Adrenaline Booster: Stats, Effects, and How to Obtain | Cyberpunk 2077

This is a guide to Adrenaline Booster, a Circulatory System Cyberware found in Cyberpunk 2077. Read on to see Adrenaline Booster's stats and effects, as well as mod information and how to obtain the Adrenaline Booster.

Adrenaline Booster Overview

Basic Information

Adrenaline Booster
Adrenaline Booster
Slot Circulatory System
Subtype Misc
Tier(s)/Price Common: 4000
Uncommon: 6000
Rare: 12000
Epic: 20000
Legendary: 28000
Weight 0
Helps the body maintain performance when under great strain.

Required Attribute

Req. Level
Req. Level
Req. Level
- 8 10
Req. Level
Req. Level
Req. Level
13 18 -

Adrenaline Booster Stats and Effects


Adrenaline Booster Effect(s)
・Instantly restores 10% Stamina when you defeat an enemy.
・Instantly restores 20% Stamina when you defeat an enemy.
・Instantly restores 30% Stamina when you defeat an enemy.
・Instantly restores 40% Stamina when you defeat an enemy.
・Instantly restores 50% Stamina when you defeat an enemy.

Where to Get the Adrenaline Booster

Purchased From Shops

Each shop has a fixed pool of items which can show up, with some legendary items also purchasable at specific shops. If the Adrenaline Booster is not present when visiting a shop, simply exit, use Skip Time to go 24 hours ahead, and repeat until Adrenaline Booster is available.

Vendor Rarity
Ripperdoc (Mobile Camp) Epic
Buck's Clinic Legendary
Buck's Clinic Rare
Octavio's Clinic Uncommon
Ripperdoc (Arroyo) Uncommon
Ripperdoc (Wellsprings) Epic
Instant Implants Common

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware


List of Cyberware (Enhancements)

List of Circulatory System Cyberware

Adrenaline BoosterAdrenaline Booster BioconductorBioconductor BiomonitorBiomonitor
Bioplastic Blood VesselsBioplastic Blood Vessels Blood PumpBlood Pump Feedback CircuitFeedback Circuit
MicrogeneratorMicrogenerator Second HeartSecond Heart Syn-LungsSyn-Lungs
Tyrosine InjectorTyrosine Injector

All Cyberware Types

Types of Cyberware
Frontal Cortex Ocular System Circulatory System
Immune System Nervous System Integumentary System
Operating System Skeleton Hands
Arms Legs

Cyberware Rarity

Cyberware Rarity Tiers
Legendary Iconic

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