplish a mission while fighting off hordes of enemy units.

Progression and Talents

As players go through the missions, they will have the opportunity to level up their heroes and pick & choose what abilities to upgrade from talent trees.

Product Information

Overwatch 2

Release Date TBA
Price Beta access is limited, but free for owners of Overwatch 1!
Price of full game is TBA.
Coming to consoles in the future.
Genre Team-based FPS
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Official Site Overwatch 2 Official Site

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